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Road Rage

Any experience?


  • A cat did dash in front of my car before and I hit it squarly with the bumper... cat's must be built really sturdy though cause when I stopped, the thing just kept on running on like nothing happened. :eek:

    There was also this one rainy night when there was a frog in the middle of the road, I was going too fast to stop suddenly, and doing so might cause an even bigger accident so I opted to go over the frog, placing it between the tires so that I don't run over it... it would've been fine except that while my car was going over, the dumb amphibian must've decided to jump... I think it hit my under chassis and was dazed for a bit, but I stopped and saw it hopping away, albiet a bit crookedly... :|

    Whether both animals were lucky not to get run over, I'll never really know. :|

    LOLOLOL! :lol:

  • Oops... my mistake... hehehehehehe... thanks for that! :D

    Wait... what exactly do you mean by Road Rage then? :|
  • I think it means getting angry at the pavement? yuck yuck yuck...
  • An angry motorist blasts his horn, screeches the brakes, curses and flips the finger. Commuters speed, tailgate, change lanes without signalling and run red lights. It’s enough to make you …

    Road rage isn’t new. Psychologists have known for years that people act differently when they’re in their cars. Pedestrians rarely show aggressive behaviour. But put them behind the wheel when they’re running late and traffic is backed up for blocks, and anger can erupt.

    Safety experts say road rage is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s most often triggered by drivers who face increasing time pressures on top of an already stressful lifestyle. The anonymity offered by a car also plays a role.

    Some sociologists and psychologists have found people identify different causes for road rage. Central Michigan University sociology Prof. Nancy Herman found the men and women she surveyed blamed the rage on an “inborn personality trait.”

    On the other hand, University of Hawaii psychology Prof. Leon James calls aggressive driving a learned behaviour. James, the author of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving , says he found some people he surveyed couldn’t recognize when they’re being aggressive.

    Pursuing other cars, yelling at drivers and intentionally cutting off another vehicle were cited as examples of violent driving. Aggressive but less-violent examples included blaring the horn, refusing to allow a driver to pass and speeding.
  • The only time I had road rage is when a car bumped me from behind , but when i stopped to check on what had happened He suddenly took off. Hit and Run. Unluckly for him he got caught in some traffic and when i did get hold of him i smashed his side mirror, Before sanity took over.
  • a lot of our celebrated court cases were caused by road rage. I remember a DLSU & ADMU students getting shot by Mad Maxs.

    So keep your cool and be defensive. :)
  • LudeSER13
    LudeSER13 I'm a Flip
    i don't have road rage, but i just give a finger to those people causing traffics specially the ones that are into an accident. i'm talking about 2-3 lanes blocked by stupid drivers. pisses me off big time!

    road kill... lol
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I admit to bringing my rage to the streets at times, especially when other drivers do the dumbest possible things on the road.

    I'm trying to keep my cool though...I should realize I can't just keep hitting back at every stupid action I see.
  • husky150
    husky150 Sugar Daddy
    I agree with shun_sakurai; everyone has their pet peeves on the road, and mine is slowpokes and roadhogs. I hate hate HATE it when someone drives at 35mph three cars' length behind the vehicle in front of him. I'm not really a speed demon anymore, having figured in two accidents already ( minor lang naman, wala namang nasaktan kundi bulsa ko :glee: ), but I still get furious when I find myself behind some slow-moving roadhog, especially at certain intersections where it takes the traffic light forever to turn green, tapos ang bagal-bagal pa nila umabante, parang nagsi-sightseeing sa Luneta.

    When that happens, I find myself taking the first opportunity to overtake them, making sure to make that harurot sound to show them my displeasure. I also hate vehicles that cut in front of you without warning; when thathappens, I really pound and pound on the horn. But I've never given anyone the finger just yet; like Pao|o said, we just might run into the wrong psycho and end up in the news.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Well said husky150.

    I'm personally guilty of flashing fingers...I ought to reduce those occurrences lest I get shot in the head while driving, without warning. I'm trying my best though :)

    From experience I think it's better to just let your driving do the talking. :)
  • onwils
    onwils Critical Man
    Discourteous drivers pisses me off.

    And pedicabs & kalesas in general.
  • sweet_angel79
    sweet_angel79 Mommy Ni Maiah
    road rage happens to me when I drop my brother at school....

    :hopeless: some drivers DOESNT KNOW HOW TO USE A SIGNAL LIGHT!!!!!

    and cuts.... :galit:
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I agree with you dood! Pedicabs are such offenders! They go against all traffic on a one-way street and don't even give a damn for their safety and others.
  • onwils
    onwils Critical Man
    Originally posted by shun_sakurai
    I agree with you dood! Pedicabs are such offenders! They go against all traffic on a one-way street and don't even give a damn for their safety and others.
    It's all the government's fault. If you take a look at most of the laws enacted, they're pro-poor (electorally-motivated).

    From Joey Lina's stupid squatting law to making drivers liable even for accidents caused by people not properly following road laws. Even the seatbelt law is biased. How many jeepney drivers you using or even having a seatbelt in their vehicle?
  • Buti na lang at wala pa akong road rage father had a lot! Ahehe...:D
  • A few weeks ago I saw a white Pajero owner give the bird to a jeepney driver even if it was the Pajero's owner's fault that he blocked traffic and did not have right of way. Moron.

    Siya yung nagkasala at siya pa yung nagalit
  • i admit that sometimes, i drive fast maski sa streets lang.. im trying not to drive fast but sometimes it just runs in the blood, meaning parang nitro, bigla nalang hahalo sa blood then zoomm... but here's a tip.. listening to hard music like rock or something like that will initiate the mind to let you think to dirve faster.. so listen to soft music or classical if you want to drive slower... although it sucks to other people, it might save lives..

    anyways, i am so pissed off when for example, you are smoothly running,then this ajeep (or maybe sometimes a bus)cuts you then stops to get passengers!!!! ano kala nila? they are the king of the road?? pag nagalit ka naman sa kanila, sasabihin nila " Porket mayayaman kayo ganyan na trato nyo samin!" what does that mean, porket jeepney driver ka pwde ka na mambastos ng private cars??? they dont think or maybe, they are just not using their heads. dapat itabi nila.. wag sa gitna!!!

    another thing.. the stupid law that when you hit someone, whether you are in the right of way or not, ikaw pa rin yun may kasalanan.. how stupid can this laws get? what if talagang sha yun may mali? not like in hong kong, when you hit someone and you are in the right of way, wala kang kasalanan. in conclusion desciplined tumawid mga tao don... i think i only see this in the philippines where sa super hi-ways may tumatawid na tao... and running in the shoulder lane like another lane in the highway...
  • onwils
    onwils Critical Man
    Originally posted by blu3tooth
    not like in hong kong, when you hit someone and you are in the right of way, wala kang kasalanan. in conclusion desciplined tumawid mga tao don...
    Not really. A lot of people still cross the street even when it's still not the pedestrian's turn. But anyways, at least when you hit someone there, it's not your fault.
  • Mokkori
    Mokkori Moderator
    Yeah, Hongkong pedestrians aren't as disciplined as one might think. They wantonly cross streets just as carelessly as they do here, except that there, they wouldn't play chicken with a car coming down 100 kph on the highway. :D

    If you really want disciplined pedestrians, go to Tokyo. There was this one time when I was waiting for a pedestrian light to turn green. I was waiting with about 15 people at around 11 in the evening, the street wasn't even that wide, just enough for a single car to pass through, there wasn't a car in sight, and there weren't any cops around either... but everyone still waited a good minute for the light to turn green before crossing... now that's discipline on a high! :eek:
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