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Sa inyong palagay, sino ang pinakamahusay na naging Pangulo ng Pilipinas?

...at 'yung hindi at bakit...



  • Si Marcos pagdating sa $ to P exchange rate magaling.
    Si Ramos dahil sa Philippines 2000.
    Magaling din naman si ERAP, di lang napapansin ng iba. Successful yung nag-incite ng anti-erap campaign kasi kita na ng mga tao kay erap ngayon is yung mga mali lang niya, la yung mga tama niya.
    Si Cory? no offense ha, bakit naman niya binenta yung ibang property ng government.
  • Badtz:

    Actually, mukhang si Erap mismo ang nag-incite ng anti-Erap campaign... No central figure seems to coordinate this campaign. And yet, this "movement" or "phenomenon" or whatever it is seems to be so self-sufficient and self-sustaining... Bawat kilos ni Rapsky-boy, "wow mali"... :) Eh sinong nagpasimuno? E di, siya rin....
  • Orion D. :
    Oo nga no. Sige erase erase ko sabi ko before.
  • hmm... I guess si Cardinal Sin.

  • I agree with badtz except that he should not have included Erap as he is still the current President of our country.

    We must still give him the chance to prove himself or else the only leagcy he will ever leave our country is the sudden boom in corny/not so corny jokes about himself.

    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
  • manuel luis quezon is on top of my list...a staunch nationalist, he doggedly campaigned to earn recognition and respect for the philippines and its preparedness for self-rule...

  • pinaka mahusay na pangulo ay ako !!
    puro pulitika yata ang topic ninyo.!!

    dont bother the politics.
    make your own busineess.co,wala ng iuunlad ang pinas sa currupt president.
    you know that erap make some deal to imelda marcos.what it is you find out your self.
  • LOL at yosiboy!

    in defense of cory, sure, she was a lousy president when it came to the economy, but please bear in mind that she never thought she'd be a political figure. she was geared towards a life a political wife, at most, first lady na siguro yung iniisip niyang pinakamataas niyang mararating. but things came to pass and she became our president. she may not have been the best, but she did have one major contribution, she was able to unite the opposition and bring back democracy to this country.

    i'd say that FVR was a fantastic president, if only for his workaholic schedule.
  • i think fidel ramos was a good president. he successfully turned the economy around. he opened up the diff sectors to international competition. may seem anti filipino or anti poor.. but its for the economy's good in the long run. another is his solving those pesky blackouts in jes a few months when everybody said it was impossible.
  • I agree. Definitely FIDEL V. RAMOS.

    Nakasira lang talaga sa kanya 'yung CHA-CHA niya at 'yung Centennial scandals pero kung tutuusin, siya lang ang naging Presidente natin kung saan alam ng mga Pilipino kung saan tayo pupunta.

    'Yung Philippines 2000 niya ay isang malinaw na vision kung saan magkakaroon dapat ng average 5-6% economic growth at magkakaroon ng increased industrial development by the year 1998 (the end of his term). Pinagawa niya ang mga skyways, MRT, farm-to-market roads at pinaunlad ang mga port facilities, all in support of Philippines 2000 vision. Naging world-class ang vision ng Pilipinas under his term.

    Under Erap, parang nawalan na naman tayo ng vision. Parang day-to-day ang existence ng Pilipinas at nagre-react lang sa mga crises araw-araw. Even sa Malaca?ang, nagkakagulo kung sino ba ang masusunod, Chief of Staff ba o PMS or Executive Secretary?

    I hope we choose our President wisely in the next elections.
  • §inned™ : meron ba??? nagtatanong lang po... ah yeah!!!
  • Braveheart: I was supposed to be impressed with how Quezon fought for our country's independence, but then my History class convinced me otherwise.

    Quezon was actually involved in a lot of politicking to make himself appear as the hero of Philippine independence. One fine example would be his manipulation of Congress to not approve Sergio Osme?a's Hare-Hawes-Cutting Law (which was already a grant for Philippine independence) so that he could have time to get another bill (Tydings McDuffie Law) and proclaim him as the champion of Philippine democracy.

    Still, I admire his thrust for Philippine independence in the midst of all the circumstances that have hindered this.
  • :?:? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Para sa akin, ang pinakamagaling ay si Sir Brother Mike Velarde! akalain mo, relihiyoso na, magaling sa pakikipagtalo, magaling pa sa pulitika! o anong say nyo??
  • I can only comment on the presidents who have served in my lifetime. Of the four, I think Ramos was definitely the best. He was steering the country in the right direction and he had goals (I don't think the other three did...or do in the case of Estrada). Unfortunately, there was that Asian currency crisis towards the end of his term. It was beyond his control and I think that if he could have served another term (not allowed by the constitution, I know) he could have pulled us through it.

    Marcos was not a good president --- simply put the man was a dictator.

    Aquino had no real business in politics but she was the lesser evil compared to Marcos.

    Now for Estrada, he whines about problems left by the former administration (results of the currency crisis) but does not act. He simply wants to establish that he bears no guilt. No one forced this job upon him so he better deal with it. The same goes for his reaction to the media's criticism. He claims that he is under attack but it is their job to evaluate what he does and he is to blame for the feedback he gets being mostly negative.

  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    In my book, it's got to be Marcos because he uplifted the standing of the Philippines to a 2nd world country. Well, for his first term anyway. I just wish Imelda didn't corrupt him so much.

    Magsaysay was a very good president but, in his goodness, the masses pushed him to the limits. Malacanang became dirty because of his meet the president scheme. Then people began to rely on him too much to the point of asking for money for this and that. Some people even asked him for money for new dresses. This is what happens when a president has such a firm resolve to help the poor. The poor end up not helping themselves.

    As for Ramos, if cronyism wasn't so rampant, he would have made a darned good presindent. Pity his Philippines 2000 was a stupid idea. He should have focused on Agri-Industry like what are Southeast Asian counterparts are doing.
  • .
    Sorry. Not yet born.

  • I think FVR was a really good president. He knew what he was doing before and his decisions were really geared towards lifting the economy. He did not promise anything unlike Erap who just talks and talks, even promising things he knows he could not deliver. Because of his promises, people are expecting more and more of him. Thus, they are greatly disappointed when he could not deliver what he promised.
  • Ramon Magsaysay. I wasn't born yet during his tenure, but knowing about his life, reading his anecdotes, and hearing his "song" magsaysay is my guy, wow, it seems as if this guy has really made a great impact on the Filipinos' lives. Imagine, he was able to talk Luis Taruc into surrendering. And he's so makamasa!!! Sure, Erap declares himself as Makamasa, but he still cannot live up to what Magsaysay has done for the common folks.
    He's truly great. There's this international award named after him, right?
    So just imagine how pitiful it was when he died tragically on a plane crash.
  • ramon magsaysay??? you better read history again. he was makamasa pero naman.... hahaha.... sorry to say pero medyo ***** siya.... he put up wells everywhere which should have been good... prob is... walang tubig.... oh well... si quezon? i dont think so.... selfish masyado... wala pa talaga... good ones meron... pero the best??? pantay lang halos lahat... but if i have to name one... i guess it would be ramos
  • Results-wise, I'd say it's RAMOS. :)

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