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Talkin' 'bout a so-called Filipino religious group preaching in public buses & coercing donations fr. passengers, even those sleeping - that they have become a nuisance rather than welcomed - so much so, gov't thinking of banning 'em fr the buses. In US - this form of expression is called freedom of speech/freedom of practice of religion - wonder if same freedoms exist in Pinas? Controversy continues - I believe.

Any PExer commuter experience this situation? What is it like?

btw - didn't know buses are equipped w/tvs - 4 long commutes/ slow traffic?


  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    me! i've experienced this a couple of times. argh. i was on my way home from megamall. grabe, from robinson's galleria (where the preacher/ekek boarded the bus) till sm north edsa he was preaching about God's love and all those ekeks that i've already heard from my religion teachers. tapos afterwards bibigyan ka ng envelop to put money in. ayaw ko nga no! noong binigay sa akin i just stared real hard at him and looked away. he got the message. wehehehe....

    and one more time, i rode the bus, e ano ba malay ko na may preacher na nandoon... if the bus wasn't moving i'd have got off it agad. basta this time the preacher was really really as in really makulit ang irritating. he placed the envelop beside me(nag babasa po ako ng bagong pocketbook ko), tapos when i intentionally ignored the envelop he tapped me pa on the shoulder. argh. kainis. i just handed him the envelop. aba, ayaw tanggapin, wala daw laman. ay bahala sya! i placed the envelop on the seat beside me and went back to read my book. i think after awhile, he gave me this really bad stare, then kinuha din nya yung envelop nya. bahala sya sa buhay nya no. inistorbo pa ako sa pag babasa ko tapos ang ingay ingay pa nya mag preach e paulit ulit lang yung sinasabi nya.
  • Whenever I experience "bus preachers" I just pretend to sleep until I finaly fall into real sleep. But some are really makulit that they'll really wake you up. These people should accept how much money commuters give them even if they don't receive anything at all.

    I find these "Bus Preachers" hypocrites!
  • Geepers:
    yep... we do have the constitutionally protected freedoms of speech and religion.
    even if these bus-preachers are annoying (tagal ko nang di nagpu-public, so i have no clue what you guys have gone through), they have all the right to do what they are doing. no one can and should stop them from preaching to those who are WILLING TO LISTEN. the best way siguro to handle them is to either ignore them or tell them nicely to bug off. kung ayaw pa rin, then harassment na yan. you can complain to anyone in authority already. but to stop them from preaching outright, is a form of prior restraint that the constitution prohibits. ;)

    if just to see these preachers, magbu-bus nga ako soon... ;)
  • they're really annoying. fine, they may do something they think is divinely willed, but cynic that i am, i know that religion is a lucrative tax-free profession. needless to say, i never give a single centavo to them. they just use it to eventually bash my catholic religion and dooming us all "non-believers" to hell. what crap.
  • brownpaubrownpau PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I'm a born-again myself, pero those bus preachers, nakakainis talaga. Don't they realize they just make their own religion look bad? And with all the con-jobs going around, you never know where that money's REALLY going.

    (I realize this post is over a month old, pero trip ko lang mag-reply eh. OK lang ba?)
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