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Will it be a good decision to pay the ransom to the abu sayyaf?

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what do u think?


  • EinaEina Member PExer
    It may solve the current crisis but it does not lessen the risk of similar situations arising later on. It's even an incentive in some way. The issues need to be addressed.

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  • GlockGlock Mikey PExer
    Definitely not, We are chartered as a republic and a democracy at that. And an unwritten rule in democracy is "NEVER TO NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS". I respected the Muslim Insurgents as "Freedom Fighters" back then, but the day they started taking doubt, they fall under the category of "Terrorists"
  • lion kinglion king Member PExer
    Definitely not. There is no point in dealing with terrorists and bandits. THEY SHOULD BE KILLED.
  • nash999nash999 Member PExer
    sana may kakayahan ang AFP para forcible na rescue ang mga hostages para matapos na ang crisis na yun.. so kung ako ang tatanungin.. no payment.. rescue the hostages dapat.. paying the ransom will only strengthen the resolve of abu sayyaf to keep on doing those atrocities..

    after this crisis.. sa tingin ko.. magkakaroon ng full application of military might hanggang mawala na lahat ng abu sayyaf.. kasi nga nabubuhay lang ang organization nila dahil sa kidnapping..

  • point_blankpoint_blank Member PExer

    hell no! why pay someone dat we dont owe shieet!

    Glock: They are not terrorists they are common criminals.

    I don't think negotiating with the ABU SAYYAF will solve the problems in Mindanao particularly kidnapping. The ABU SAYYAF's demands are also impossible one million dollar for every hostages.
  • fridohfridoh your nasty_brother PExer
    nope. criminal act ang ginagawa nila kaya death chamber ang katapat nila
  • GlockGlock Mikey PExer
    So what's the best course of action for this matter to be resolved then? Commando Action? Muster a group of the best Special Ops Forces in the country and do a little chuck norris stunt on the muslim's largest camp? I'd opt for the peaceful solution out of this anytime, but I think we've waited too long.
  • brandies3brandies3 Member PExer

    If we pay ransom now to the terrorist ABU SAYYAF - this will only enbolden them more and do MORE KIDNAPPINGS in the future.

    Maybe the military should already make plans for a commando-type rescue. In the meantime they should make sure these bandits do not escape their current lairs in BASILAN and SULU.

  • acridmouthacridmouth Member PExer
    No! Paying the ransom money is almost similar as to bribing these monsters.
    I am sypathetic to the hostages and their families, but if you do pay the ransom, that will be a precedent to all future kidnappings. It will just happen again cause they know they can get away with it. That's why the US has this no negotiation policy with terrorists.

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