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Bf uses gf's car on their dates...

bf doesnt have a car, but gf has...
so the couple would always use the girl's car everytime they go out on a date?
wat can u say bout this?


  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Rookie ⭐
    What's wrong with it? :shrug:

    Eh kung sa walang kotse yung lalaki eh.

    I know of couples nga that it's the girl who drives!

    Anong problema ha? :shrug:
  • e, ano naman ngayon?
  • duh of course ok lang. bakit naman hindi? :shrug2:
  • i got a friend na ganito situation nila ng bf nya. ok lang with the couple kaso naiinis ung gurl kc natsismis sa kanya nung katiwala nila sa bahay na yung mom nya (ng gf) sometimes nagpaparinig bout it.
  • There's nothing wrong with that! Basta happy pareho ok na yun! Buti nga yun eh...at least may car ang isa, kesa wala.
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yup... nothing wrong with that... not everyone's equal anyway and it's all just a matter of acceptance...
  • DI10DI10 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nothing wrong with that, as long as hindi dumadating dun sa point na naggagamitan sila. like maybe if the guys chips in sa gas or something like that i guess that's okay lang.
  • actually i'm a guy with no car, who likes a girl who has a car (yes taga-PEX din cya), i just wanna know her more cause i really like her.. pero pumapasok sa isip ko nakakahiya naman.. she has a car and i don't, not only that i think mas alam nya pa mga daan sa quezon city and makati area hahaha... pero maliit na bagay lang naman yan e.. if the couple really love each other, they wont care who's car is being used.
  • Nothing's wrong with that... :D I do that... Parang nahihiya yung guy, of course but what's wrong with that? As long as they love each other and well, tama, hindi nag-gagamitan, diba? :D I'm willing to drive naman, eh... Mas gusto ko nga ako nag-dadrive para diretso uwi na ako, hindi pa nag-aalala mga people sa house namin kasi I have my own transpo pauwi... :)
  • hi *uhum* ryderchiq...:*)
  • If the car's owner doesn't mind, then other people should just mind their own business.
  • happened to me already. i am one of those who's not blessed and fortunate enough to have my own car.

    shempre, kakahiya din, but what can i do? i only have limited resources.
  • thanx guys for sharing ur opinions...i really appreciate it!
  • yup... initial tendency of guys e mailang or mahiya... pero not all... and not all the time. well it depends on the situation na rin kasi.

    pero wag ka. most of the time, it will be the guys who will insist on driving the car. :glee:
  • bosstl: hehehe!

    hmm...wat about girls driving the car (regardless who owns it) on their dates? ok din lang ba un? just a thought! (peace!) :*) :*) :*)
  • i'm in the same situation and i'm the one who usually drives (pero he knows how to drive). okay lang naman kaso lang minsan nakakapagod din.

    basta you don't feel abused, ok lang yun.
  • Originally posted by sara falls
    bosstl: hehehe!

    hmm...wat about girls driving the car (regardless who owns it) on their dates? ok din lang ba un? just a thought! (peace!) :*) :*) :*)

    well, it really depends if you both are at ease with that. there shouldn't be any problem. unless you want to make a fuss out of it.

    are you worried that you driving the car instead of him will hurt the guy's ego??? that will be dependent on the personality of the guy himself. or are you worried how others will see the two of you with you behind the wheel instead of him?? anyways... what are you really worried about? :hmm: as far as i'm concerned, it's no longer that extraordinary to see a girl driving and a guy on the passenger seat. so no big deal.
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    akala ko ba eh gusto na ng mga babae ng gender equality so kahit anong bagay, dapat, ok lang.

    wala namang problema dun hija. ;)
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i couldn't agree more aajao... haha...
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