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Boy 1 or 2 ??

Who would you rather choose…

1. Your present boyfriend who doesn’t have time for you because of work. During arguments he would always say it’s your fault. You’ve been together for almost 2 years and now he doesn’t seem to care about you. But every time you ask for a break up… he doesn’t want to let you go. Lastly… when you think of your future w/ him.. he does not have enough savings and a stable job. Despite the fact that your always in pain.. you still love him and can’t bear the thought of loosing him.

2. A new suitor.. working in a big company with a good position… Your beginning to like this guy because your getting the attention that your bf is suppose to be giving you.


  • With or without the second guy, I would leave my
    boyfriend because I don't want to wait and spend
    my precious time on someone who doesn't care or
    doesn't seem interested anymore.

    Now there's your second guy as a bonus!

    Goodluck! ;)
  • This is why I'm never going to get married..heh
  • the 2nd guy is just filling up your bf's empty holes.
  • fr3qu3nt,

    yer right.. that's why iniiwasan ko naman tong 2nd guy.. ayoko maging unfair and isipin nya na panakip butas ko sya dahil malungkot ako... though i like him as a friend lang.
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well, if guy number one ain't paying attention to you anymore, i'd rethink the whole deal... maybe guy number two's got something going for him know what i mean? but of course, it'd be unfair to guy number one so i suggest you go on a cool-off period first with guy number one...
  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Rookie ⭐
    He's busy because of work yet he doesn't have a stable job?

    Ano siya? Kargador sa pier? Kung kelan lang may darating na barko kikita pero habang walang barko eh naghihintay pa rin?

    You're not happy with guy number one. You're just convincing yourself that you love him because you don't think you'd find anybody else. Although you have guy number 2 around, he's not really your type.
  • I have the same confusion. He's busy with work but his job isn't stable? Beats me. :bonkself:

    I guess you should just tell your guy your sentiments and if he still says the same crap over and over again, I think it would be better to end the relationship. If he doesn't want to let go, then leave him. You're not asking him to break it off in the first place. :)

    About guy # 2, i think it wouldn't be best to rely on him just because he compensates for your bf's failures. Pang-rebound lang naman yata siya. Wala ka ring mapapala.

    Be single na muna kaya. :laugh:
  • thanks LaTte`M, baby_07, K.I.L.L. , salbakuta, escapist and congster.

    What I mean na hindi stable ang job ... kasi palipat lipat sya ng call center. Pag ayaw na nya.. wala muna sya work then saka na lang maghahanap ulit. Tapos dahil call center parang magkaiba kami ng mundo dahil sa oras. Pang umaga ako pang gabi naman sya.. minsan may pasok pa ng sunday and saturday. Pero ok lang naman sa akin yon... basta magparamdam naman sya.. hindi yung ako pa ang kailangan mangamusta palagi.

    LaTte`M, I'll admit na tama po yung sinabi mo... parang ayaw ko sya mawala kasi sa kanya na ako nasanay and ayaw ko ng maghanap ng iba.. kaya pag nakikipagbati na sya... kinakalimutan ko na lang yung mga nangyari or pinag awayan namin. Pero paulit ulit at nakakapagod.

    Sa ngayon... kami pa rin ni guy no. 1, as for the guy no. 2 sabi ko na lang pag niyayaya nya ako lumabas busy ako.

    Do you guys think na yung cool off okay ba yun? and if ever mga gano katagal? as in walng communication?

  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Rookie ⭐

    Regarding cool-offs, hindi ako naniniwala dun. Break kung break. Para malinaw.

    How old are you? Kung early twenties pa lang kayo ayos lang yung ginagawa niya. I guess hindi pa siya handang magseryoso sa work life. Or ayaw niya yung trabaho niya. But if you're in your mid to late twenties and already consider settling down, hindi pwede iyon. Maghanap na lang siya dapat ng gusto niyang trabaho.

    Alam mo malinaw lang naman ang sagot sa katanungan mo eh. It's either you can or can not live with his bullshit. If you can stand it then go ahead with your relationship with him, try to find ways to seek compromise. If you can't, then be prepared to live a lonely pathetic life. It's all up to you really.
  • Guy # 1: Talk to him, tell him all your issues, if he doesnt listen...do yourself a favor and LEAVE him.

    Guy # 2: he's a new suitor right? well, don't be fooled by his good deeds. The guy might be putting his best put forward to get you. You're in an emotional crisis right now and that makes you very vulnerable and attached to your weakness, pakitaan ka lang ng time, attention and care ng ibang tao eh matutuwa ka na...MAS MAG-INGAT KA DITO. :)

    Cool Off: Don't allow yourself on this set-up, I don't believe in cool-offs. Kung wala...eh di wala na!
  • wag kang magagalit ha, hindi kaya sobrang harsh ka sa binitawan mong salita sa bf mo?sa mangaimperfections niya? kasi sobra mo nang siya kilala.
    but this guy 2 you just met recently di mo pa masyadong kilalala so good words pa rin ung sinasabi mo?
  • mahirap ang cool off, kase in this situation, you would still have to consider him, so you still won't find the space you need to think things over.

    if you can't patch things up or you can't bear with him anymore, it would be best to break up with him, than to live like that.. full of doubts and complains.

    si 2nd guy naman, parang scapegoat lang sa ngayon, so it would be better if you give yourself some time to assess everything. wag ka sana magpadala agad.
  • If I were you, I'd just allow myself to get to know boy#2.
    It's not as if you're being unfaithful to boy#1, anyway he's just your boyfriend so I don't see any harm being friendly with other guys. Just start from there and see what happens next. Open yourself to every possibility and you'll see destiny unfold before your very eyes. If that happens, making decisions will be easier.
  • thanks again
    LaTtE`M, kikoy, andeeleigh,sw33tmilk and fr3qu3nt.

    LaTtE`M - thanks, my answer for now.. still i can not live w/o him pa.. coz i still love him.. so i'll to compromise.

    kikoy - thanks for the advice.. i'll do that.. mag - ingat ako

    andeeleigh - siguro nga 2 harsh pero masyado na rin ako nasasaktan sa situation namin.. alam ko hindi rin ako perfect para magsalita ng ganon sa kanya. :-(

    fr3qu3nt - year right kilalanin ko muna syang mabuti yung guy 2..

    sw33tmilk - thank you din.. i hope so... i beliv in destiny sana kung sino talaga yung para sa kin....
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