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help! something got stuck sa aircon!

ask lang..what if may nahulog sa loob ng aircon ng sasakyan? I wasd trying out ambi-pur car freshener e nung tinanggal ko e nahulog ung plastic na nagco-cover dun sa metal. me mangyayari bang masama dun sa aircon?


  • Hmmm... aircon designs vary from car to car and whatever fell in through the loovers shouldn't get caught in anything vital... my guess is your aircon'll be just fine, but that small piece may cause some noise every now and then... either way, I'd have someone pull the thing out when I get the chance just in case... that's just me though.. :)
  • noel26
    noel26 mooncake
    thanks for the advice! Toyota revo car kasi namin yun e sa akin iniwan ng dad ko. thanks ulit!
  • Mokkori
    Mokkori Moderator
    No prob... that's what we're here for... :)
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