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I'm engaged to be married early next year. I need help in the preparations esp in choosing a church. We would like a nice church but doesn't cost much. I heard P10,000 is the minimum charge these days. Is this true?

Hope to hear your suggetions. Thanks!


  • yes, it's true, but it depends on the church location. there are other churches who still charge lower than that.
    why don't you ask for the help of a wedding coordinators, like us? :-)
    let us talk about it and i can assure you that we can help you in everything, but with a minimum cost.
    if interested, pls email at [email protected]
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    some churches charge higher... especially if you get the a/c cranked up
  • it all depends sa church na pipiliin nyo. when we were married sa san agustin church, the cost was over Php 10,000. that was 3 yrs ago pa.

    if you want more info on this, go to www.weddingsatwork.com. dami kang makukuhang info and tips dun. sali ka na rin sa yahoogroup nila. kasali ako dun dati.
  • Yup that's right. Churches usually charge more if you need to use the airconditioning. But since you mentioned that your wedding will take place early next year (I'm assuming Jan or Feb), that would mean that it wouldn't be so hot yet. So maybe you won't need airconditioning after all?
  • yup, definitely...the 10T is just for "average" churches...some churches (where politicians and stars tie the knot) would cost higher...
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