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The Marines

Now that Erap has sent for the Marines to be deployed in malls, NAIA, etc. What do you think of this idea? Does anyone here find this as a godd idea or what?


  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i find the idea ridiculous and the move totally unneccessary. for one,i don't think that the security situation in MM is that bad that he'd have to get the marines to guard the metropolis. and two, unless he plans to put the phil under martial law, i don't think kailangan pa nyang mag lagay ng marines to control the current situation...
  • I say we give it a chance, if it works out then great, if not then that's the time we complain NOT BEFORE. I think the reason why the marines were brought in was that the police system is really rotten, we need a different entity to fix it. Also they are severely undermanned (o absent lang lagi yung ibang pulis).

    Badgirl: Security not that bad ? Wait till you get kidnapped, mugged or get tied up by robbers right in your house... And even if security was good already we can never be too safe, if the marines can help prevent a few crimes then let them be present as long as they do the job properly...
  • Has the Philippines gotten so bad that they need the Marines to guard the metropolis? I personally would be a bit uneasy with this idea though. This would be the perfect opportunity for some crazed general (or president for that matter) to start a coup of some sort. A little scary if you ask me. Let's just hope that the Marines don't turn out be just as "rotten" as the police.
  • i don't know what erap is trying to pull. but if this whole marine presence thing is for the purpose of quelling the unrest brewing, he's sure barking up the wrong tree.

    i haven't watched tv in ages. and when i saw the news this evening, what i saw freaked me out. students and other activist type persons were really getting all upset over so many different things like the tuition hike, the oil price hike, and what other things that might wana go hike.

    if erap wants to improve peace and order, he better do something about government. the people are simply not happy with what's been happening. ang taas na ng mga presyo. a full tank used to cost 400++. now, aabot pa ng 600!!! sheesh! and i know i'm griping from the luckier side of the social strata.

    sino ba namang di mawawalan ng gana sa gobierno when unemployment and inflation are so bad, tapos, pag dumaan ka sa loob ng mga exclusive villages, makikita mo yung bahay ni === na kung pang-ilang asawa ni erap. the one in wakwak, i don't know which wife in the list this one belongs to,which is still under construction, is a mammoth of a structure. para talagang clubhouse!!! you could re-locate an entire squatter barangay in that thing!!! truly nauseating!!!

    marines aren't the answer! shape up government!!! if erap wants to do it right, he should start out in his own backyard, the executive branch!!

    argh!!! i swear to god! kasalanan nating lahat to! after all, we, as a people, elected him. (for the record, I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM.)
  • as what Kamatayan said why dont we give it a try nothing's wrong diba? there's an advantage and disadvantage. advantage because we know that the security guards in the mall wouldn't be able to accomodate those people baka nga di nila alam na meron na palang na-kidnapped or ninakawan na.
    disadvantage because as what my teacher said baka nga daw they're planning a coup na palusot lang nila yung mga marines inside the malls.
  • I think we should all dispel those coup rumors, in the first place no coup WILL SUCCEED without the people's endorsement. Secondly, there is NO ONE in the military right now who has the image and power to lead a coup.

    As for Erap declaring martial law ? This is preposterous, with the memory of Marcos' martial law still fresh I don't think the people will accept an Erap martial law (besides Erap isn't that strong with the military) and he doesn't have a valid reason for declaring one...
  • Rumors have it that these marines have been deployed to prevent a coup d'etat. I couldn't help but chuckle when Erap's spokesperson (sorry, i'm not good with names) laughed it off by saying, yes, these marines were assigned specifically for these malls to prevent a terrorist shopping spree.

    The marines are on police duty here until end of March only (or so they say) before they will be shipped back to Maguindanao. So far, they are doing their duty well, apprehending evil doers left and right. (and they do look a lot more able than our pot-bellied policemen) If their intentions are honorable and true, let them be, says I.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    kamatayan: as for erap declaring martial law, i just hope you're right. but then again, alam mo naman yung mga milagro na nangyayari sa pulitika ng pinas....
  • Kamatayan:

    "This is preposterous, with the memory of Marcos' martial law still fresh I don't think the people will accept an Erap martial law"

    -- yeah... siguro... but then again... these are the same people who re-elected his widow and 2 children back into power... and one of his cronies as president... so much for long memories...

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  • Blue Babe: Yeah that's true the populace might approve but the powers-that-be (Big business, politicians) have too much to lose if martial law is declared so I don't think they'll go with it. Also the president can only declare martial law for 60 days (I think) after that kailangan na ng approval ng congress (tama ba ? You seem to be knowledgable sa law...)
  • kaboom:
    i think you're right... hee hee hee... my consti is so weak kasi... ;) i'll check muna... kakahiya...

    there... article 7, section 17. you're absolutely right. he can declare martial law and suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus for a period of 60 days after. after 48 hours from the declaration, he has to report to congress, who, in turn, either approves it or revokes it. such revocation cannot be set aside by the president. BUT this is all in theory...

    i hate to be so cynical, but it just looks good on paper. kung gugustuhin ni erap, there are ways of getting around it. marcos did it, right?

    but i'm not really afraid of martial law. i don't think erap has enough clout in the military to pull it off. what i'm really scared of is a coup... or civil unrest. basta... people are NOT happy. he's not really living up to all his promises. and his actuations are just making things worse.

  • Look at the bright side, baka ma-conscious ang mga pulis sa mga 'potbellies' nila, because they really look awkward beside the Marines, who are 'healthier looking.' Maybe they will start exercising more, and baka mas mahabol nila ang mga snatcher. lol :)

  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    A government official made an inspired comment about marines in the malls. He called it "killing a mosquito using a sledgehammer", or something to that effect.
  • i must agree with ira.. its overkill
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