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Lim Paints the PUsherS' HoMES RED!

Anong ako nagpipintura oi oi ibang Lim siguro yon =( LOL!

What about the rights of the children exposed to crimes brought about by drug abuse.....we should all see the bigger picture here.


  • shark:
    i understand your concern. but again, this goes back to a judge dredd kind of system. kailangan muna dumaan sa due process. this kinda stigmatism is wrong and goes against the judicial structure which has processes that need to be followed.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Interior Secretary Alfredo Lim goes back to his old ways- spray painting the house of the pushers'red.

    Now, is his "scarlett letter" campaign a violation of human rights or not? HR violation or not, should he do this? Do you think it will reap anything positive?
  • violation of human rights. yes... definitely... plus a violation of the constitution's due process clause... tsk tsk tsk...
  • I think the problem with Lim's pseudo-guerilla type of crime warfare stems from his desire to rid the streets of crime - whatever the cost. Whether it is practical was never the question, despite what many political pundits are saying. Is it a violation of basic human rights?

    I agree with bluebabe that it is indeed a violation of the due process clause of the Constitution. Whether it is a violation of basic human rights, I believe, depends on what right you're violating. Is it the right to privacy? The right to being innocent before proven guilty?

    I'm with Mayor Lim. He has to toe the line now, because he's dealing with politicians and policemen (wow, there's a challenge for you!). I do support the spray-paint policy, but I think he'd better darn well be sure of whose houses he's spray-painting. Frankly, between a rags-to-riches policeman who spray-paints houses of suspected drug pushers or a crocodile who saps our hard-earned taxpayers' money through drug tests and (my God, something as absurd as) handcuffs, well, I'll take the cop any day.
  • I would rather that Lim stake out the houses of drug pushers rather than spray paint them with the 'scarlet letter', as Badgirl so colorfully put it.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of all that paint, especially when it's all one big mistake. I mean, with our police force, who wouldn't think major goof-ups aren't possible?

    Aside from being a potential headache for human rights violations, spraypainting pushers' houses could be made into a political tool, which could be used to further Lim's (or his political padrino) personal agenda. After all, public humiliation of criminals always seems to draw out the worst in the holier-than-thou public. And besides, I haven't heard of the houses of 'Big fish' being spraypainted before when this program was initiated by Lim as Manila Mayor.

    To me, I think that Lim's simply making one big circus out of the DILG.
  • "Personally, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of all that paint, especially when it's all one big mistake."
    -- that's why there's due process. to minimize "goof-ups". if you go through the legal processes, in theory, a level of certainty would have to be achieved before any action can be taken against a person.

    this is also the reason why i think that its a violation of some inherent human right to be denied due process. at best, it punishes the guilty with haste. but at worst, innocent people's reputations may be besmirched, their families humiliated, and good name tarnished. These things aren't as easily erased as the paint sprayed on walls. it takes more than a bucket of thinner and a wash of fresh paint.
  • rainman:
    that's true... they do investigate before painting (hehehe, napanood ko sa tv kahapon ;) ). but my concern is that painting someone's house is i think, a form of sanction. a penalty. a punishment. it damages the reputation of the person ACCUSED. you're not supposed to punish or penalize or sanction people BEFORE they are convicted. i mean, buti nga dun sa mga drug pusher talaga na na spray paint. but what about those falsely accused? wawa naman sila...
  • ... ok lang 'yon, they investigate first before they paint. pag walang ginagawa nag government puro tayo reklamo ngayong may ginagawa reklamo pa rin tayo.ok lang 'yon para mahiya naman sila nang konti...GO SEC. LIM !!! ;)
  • rainman: true, but in this case, I think the government's just a bit too zealous...

    It's like the Hubert Webb case. He may have been truly guilty, but the process of convicting him casts serious doubts as to the veracity of the entire procedure.

    blue babe's right. Due process is the question here...conviction before punishment. No individual outside of the court of law can punish crime. To do so without due process is to become a vigilante.
  • Constitutionally, mali.

    Personally, tama lang yon.

    Ang daming magic sa loob ng korte. These pushers have big time back-ups that can easily manipulate with peoples mind. Why wait for due process.
  • shaider:
    i know how you feel. i mean, drug pushing is, i think, almost as bad as murder. you destroy life rin no...
    but... "Why wait for due process?"
    for one thing, to prevent vigilanteism (tama ba?). i mean, if procedural laws weren't to be followed, then anarchy would reign supreme. procedures are there so that there may be some semblance of order and control in society. kailang may objective standard and process na sinusunod. kung puros subjective "hunches" lang and discretion ang gagamitin, it will open up wide wide avenues for abuse.

    sorry, but i think that the legal system is really a wonderful thing, on paper. sometimes, i think, that with all the laws ALREADY in place,there's no reason why our country shouldn't surge forward, politically and economically. its in the implementation that we start losing the battle. that's why i'm really into following procedures and all. kailangan eh..
  • shark:
    yup. less talk and more action. but the right kind of action. no dirty harry stuff... thats for movies. if we're talking about action, lets talk about reinforcement. and for our part, we should be vigilant (not vigilantes) on the doings of government so that we can prod them on, lobby and pressure them for results...
  • Drastic problems needs drastic solutions sometimes....

    If we just sit back and let the law enforcers who themselves are drud cuddlers do their supposed jobs....baka hanggang great great great grandchild mo malalang malala na yung drug problem.

    We need less talk and more action........

  • malamang human rights violation nga kse di naman diba talagang sigurado na pushers nga yun nakatira doon. malay mo enemy niya yon tapos gusto niya lang pahiyain o gantihan... do i make any sense?

  • ...plus, di ka naman doon nakatira eh.
    ...bakit, bahay mo yon?
  • eh alam pala ni lim kung sino mga drug pusher eh bat di niya pa huliin bat kailangan pa pinturahan para iwasan ng mga mamamayan? huliin na niya at pagpapatayin na mga lintik! nagsasayan lang siya ng pagod sa pagpintura hayaan na si shark magpintura trabaho naman niya yan eh. Shark magkano na ba isang gramo ng shabu? pabili naman. Swerte ka layo hse mo sa manila di napinturahan. jk

    [This message has been edited by martian (edited 01-21-2000).]
  • i think the reason they paint the house nga is some sort of penalty. pag may kasong nakasampa, chaka lang ipa-paint... unfair talaga... rule of the mob ang lumalabas...
  • martian wehehehehehe magiimport ako ng uzi at AK-47 ubusin na lang natin sila bwisit talaga yang droga na yan :)
    hahahaha voilent ba?
  • shark: habang hinihintay ko yang mga uzi mo at AK-47 locally made muna gagamitin ko, paltik at pillbox hehehe. Eh hanggang pintura lang yata ang alam ni lim eh sa buong taon na nagserve siya as mayor ng manila walang nangyari. Bago naging mayor, traffic, dami magnanakaw at sobrang gulo sa divisoria at binondo, after naging mayor siya super traffic, sobrang dami magnanakaw at sobrang gulo pa rin sa divisoria at binondo. Biruin mo 5 mins walk nagiging 1 hr car ride grabe ah.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    martian: in fairness, naging mas ok ang traffic sa ilaya when lim served as mayor..well for the first 2 years that is. i was still living along juan luna that time. so alam ko.

    pero ppl..about drugs... haven't u wondered where all the drugs lim confiscated went? hmmm... o eto... hwag lang tayo ma censor..actually, i heard lang..(pls don't ask from whom nalang)... what lim did/does was/is to re-sell the drugs back to the chinese pushers. kaya d ako bilib doon. which means, walang matino sa gov't ng pinas.

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