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Coolest WWE Entrance Theme

DukotKingDukotKing Mahal Na Ari PExer
Hey guys...what do you think is the coolest WWE entrance theme?

For me, it's Evolution :)


  • nastransnastrans m PExer
    May thread nang ganito
  • john cena, coz he freestyles everytime he comes out. and the old undertaker.
  • posse08posse08 loyal green archer PExer
    Hmm yah malamang this thread will be merged eh nasa 2nd page lang yung thread na yun eh. Anyways yah ok yung sa evolution. Nice din yung t shirt nila paid , laid and made.
  • the_shotthe_shot the man ✭✭
    john cena!
  • neuezielneueziel Zion Rhino PExer
    degeneration X
  • kinetic_soldierkinetic_soldier House Harkonnen PExer
    yeah evolution rocks! the theme is by motorhead, right?
  • Super VegettoSuper Vegetto feel the power of fusion! PExer
    D-Generation X... akala ko nga nung una Rage Against the Machine yun nagperform ng track pero hindi pala.
  • dy1jawdy1jaw Member PExer
    D-Generation X!!!!
  • Rugal 3:16Rugal 3:16 PEX's HEEL PExer
    HHH's "The Game" by motorhead.
  • boy payatsboy payats Member PExer
    for me, it's still the entrance by HBK shawn michaels....i'm not your boy toy, i'm just a sexy boy.....

    of course, walang tatalo sa entrance ni Undertaker, that sound from the catacombs, sobrang eerie
  • dj_sensuidj_sensui 乀(◐‿ ◐乀) PExer
    the best for me yung kay stone cold..
    yung biglang may mababasag na glass..

    also yung "no chance in hell" ng mga mcmahons
  • SaLaMaLaYcUmSaLaMaLaYcUm Member PExer
    DX definitely!!!

    Old School Undertaker's entrance is a classic!
  • SeniLe_ManSeniLe_Man God of the Grove PExer

    the guy had a kickass entrance and a killer theme..

    It's time for a bloodbath!
  • francis16francis16 Basketball Addict PExer
    stone cold (ung may lyrics)
    the rock (if u smell........)
    triple h (ngaun)
  • zneakerzzneakerz I BLEED RED AND WHITE!!!! PExer
  • hrdcourt_prncehrdcourt_prnce d' [<IRON LION >] PExer
  • richyuppierichyuppie Chelsea 2012 UEFA Champions PExer

  • neuezielneueziel Zion Rhino PExer
    degeneration X!!!
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator ✭✭✭
    DX, current triple H there, Randy Orton's new theme, RVd's theme
  • mac326mac326 eating ice for lunch PExer
    DX shempre!

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