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Rico Yan

may he rest in peace...

rico gave the industry so much, lets honors his spirit bai reminising his wonderful memories....

u rock, dude!


  • ano ka ba naman! nakaraos na nga ako sa pagdadalamhati ke rico yan, pinaalala mo na naman! hay, naku, rico...nalungkot tuloy akong bigla...sabagay kasi malapit na pala ang ika-3rd year na ba since he passed away? rico, wherever you are, i hope you're happy with what's going on with claudine right now...i miss you so much!
  • toni_16toni_16 PEx Rookie ⭐
    ako rin....waaahh.. ewan bket iyak ako ng iyak sobra...
  • hey, kala ko mag-isa na lng ako..u knw wht k1rKzGaL4j1nX27 i really miss hm..last feb 27 nga sa star circle quest akala namin bibigyan xa ng tribute kasi db he's from star circle tapos nagpractice cla ng TWIAC naisip namin na gumawa ng plakard na 'we miss you rico' ako ung hawak ko 'we still love you Rico' kaso basta kinanta lng pala ung TWIAC :-( btw, i knw rico is happy wherever he is now. :-)

    hi ate deng (rc friend) ? 2nd death anniversary po..but b4 that birthday muna nya sa 14.
  • Me to i miss Rico talaga, sampung ulit ko na ngang pinanonood yung Got to Believe nila nila Claudine eh.

    Hindi lang kase si Rico and namimiss ko pati yung tandem nila ni Claudine.
  • sweetlavendersweetlavender PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    In death
    By J.R. Eusebio
    YOU contributor

    MARCH 29 will mark Rico Yan's second death anniversary.

    Remember him? Of course you do. How could you forget?

    If you were able to ignore his TV shows and movies when he was still alive, taking him for a corny teen idol, you couldn't have possibly missed all the images they showed on TV after he died. He was all over the news. The entertainment industry mourned his loss. The media was in a frenzy. They even had his wake and burial covered.

    It was Holy Week when he passed away, and all they were showing on television were movies about Jesus Christ, or masses, or the reenactment of the seven last words. No regular programming. No news advisories. But you still got to know about his death. You had other sources. You had your cellular phone.

    I bet at first you thought it was just another joke, like when they sent you messages about Cardinal Sin's "death." But then you went to church because it was Good Friday, and the priest confirmed it during his sermon. Rico Yan is dead. Then there were gasps. Gasps of disbelief. Gasps for someone who didn't even make it to the age of twenty-eight.

    How he shook us when he left. Before Rico, we never imagined that someone so healthy could go so abruptly. We thought teen idols were invincible, since they had the influence and the money. As it turns out they are not.

    All of a sudden we were members of his fan club. So who was Rico, really? We all wanted to know. We started craving for news of him, trying to find the answers to his death, and answers to our own lives. While watching his family and friends and co-workers being interviewed on TV, we learned of how great he had been. And we gasped a little more. He was so young. He had a promising future ahead of him. He could have been the future president for all we knew.

    He ceased being a teen idol. He became a hero.

    When Rico died the country was forced to face the reality of death. Death does not care for age, gender or social status. But our vague idea of how death may strike at any moment, at whomever still didn't make us shockproof. As they say, knowledge does not make for immunity.

    So, when former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago's son died just a few months ago we still weren't able to hold in gasps of disbelief. And we were all the more shocked when we learned that Alexander Santiago's death wasn't by natural causes. He took his own life. He did it because of a failing grade. His suicide note said so.

    Many of us didn't understand why he could have done it. How could he have put a gun to his head? How could he have pulled the trigger? Was he courageous because he had the guts to face something a lot of us couldn't even begin to think about? Or was he a coward for ending his life just because of one failing grade?

    We wanted to know all the answers to our questions. And so we watched as they provided us with information on TV. They interviewed his mother, whom before any of this ever happened we couldn't have imagined as anything other than a tough senator. They interviewed his friends, schoolmates, cousins.

    We learned he had been a great guy. He shared snacks and conversation with his buddies while sitting on the stairs in front of his school building. He went out with his mother a lot, and he held her hand while they walked.

    Another big loss, we said.

