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Nissan super saloon 1996

a pren of mine is offering me a nissan super saloon 1996 model. It is all power and has a mileage of about 70k. He sells it for 210K. He claims that this is the top of the line for the super saloon series at that time. Is the price reasonable and the features worth the money he is asking?


  • For me parang mahal, eh. Sabi "nila" mababa daw ang resale value ng Nissan. One thing na inaangal pa ng marami is kalampagin daw ang mga auto ng Nissan. I'm not sure about this, naririnig ko lang ang mga ito.
    Well, kung friend mo naman hinde ka naman, siguro you can trust him naman. 1996 model, 'di ba 'yan yung mga Series III?
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    If its first owner and the mileage is accurate, then the price is not dirt cheap but its isnt "taga" as well. You can find those models for less than 200K but the condition is a big question mark. Of course you can always try bring down the price to the 190K-200K range. :)
  • sp!t_k!cker
    it should be at 150K-180K lang kahit maganda pa ang car... kasi yun year+quality+mileage ang tinitingnan dyan...

    5k na lang sa mileage magpapalit ka na ng timing belt which is worth 10K-15K

    tapos malapit na rin yan magpalit ng suspension...

    trust me, i sell cars kasi eh...
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Just to clarify some things, most Nissan engines like the ones on the Sentra (GA16DNE) dont run on timing belts. They use timing chains which dont really need replacement as long as the car has been maintained well. After sometime, it may be the tensioners that need to be replaced but it will only be done when the clatter is already evident. Our old '93 Sentra went all the way to 140,000km without replacement of any of the aformentioned items since the car was well maintained (change oil every 5000km). :)
  • Warrior_Dude
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    ang value lang nyan nasa 150k

    nissan has a very low resale value
  • nissan sentra S3 price ranges from P220K down to P180K depende sa condition...

    there's a lot of things to consider in buying a car para makatawad ka sa price nya.. and make sure to ask/check the following..

    - original paint
    - any accident?
    - ok ba tires and mags?
    - ok ba shockabsorber? mahal eto..
    - check mo ung carpet ng flooring kung may basa (wet) to be sure na walang butas ang ilalim..
    - check mo lahat ng lights and mga control sa panel..
    - aircon dapat malamig.. sobrang lamig aircon ng nissan..
    - check mo ung engine bay kung may leak ng oil..
    - check the batter
    - TEST DRIVE syempre.. kung may kalampag..
    - more to mention..
  • Originally posted by Warrior_Dude
    ang value lang nyan nasa 150k

    nissan has a very low resale value

    Sobrang baba ng 150K for a Nissan Super Saloon 96 model.. You can get a Nissan Sentra LEC for 150K instead.
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