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ed lingao is with abc 5 na?

totoo ba na si ed lingao ay over-all vp na ng news and current affairs ng abc 5?

sayang. he's one of the better correspondents of 2 pa naman. yaiks sayang talaga


  • yup, it's true. ricky lo already wrote about this in his column. ed along with patrick paez and jim libiran has transferred to abc 5. only abner mercado remained with the correspondents.
  • wow...iba talaga ang exposure with ABS CBN...napapansin ng ibang tv stations/ news orgs!
  • sayang si Ed Lingao and Patrick Paez kung totoo yan!
  • correction lang...patrick paez changed his mind and opted to stay with ABS. baka ayaw ni daphne kasi maiiwan siya.
  • ed lingao is so nice in person and soooo charming. na-meet namin siya nung friends ko nung campaign
    ng Lakas dito just last month. haaaay... hehe. he's very friendly to fans, and mukha naman genuine yung smiles niya. he even asked us questions in return, hindi lang niya sinagot mga tanong namin. kaya kame, mega-epal at talagang nagpa-picture. hehe. yun lang.
  • what???:eek: sayang si ed lingao...the correspondence will never ever be the same again without him.....
    previously posted by buddyLove
    correction lang...patrick paez changed his mind and opted to stay with ABS. baka ayaw ni daphne kasi maiiwan siya.
    hahaha...ayaw ni 5-star general:laugh:
  • 3 broadcasters file P2.5-M
    countersuit vs ABS-CBN
    Posted: 10:48 PM (Manila Time) | Jul. 12, 2004
    By Tina Santos
    Inquirer News Service

    CRYING "foul" over a P21-million legal suit filed against them by the giant ABS-CBN media network, three broadcasters decided to hit back Monday.

    Eduardo Lingao, Anne Francia Torres, and Jade Joy Lim-Lopez filed a P2.5-million civil case against their former employer for allegedly pressuring them to resign from ABC News Channel 5.

    In the suit it brought before a Quezon City court last week, ABS-CBN said the three had caused the network "exemplary damages, loss of revenues, [and] loss of trade secrets," when they went to work for the rival channel.

    Until their resignation on April 1, Lingao, Lopez, and Torres had worked as executive producer, senior producer, and correspondent, respectively, of the multi-awarded news magazine program, "The Correspondents."

    "It's all about money," the broadcasters argued.

    Torres said she and her colleagues were prompted to file the countercharge just before the raffling of the first case Monday afternoon. The network's suit went to Judge Hilario Laqui of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 218.

    The Lopez-owned network asked the court to stop the three from working for any other broadcast company, citing a "conflict of interest" clause in their previous contracts.

    On behalf of the broadcasters, lawyer Jose Diokno filed a petition for prohibition and mandamus with temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against ABS-CBN.

    "[That] is blatant harassment," the broadcasters said of the suit. "This is worse than (former strongman Ferdinand) Marcos' curtailment of freedom of the press because this comes not from the government, but from the industry itself."

    They explained that the clause in question merely stated that the employee would not take any action "prejudicial" to the interests of ABS-CBN for a period of one year after the contract's termination.

    In a press statement, the network said the suit was "an action to enforce the employment contract [the three had] entered into with ABS-CBN."

    Diokno pointed out that, in fact, only Lingao's contract carried such a provision. And Lingao insisted that he was made to sign it "under duress"--when he was informed that he had been "promoted" to "regular" status while he was covering the Afghanistan war last year.

    The network clarified that Channel 5 was also "included in the case for [its] continued engagement of the services of [Lingao, Torres and Lopez] despite having been informed of the prohibition."

    The petitioners accused the network of merely trying to stop them from practicing their profession. "They want us to pay them P21 million. Perhaps the network thinks it paid us as much as it pays show biz personalities in news, or its news personalities in show biz," they said.

    No hazard pay
    Lingao lamented that he and his colleagues did not even get hazard pay or insurance for dangerous assignments abroad when they were still working for ABS-CBN.

    The Lopez network was reported to have claimed that the three were among its best-trained journalists, and that they brought with them to the other station trade secrets "perfected over the years."

    "We were not trained by ABS-CBN," Lingao protested. "In fact, we were the ones who trained a lot of people now employed by the network. Trade secrets? The wheeling and dealing and horse-trading and the hidden agendas and the corruption ... are not secrets, they are scandals."
  • Kaya pala la na ako gaanong naririnig sa mga reporters na to. Anyway, hirap naman talaga mag serve sa 2 masters.
  • I thought Jim Libiran went with them to ABC 5?
  • keyellekeyelle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • I don't understand ABS...so ibig sabihin once you've worked for them, you can never work anywhere else again....what do they expect these reporters do for one year following the termination of their contracts.....magdildil ng asin!?

    lol.....showbiz personalities in news or its news personalities in showbiz....lol.....
    pinaringgan pa ba!

  • howell....pathetic na talaga... :lol:
  • Lingao and co. unleashed quite a mouthful - grating, very disparaging words not just against a particular person/group but directly attacking the integrity of ABS-CBN as an organization.

    IMO, this case is much worse (tho more meritorious in court) than the kris aquino vs. GMA7 issue.
  • bakit di yata ito binalita sa TV Patrol at sa column ni Cristy Fermin at Ricky Lo?

    bakit tahimik sila.


  • I remember Ed Lingao before covering the Iraq situation na naiwan sila doon.

  • wala lang...

    GO KRIS... 80 million yon...
  • 80 million?

    ilang advertisement lang yan ng GMA7. barya lang yan
    wala bang mas malaki?
    kasing cheap ni ****** kris aquino
  • 80 million barya lang??...what??

    CALLING GMA7!!! pahingi naman ng 80 million. please?!?

    i dont get the whole case...may breach of contract ba?

    anyway, GMA7 pahingi ng pera since you're so RICH!
  • napapanood ko si Ed sa coverage nya dati sa Afghanistan... magaling ito eh.. :up:
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