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What's your reaction on the deployment of Marine troops in the metropolis?

I haven't posted for some time and I was surprised that there is no topic on this matter.

So what do you guys think about having people in fatigue carrying wartime firearms around malls, airports etc. Does this make you feel safer or scared?


  • Am NOT surprised @ all - but think it's 2 extreme & makes me sympathize w/ kababayans there - if I live there I'd perhaps feel both safe & scared, esp. of trigger happy soldiers - sincerely hope & pray it's not a prelude 2 nthing more drastic.

    Was in Pinas for 28 days last Dec. My son (his 1st visit after 21 yrs away) was aghast 2 c security guards in malls/banks/stores carrying a shotgun, even in a small imported deli store in a mini-mall @ Forbes Park where BPI is also located - is crime so rampant in M-M that store deemed it necessary 2 have such security? - highly unlikely 2 c such a store in LA/US - instead, banks/ 7-11 stores, etc. use surveillance cameras/guards w/ handguns, NOT shotguns. Also, observed the lack/total absence of law enforcement officers on streets/highways - unlike here where they r so visible u must obey traffic regulations or else get a ticket/appear in court.

    BTW - the US marines get deployed 2 other countries that seemed very unstable, while the National Guards (prob'ly equivalent of PNP) keep the peace domestically, like during the LA riots in '91 or '92 (?).
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