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mas up-dated ang Pinas kesa sa U.S. in terms of............................


Ano na ba uso ngayon diyan sa Pinas(damit, kanta, music,car accesories...etc...etc..)?


  • GSM Cellphones!!!!!
  • hehehe...balita ko nga eh. Alam mo ba na walang phone to phone text messaging dito sa U.S..
  • Just a question and some personal opinions:

    Why don't you think people in the US would prefer text messaging over Voice Mail or real-time phone conversation?
    There are Wireless Phone companies capable of providing text messaging (some in the form of e-mails and pager text messages) but I don't think people here will patronize it as much as you guys in the Philippines are doing it now because they would rather hear a message.

    Personally, it doesn't make sense to be carrying a cellular phone for the purpose of sending text messages. That function is for a Pager. I would rather send mine in the form of a voice message as much as possible.

  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    FinF: The reason why some people prefer text messaging is because they can't afford the more expensive voice messaging. While they can afford to buy a cellular phone, they can't afford to pay for the usage. I dislike text messaging too, and I would rather that my friends call me up or I call them up. I don't think text messaging will ever replace the pager in terms of importance (well, at least in my field), because nothing beats the pager in terms of speed of message delivery and access for people without cellular phones.
  • Text messaging is nothing to boast about.

    The fact that the Philippines is a leader in the text messaging field is testament on how 'CHEAP' the labour is over there. For example, it would be prohibitively costly to use that kind of service over here. As such, we have email messaging and voice-mail messaging. Thus, I agree with FinF.

    humbly your servant,

  • Text messaging has been in the U.S. for some time. Motorola has been selling two-way paging units at outlets like Office Depot and Staples. No interest from U.S. Consumers.

    Meanwhile, personal digital assistants PDA's have been evolving into internet connection points they are now more than organizers. You can trade in the stock markets now with a PDA.

    GSM cell phones are available in the US too, but you need to first register your GSM phone with a US cell service provider, like Pac Bell, Sprint or MCI and replace the Smartcard. It costs $1 a minute, as opposed to 100 minutes for $29.95 for free-roaming service.

    Nokia phones are very popular in the US. They are technically GSM cell phones, but the smartcards configure them to be compatible to US cellular wavelengths, which do not include the GSM bands.
  • i think the reason text messaging became so popular was that in the beginning, as in early nineties, di pa congested yun network. texting was so easy and really fast!! it was also really convenient since you didn't have to go through an operator anymore. private too. no one to edit your message. i had both back then. and the pager, i got rid of kasi mas convenient mag-text. i'd page someone and it would take forever to get the operator to understand what you want to say and sometimes, mali mali pa yung napapadala. and ofcourse, there was a time that a lot of people started stalking and sending libelous messages via pager. at that point, text messaging was the better alternative. libre pa, at least up until recently...
    then the most popular phone available was the nokia 2110i and it cost a lot of money, 12k i think. so it was an elitist thing. only those who had cash to spare had one. but then, biglang bumaba ang presyo ng cell phones. everyone started getting a globe, super congested na yun network.. and the rest... well, everybody knows the rest.

    personally, i'd still rather have my cellphone than a pager. pagers are one way. at least, pag cell, i have the option to text or call...
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    merong text dito sa usa... yun nga lang, may bayad ang sending & receiving....

  • ...diba pwede nang mag-email ngayon through cell? kaya lang dapat yun latest yun phone mo...
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