nahihilo pag biglang tayo

sentimentssentiments certified traveholic :p PExer
normal lang ba un?

kasi ako kunyari nakahiga ako tapos bigla akong tatayo biglang may makikita na ako stars nun, tsaka medyo nagdidilim na paningin ko nun pero after ilang seconds nawawala din naman agad......... may problema ba sa kin? or normal lang yun? nde naman ako preggy.....


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's normal. We advise people who experience this to just rise slowly. To minimize this occurence, from a supine position, turn sideways for a little while before rising from bed when you wake up.
  • sentimentssentiments certified traveholic :p PExer
    ah.... super tnx!
  • megan_cutiemegan_cutie Member PExer
    that's orthostatic hypotension..
  • soulthirdsoulthird It Ain't Worth It PExer
    minsan ako ganito... esp when I went on a diet e. Ngayon wala na...
  • blue17blue17 Blue Palito PExer
    same prob ng boyfriend ko to lately.. pero kahit di nakahiga.. nahihilo sya.. minsan pag nakayuko tapos iaangat nya ulo nya.. nahihilo daw sya... bat kaya?
  • emanonemanon ninjai the dark defender PExer
    as per message above... ano po ba talaga ang cause ng ganun issue (nahihilo pag biglang tayo) .To give you history lately ko lang naman nararamdaman tong ganito as in very recent lang talaga, but before wala naman. pls advise thank you!
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Blood pressure fluctuates due to several factors, one of them being position. Suddenly getting up to an upright position can cause your blood pressure to momentarily drop.
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber HEALTH.FREAK.WANNABE. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wow... and i thought this happens because of anemia..
  • adik_chickadik_chick Member PExer
    ganito rin ako minsan....hindi ba dahil puyat ako? tska sometimes, hindi ung case ng biglang tayo...ung bigla ka na lang mabla-blackout....parang nawala ung paningin mo....habang nakatayo......bakit ganon?
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    There are several reasons why you might suffer from those symptoms. Yes, stress and lack of sleep is one. Hunger (hence lack of glucose to the brain) is another. Heat may also cause problems.

    Since I don't know you and your lifestyle, I'm not sure which is the cause of your problems. I suggest you review your everyday routine and note the instances where you feel those symptoms, and try to avoid the conditions that trigger them.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Lack of sleep, missed meals, anemia, etc. may be some differential diagnoses.
  • neverthelessnevertheless cerTifIed CK L0veR.... PExer
    eh pano po yung aakyat ka sa may hagdan tapos pag nasa taas ka na...parang nahihilo ka na?...normal lang ba yun?
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
  • rav7118rav7118 Member PExer
    dear doc ira,
    good pm. maraming salamat at meron palang thread tungkol dito. minsan kasi kapag bigla akong bumabaling ay parang nahihilo ako. kalimitan din kapag nasa harap ng compu at may binabasa (book, newspaper, magazines) may pagkakataon din na parang iikot ang paligid. bakit po kaya? may hpn po ako. tnx:confused:
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Sorry, I don't understand the word "bumabaling". Nor do I understand text lingo like "hpn", either. Does that mean hypertension? Please take advantage of the fact that Pinoy Exchange doesn't charge a single cent for posts in excess of 160 characters. It'll be easier for me to understand your problem rather than do guesswork.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    If you have hypertension, is it controlled? What is your usual BP range, and what are you taking for it?
  • rav7118rav7118 Member PExer
    thanks doc ira. here in the office its usually 100/80 pero sometimes pag may niyerbyos umaabot ng 130/90. yes may hypertension po ako. as of now am taking atenolol (durabeta - 50mg one a day).
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Your BP isn't that high actually, and atenolol can cause lightheadedness. If you experience this dizziness, you should take your BP to see what it is. It might be too low, not too high as you might be thinking, and you may need to change your antihypertensive.

    If your BP is fine, chances are that it's just that your inner ear, which controls your balance, is just more sensitive than the usual. All you should do in this case would be to avoid turning too quickly.
  • hello doc ira.
    ang sakin naman po habang natutulog po ako magpoposition po ako ng patagilid pero para po akong nahihilo kaya bumabalik ako sa supine position. pag tinatry ko po ulit sa ganun po ulit laging sa right.
  • Lala1114Lala1114 Member PExer
    Normal lang ba na kapag babangon ako sa kama o kaya pagtatayo ako mula sa pagkaupo ko eh nagbblurred paningin ko at medyo nahihilo ako?

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