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Bangkok, Thailand

What can you say about the place? I've just been there. Gusto ko ulit bumalik! 4 days lang kasi kami doon at kulang na kulang!

Parang lang siyang Pilipinas actually pero ang sarap mag-shopping! Sobrang mumura! lalo na sa Baiyoke market, Suan Lum and Chatuchak! Parang ayaw ko na ngang umalis doon eh, shopping nalang ng shopping! Ok din pala sa MBK.

Anyone who has been to Patpong? Ano masasabi niyo? Well, I was shocked! :D


  • Been there last thurs .. never been to patpong kc buddha day hehehe .. closed daw at hindi raw pang babae yung mga show ..

    akala nila d tayo sanay sa ganun hehehe .. mura kung mura yung mga tinda pera baba ng exchange rate .. kaya talo tayo ng Php 400 .. sayang din yun for every 1k ..

    food is great lalo n yung mga carinderia sa tabi tabi .. dun kami sa Pharatum yung pinaka divisoria nila .. Mai di (no good) hotel kmi pero clean naman ..
  • have been there 2x na, latest last december. u should try to go to pattaya beach. i mean its not that of a superb beach but the ride gng to pattaya is worth it! super sarap ng speed boat nila especially of medyo malaki yong mga waves?. they also offer parasailing which u should try at least 1nce for experience.

    ganun tlaga sa patpong. night market with ekek sya dun. medyo kakatakot lang nga dun if guy ka kasi bigla ka na lang hihilain ng mga girls dun and drag u inside their clubs. so ingat na lang...?

    ;):):p :cool: :flower: :flwrface: :heartgrl:
  • Yeah, buti nalang may kasama akong mga guys nung pumunta kaming Patpong pero yun nga, pinaghihila sila ng mga tao!

    Yung market sa Baiyoke yung mura, as in 3 tatlong for 100 Baht! ok ba yung mga design, pwede mo benta dito ng 200 each

    Sayang nga eh, hindi ako sumama doon sa Pattaya beach, ok nga raw.

    Well, nakakainggit lang.. kasi dati mas angat ang Pilipinas sa Thailand, ngayon mas angat na sila sa atin!

    Nung pumunta ako doon mga $200 lang nagastos ko, dami ko na sobra nabili!:D
  • d_haven are u part of the dlsu delegation who went to thailand 2 weeks ago?
  • moonshinemoonshine PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    puwede magtanong how much ang fares ninyo and which travel agency you got them from.
    meron kaya silang holy week rates?
  • went to patpong mag isa last year nung nag bangkok ako...
    it was interesting.....
  • yep yep grabe dun noh,went der last year too<AUG>..sa Bangkok:Nana Plaza,Patpong,Soi Cowboy,hehehe..Sa Pattaya naman "Walking Street" grabe bars dun,magsasawa tlaga ang mga "mahihilig".hehehe..we stayed at Jomtien Beach hotel down Pattaya..just down da street beach na!da jetski cost 800baht for 30 mins..we really enjoyed da vacation,da nightlife is great,da foods are masarap except dat i had to tell da waiters to make it mild kc d ko matake yung sobrang spicy..one thing i dnt like der s dat most Thai's dnt speak English!grabe pati ba naman teller ng bank d makakaintindi,kailangan pa ng interpreter..hehe...anyways,i wud love to go back der,its worth da money kc..;)
  • i'll go there this summer vaca to visit my sister!!!!
  • Originally posted by moonshine
    puwede magtanong how much ang fares ninyo and which travel agency you got them from.
    meron kaya silang holy week rates?

    d_archer: Yes, I was part of the dlsu delegation who went to Thailand. Are you there too?:)

    Moonshine: Far Travel Agency. P17,132. All in. yung mga airport tax etc. Sabi ng iba may mas mura pa raw sa iabng travel agency kaso yung amin kasi inayos na ng teacher namin.