    And we thought it would be some time before another incident like this would ever happen. But we were wrong. Miko Sotto, teen idol and son of radio commentator Ali Sotto, passed away just a month or two after Alexander. He fell off a building. Our hearts sank in our chests. Miko was a promising young adult, just like what Rico and Alexander had been. He had the looks. He answered well in his interviews. And after he died we learned that he had been a very caring and loving person.

    Through all these, the thing I've noticed is that it seems harder for the country to accept the departure of someone young rather than someone who have been here on earth for quite some time already.

    I tried to think up reasons. Is it because we've only had them for so long? Is it because they have so much more to give? Is it because they were brimming with dreams, and they had the energy and will to make them happen, but they were taken away? Or is it because as Ali Sotto put it, it's not in the natural order of things?

    Then again, it could be the irony of it all-- how the youth fights everyday to be understood, how they would pay anything for people -- or even just their parents -- to know who they really are and what they're made of. And how this wish only seems to come true in death.

    Who were Rico, Alexander and Mico? We all seem to know now, don't we?
  • oy, hi! din sa yo, vannessgrl! 'musta kayong lahat? haven't gone to the rc cyberfriends site in a long time coz hindi ako makapasok.
    if you do, pls. say hello for me esp. to lulu, ok? thanks for correcting me. oo nga 2 years pa lang namamatay si rico...nakakamiss siya noh?
  • Rico is the best!
  • I didn't become a Rico Yan fan until he died. Hindi naman talaga ako mahilig sa showbiz, pero when I learned about Rico and the kind of person he was I became one of his many admirers. For someone so young he accomplished a lot and he could have done so much more, he had a bright future ahead of him kaya siguro up to now marami pa rin ang hindi makapaniwala na wala na siya. I was happy na kahit wala na siya nakasama pa rin siya sa celebration ng Star Circle Quest. Kahit papaano hindi pa rin nila nakakalimutan si Rico.

    To k1rKzGaL4j1nX27...thank you for remembering him by starting this thread.
  • sayang ang galing galing pa naman niyang kumanta.

    you will be in our hearts forever...

    rico puno.....hmmmm....

    rico blanco pala....

  • ay ako din! ang tagal kong nagluksa sa pagkawala ni rico yan..nawawala na nga eh tapos banasa ko bigla to..miss na miss ko na talaga syaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! di ko talaga sya makakalimutan..kasi tuwing nakikita ko si claudine sa tv eh si rico agad naiisip ko...
  • Originally posted by JolinaFan

    korek k dyan, grabe nakaka miss talaga, ang bilis ng panahon, parang kelan lang, ang kulit nya sa Wattamen at MTB... last episode pa nya sa MTB yung lenten special nila...then meron pa syang 3 episodes sa Wattamen......nakakalungkot nga lang pero ganun talaga...I hope na masaya na sya....miss you rico:)
  • to all: thx for supporting this thread pplz... i know rico has been an insipration to many pplz and i hope he's happy where he is...

    to jolinafan: no offense, but it is nice that u say something good for once.. thz a kool thing
  • Originally posted by k1rKzGaL4j1nX27
    to all: thx for supporting this thread pplz... i know rico has been an insipration to many pplz and i hope he's happy where he is...

    to jolinafan: no offense, but it is nice that u say something good for once.. thz a kool thing

    I know. Lets just say that I'm one of his biggest fans.

    Rico is close to perfection. He was successful, educated plus the fact that he’s a cutie made him more adorable.
  • hi ate deng we're fine once in a while nakakausap ko pa rin cla :) sure ikukumusta kita sa kanila..thnks
  • waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! ako rin namimiss ko sya.. lalo na nung napanood ko yung milan ni claudine.. kasi halos kasabay ng showing ng milan ung showing ng got to believe nila 2 yrs ago.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuh!
  • miss you so much rico!
  • for me, walang sino mang pwedeng pumalit sa kanya....dahil nag-iisa lang si RICO YAN. Sya pa rin ang number one na idol ko! (kahit ala na sya, RIP)
  • I miss Rico, too. :( Everytime I see Claudine, I think of Rico. I miss seeing Claudine and Rico, too...

    Yeah, no one can replace Rico for me.
  • i like rico better now...

    ur rayt... i kinda did think he was a corny teen idol... but he is more than that.. rico is a very strong.. a good inspiration!

    damn u claudine!! u f*uckin kill rico!!! if u aint a damn b*itch and "cheated" on him! shoot! i never liked her anyways!!
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