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Anything you want to say to Mr. President "ERAP" Estrada...

Most people argued on the poor performance shown to us by the president... is there any message you want to say to the President???



  • I would just like to ask him this question:

    What degree of confidence made you want to run for the Presidency :D
  • "Beer?"
  • bodacious, in behalf of the president.. the answer would be"

    "paki tagalog ng iho, di kita maintindihan. baka nakakalimutan mo... itinatwa ako sa ateneo..."
  • EinaEina PExer
    If you care about the Filipino people at all (and I am convinced that a "public servant" should or he has no business being one), I strongly recommend that you vacate your post and allow someone who is more suited to the task to govern this country. In your attempt to hold on to power, you are strangling the nation. Let go. That way, I, and others like me, will at least be able to respect you for admitting your weakness.
  • Mr. Estrada,

    You are an opportunist, a 'USER' of the worst kind! You use the desperation of the Filipino people to make them believe in you, then get into power just to make empty promises, get you and your goons rich, and drive whatever's left in the country INTO THE GROUND!!!

    Three words for you: SHAME ON YOU!!!
  • "Booyah!"

    People = Sheep
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    "any last words?"

    hala, baka ipahuli ako ng NBI.....
  • "Dodge this." (mala-trinity heheh)
  • :mad:

    bakit ka ganyan??

    ang labo mo!!!!

  • durindurin PExer
    resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign... resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...resign...
  • Dahil sayo at sa friend mong si lucifer este" Lucio Tan many of millions of our fellow filipino ay mawawalan ng opportunity na magtrabaho dito sa Taiwan, Magkano ba ang pursyeto mo sa Phil. airlines. Pls. tama na ang pa ERAP nyo ni LUCI sa OFWorkers dito sa Taiwan, ang ayaw sumakay sa Phil. airlines wag pilitin.

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