ok ba pumunta doon?

how much is the air fare usually? do i need to bring lots of money, pang shopping?

my friend is inviting me to come there, problem is i dunno wer to stay.

sabi niya i could sleep daw in internet cafes or spas which are much cheaper than hotels.

please give me info about this city. thanks:)


  • fanfanfanfan Member PExer
    just imagine japan....=)

    korea is nice. from infrastructures down to's really worth it.

    pero you can't really find bargains doon e. para sakanila bargain na ang P300.=)

    our hotels are much nicer than in korea. sobra mahal kasi dun e... kahit na 3 star lang.

    places to shop: dong dae mun, itaewon (i think this is the base of americans in korea), nam dae mun
  • escapistescapist Member PExer
    I went there 3-4 years ago.

    I hardly remember the names of the places
    I've been to. One of which is the theme park
    I visited where there were tulips on display.
    I think it's a 2 hour drive from the city.

    Seoul itself is okay. There are places where it's clean
    while in some parts, you'll see side street vendors,
    carinderia-style eateries etc. The hotels are not so
    good if I may compare to the hotels we have here.
    But when it comes it infrastructure, Korea is better.

    Koreans are quite interesting people.
    They're very nationalistic and that explains
    why you'll hardly see American or Japanese or European
    cars on the streets or even American fast food chains
    at that. If you love Kimchi, you'll be fine! ;)

    Oh and, only few know how to speak English
    but the number may have increased already.
    Also, most of the signs on the streets or shops
    are in Korean. It's good that you have a friend who'll
    assist you. Have you watched Mario and the Luigi,
    the movie? I felt I was in Cooper's land especially
    when bargaining prices with vendors.

    The weather must be good there now. At least,
    you'll be away from the scorching heat summer
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    i think Seoul has changed a lot since escapist went here... and that's because of the World Cup...

    teka lang... balik ako later, may pupuntahan lang ako :D

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