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I heard that this is a new call center, anyone working here, I'm just interested in applying for Technical Support. Where can I submit my resume.



  • i'm also looking forward to that information... hehehe... as far as i know, they'll be operational on may 2004 in eastwood city.
  • Sitel is the 5th biggest callcenter in the world based in India and has now decided to invest in the Philippines. It will be placing its offices in Libis.... any other info about this callcenter?
  • Kikkomann
    Kikkomann Wise ***
    Teka, ano ba #1?

    India? Madami nagsasabi na makule daw mga bumbay at magulo katrabaho.:D
  • tagal ko na ren narinig to...ala pa ba balita?
  • Kikkomann
    Kikkomann Wise ***
    Matagal na? Akala ko ba bago pa lang ito?:?
  • they haven't hired people yet but they will soon be. initially 25 people. they are projecting to have 1000 people by the end of the year..
  • kateh
    kateh Travel Junkie
    saang building sa libis ang office nila? does anyone know?
  • naring ko na sitel noon sa ward howell
  • LinuxMandrake
    LinuxMandrake Outbound Hunter
    ako din nakaabang dyan... kung nagkataon... hehehe... batch 1 ng 3 call centers! wahahaha!!!
  • kelan kya cla magoopen for hiring? does anyone know?
  • Siete
    Siete Member
    Sitel is located at Megaworld in Libis. Boss dito yung ex-boss ko.
  • siete,
    ask ko lang bka may hiring sa Technical or network engr.

  • Siete
    Siete Member
    bonsaime2001, I'll find out...
  • HoRnY4NiE
    HoRnY4NiE HaRd aLReaDy
    naghihire na ba cla?? me tsr ba dito??? tnx
  • Wow! A new thread on Sitel....hmmm... Anybody here know when will they start hiring? Their website states that operation will start this May 2004. But it's May already and I still haven't heard any news about their hiring.

    I'm with QA of another call center and I'm very much interested with the company. Siete, if you're the one who can shed us light on this matter, please do so.... we'll all be indebted to you. ;-)
  • onga. pwede ba pumunta sa megaworld libis para magiwan ng resume?
  • oopps... the 1000 is expected by next year.... not this year..

    sitel is my account =)
  • yeah, but i'm sure they'll start hiring soon. their website claims that operation will start may 2004. so that means they'll start hiring pretty soon. i'm interested in applying asap. sitel is actually in my priority list bec of its proximity, and also bec it's an mnc call center. i hope we could get some idea how to be the first batch of applicants of this company. hehehe...
  • what do you mean by mnc eegels?
  • mnc means MultiNational Company
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