    Silhouette: Yeah, ang hirap kaya magsalita doon! kahit nga "how much?" yung iba hindi nakakaintindi! sabi nga namin ng mga friends ko, bumarok daw kami sa English pagbalik sa PInas. Imagine mo naman pinagsasabi namin, mga incomplete senteces na napaka-barok talaga! :D
  • went to patpong november of 202 and sa sobrang pagka-shock, add pa na ang daming tao and sobrang smoke, i fainted sa loob. grabe kahiya i made a scene!

    buti na lang the staff there were so nice, i really didn't expect they'd help me out. so di na namin natapos yung show, mga 20 minutes lang kme sa loob.

    kasi naman sabi ng guide namin maganda daw yung show. =)
  • how about the jewelry??? mura ba??? like how much per gram of gold??
  • Sawadee Khraaaap! I lived in Bangkok from 1992 to 1996 until I decided that if I'm going to suffer in Bangkok traffic I might as well suffer in Manila traffic. :)

    Sarap talaga ng pagkain! Ang problema lang, pag nasanay ka sa Thai food, you realize you can't get the same quality in the philippines. After much searching I only found two places were the food was authentic: Benjarong in Dusit Hotel and Baan Thai in the corner of Jupiter and Makati Ave.

    Kasi the chefs are thai and they import their herbs. Unfortunately the Filipino equivalent to the Thai herbs aren't quite the same. Mahal sa Benjarong pero reasonable ang Baan Thai where it's parang pagkain bangketa sa Bangkok. Tsalap!

    I'm curious since I was from DLSU, too. Why does DLSU send delegations to Thailand?
  • tuwing kelan ba ang sale sa thailand? want to know too kung kelan cheap ang package
  • one of the places that i want conquer with my loved one...
  • I always love going back to Thailand. Good thing nakapunta ka sa Pratunam, Chatuchak and MBK. If you want tiangee, those are the places to go to.

    If you plan to come back and stay longer, I'll suggest something. Go to the beach. I was totally surprised to find out that there's a beach similar to Boracay which is 3 hours away from Bangkok. I'm not kidding! The place is Koh Samet (or Samed) and it's cheaper than Boracay in terms of food and lodging, fewer people (mostly caucasians) and absolutely peaceful. They even have a "library" so that you can rent books. You'll prob spend P300 on the bus ride, P100 on the short ferry ride and P400 a night for a cottage. If you need directions just send me a private note and I'll be happy to give it to you.
  • To genY71/anna_f73

    If I remember right, they have the regular sales after the new year to get rid of excess stock.

    Go on a weekend because for the Chatuchak weekend market (its somewhere in the outskirts of Bangkok).

    My suggestion for place to visit is the Jim Thompson house. Thompson was an american who revived the Thai silk industry. He's house/museum is adjacent to a Bangkok klong (like an estero/rivulet but much cleaner).

    I still think our Philippine beaches are better than the Bangkok beaches but anna is right that Koh Samet is a good, accesible beach place to go to. They have wild Full Moon parties there so you might want to time your visit to coincide with a full moon.
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i always go to thailand at least once a year... haha.. i practically live at poseidon!!!! hehe...
  • sa huge airport with so many tourists, & before lahat ng mfg. firm like procter andito but now andun na lahat,

    we went there second week of november, sale sila

    pero i think we have better malls, hotels & beaches
  • hoop_master
    Kung planning mo to got to Thailand with your loved one, try mo Phuket. Much more romantic and peaceful environment, away from busy crowd.

    Nasa military ako kaya this is our haven, used to be Pinas (since dami problema sa Pinas, only exercise lang pwede). Pinakamasayang Port, the best port na pinupuntahan namin. But we always sa Pattaya, too bad na nga lang that they just approved a bill na hanggang 12MN na lang yata ang mga clubs.

    Did you tried ang masahe nila? Traditional massage hindi iyong Body massage(soapie). 2 hours na masahe sa katawan, really worth it. How about ang ginisang tipaklong at mala ipis na malaki na they selling sa bangketa? I miss the "Pakbong" o "Morning Glory" luto nila sa kangkong, which really good.

    Do you need Visa pa ba if going to Thailand? Baka mag hop to Thailand, habang vacation ako sa Pianas. Get some wild weekend man lang.

    Beware sa mga clubs nga pala that put drugs sa drinks ninyo. Don't go alone sa mga clubs, if alone...once na nakaramdam ka na ng hilo, leave the place.
  • if you're carrying a philippine passport, no need for visa if your stay is less than 3 weeks (same for other ASEAN countries)....

    i'm definitely going back to bangkok! i went there last january with my sister and it was fun - good for shopping (lacoste are cheaper), yummy tom yum and fresh fruits. i also enjoyed the floating market and the elephant show....

    next time, i'll try to cross the cambodian border :)
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