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Just wanna meet new people

Hello! Just wanna meet new people around here! I've been reading these forums for awhile but never really posted. I guess you can say I was just lurking and stalking! Heheh, jk.

Anyway, my name is Larae and I'm 22...

Hope to meet some of ya!


  • Funny!!! my bestfriend's name is Larae, and she's from US, and she's also 22 yrs old.

  • Btw, my name is Irish :) Nice to meet you!

  • Hi Irish, nice to meet you too! Wow, that IS a weird coincidence! Where was the other Larae from in the Phils?

    And hi to you too, med_trans!!!
  • :wave: welcome LARAE!
    how do you promounce that?
    as in LA-REY? :)

    oist, mayk!
    bakit pag may new thread
    na newbie ang dating,
    ang bilis mong mag-post?
    hehehe! :rotflmao:
  • Yeup, just like that...La-raaaaaaay! Or if you're my mom, "Oy batang 'to...La-raaaaaay?!?!? Bat di ka na tumatawag sa bahay ha? Kailan ka uuwi?!"


    Nice meeting you !!!
  • Ms_Larae: btw, im mayk...nice to meet you :bungi:

    ivy: friendly kasi ako....parang kaw :brush:
  • Larae, taga .... hmm I don't even remember.... Somewhere in Santa Cruz/Tondo area. gosh she's gonna kill me if she read this. She's also a pexer!!! (lurker)

    How about you? taga saan ka dito sa US at sa Phil :?:

  • hi mayk! "working" ba talaga while pexing?! hehe sarap naman ng buhay!
  • Irish, my family is originally from Caloocan City. We moved to Houston, TX about 13 years ago, and I moved here to Austin, TX 3 1/2 years ago for college.

    What about all of you? Saan kayo ngayon?
  • Larae, I'm originally from Samaploc Manila. my family and I migrated to Bergen County, New Jersey six years ago.

    Anong major mo? It looks like na graduating ka na.

  • Im getting a BSN...yeah, I know, typical Pinay nurse...hehe but I like it (so far, that is)! And yes, salamat naman, graduating na rin! What about you? What course did/do u take?
  • I've been switching major for God knows when.

    Let me see from Computer Specialist to Criminolgy to Business Finance. Right now, I'm majoring in General Science which means I'm still undecided :lol: , but I want to pursue a career in Health field.

    Good for you!!! na graduating ka na :) Good luck!! I'm thinking of becoming a nurse din kaso madiriin ako!! arte ko ba!! Are you planning to stay in texas pag-ka grad mo :?:

    Gosh!! I'm taking A&PI and it's driving me insane :bop: Kasi yon teacher is not much of a help!!! When she's lecturing, she just reading the book!!! Hello!! I just read the book tapos uulitin niya!!

  • I remember once, almost nahimatay ako when I saw blood during a procedure! HEhe, minsan, nanghihina parin...but it's getting better na!

    Nursing is fun, as long as Im dealing with the babies/kiddies and not so much the adults! Hahaha...
  • Ms_Larae: yep, im working while pexing... ok ba dyan magwork as a nurse?

    ski_JeRZe: :wave: taga Bergen County ka pala...isa sa mga kliyente kasi namin ay yung Bergen Pain Management and other parts of NJ...
  • Mayk, oks naman...we have the medical center in Houston...lots of good hospitals with good pay. Atsaka the cost of living in Houston is cheap kaya makakabawi ka talaga. It's not so good here in Austin because this one company has a monopoly on the hospitals. Pero after grad, I plan on moving back to Houston din naman which is where all the jobs are. Almost all of my nursing batch mates (and there are only 53 of us graduating from the University's BSN program this sem) are all going to Houston for their jobs.

    Hope that helps!
  • how about PTs? ok ba dyan? balita ko texas ang nagpapasahod ng malaki sa mga PTs nagwowork dyan sa US...
  • From what I've heard, PTs are well paid here din. Ewan ko lang since I'm not all that familiar eh. Pero my ate in the Phils who's a PT wants to come here din. Tina-try naming ipa-sponsor. I don't know lang how that's going right now.

    But, all I can say is that the medical field is really good dito sa Houston. And I think sa Cali, okay din ang sahod ng PTs.
  • hi! :wave:

    aj here...

    welcome to PEx!

    enjoy posting!

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