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Adventure Racing.. subukan mo!

msrodilmsrodil Member PExer
:rpflag: Adventure Racers :rocker: (or would be adventure racer! :wink: )across the Philippines unite! This :flower:site has one sole purpose: The advancement of Adventure Racing across our islands!!! (Tara na at sumali!) Also set up to help those interested in getting involved with Adventure Racing and bring together our beginner and hard core Adventure Racers. A place to meet new training and racing partners. It also intends to distribute information about upcoming races or related events. :director: (Adventure races, triathlons, duathlons, road runs, etc.)
Calling all fun loving individuals! Let's bring up Adventure Racing here in the Philippines to the next level!
God bless you!:handsdown:


  • msrodilmsrodil Member PExer
    ahemm.. =)
  • msrodilmsrodil Member PExer
    up i go..
  • faaip_de_oiadfaaip_de_oiad PEX GOD PExer
    hmmm... how much does it cost to be an adventure racer? are there races without bike legs? :glee:

    I was a member of the highschool swimming team but I never really got to learn how to ride a bike.

    *i just made myself sound like a total loser*

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