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FPJ's Resume'

Darius03Darius03 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
FPJ Resume

Fernando Poe, Jr


-I almost finished 2nd Year High School.




- My first job was a token messenger in a film exchange office.
- My first movie was Anak ni Palaris in 1950, then some 200
movies after that.
- For 50 years, I have been working in movies.

- My movies made a lot of money.
- I received mostly movie awards.

• All my records were burned during WWII



  • Ito sagot ni da king....

  • Even Poe's not stupid enough to ask people to consider his experience.
  • consider his honesty na lang daw. like paying 10K for annual tax.
  • wow, ganda nmn pla nang resume nya eh... malinis na malinis talaga... :rotflmao:

  • CrusherCrusher PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by InspectorTrue
    Even Poe's not stupid enough to ask people to consider his experience.

    If he do not ask people to consider his experience, will that make him stupid enough?
  • What a resume! Ang linis nga!
  • parang pang houseboy ang inaapplyan ni FPJ ah!:D
  • JeffreywJeffreyw PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Inexperience is not a downside. I got accepted in a "big" web design firm without much experience.

    But i will still not vote for FPJ. I'm for Eddie V.
  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Originally posted by Darius03

    Teka bakit walang nakalagay dito?

    Pagdating sa pagpapatupad ng batas, mahusay si Fernando Poe Jr. sa dami ng mga pelikula na kung saan ay gumanap siya bilang alagad ng batas tulad ng "Eseng ng Tondo" at "Kapag Puno Na Ang Salop" (Part One and Part Two) at marami pang iba tapos ginampanan pa niya ang talambuhay ng dating hepe ng National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) sa "The Epimaco Velasco Story".

    At sa larangan ng karanasan sa militar, marami ng napatay na sundalong Hapon si FPJ lalo na noong uso ang mga pelikula na hango sa mga kaganapan noong Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig noong nagsisimula siya gumanap sa mga pelikula noong dekada '50. :rolleyes:
  • Bakit di inilagay sa accomplishment iyong anak nya kay Anna Marin?
  • Nako, dangerous yang marami siyang pinatay na Hapon! Baka i-withdraw ng Japanese gov't ang financial aid sa Pinas! Har Har
  • Nakadagdag naman kaya ng boto para kay The Do?a\, at nakabawas ng boto kay FPJ ang mga usapang barberong tulad nito?

    Nilalangaw ang mga miting ng The Do?a kumpara sa miting ni FPJ. Nag-a-acting ng lang ang The Do?a sa kanyang just-for-show election campaign. Paano nga naman siya ide-declare ng Comelec na winner kung hindi siya nakitang nag-campaign.

    Nahihirapan ang mga paid media na mag-create ng illusion na popular and love by the people ang The Do?a. Kahit sa internet nahihirapan ang mga Malaca?ang propagandist na mag-create ng illusion na popular at gusto ng mga tao ang The Do?a. Mahihirapan ang Comelec na dayain ang resulta ng election.

    She's doomed, unless she;

    1. declare martial law to stop the election.

    2. create civil disturbance and declare martial law.

    3. assassinate FPJ and then declare martial law.

    Nasa character ng The Do?a ang capabilities and willingness to do one or all of the those things just to remain in power. She's that evil.
  • Binale-wala si Panday ng magdaan ang campaign tour niya sa hometown ni Roco. pati 'yong mga "sticker" at kung anu-ano pang ipinamimigauy ng mga alalayni FPJ ay ibinabatong pabalik ng mga magilan-ngilang "onlookers". Me matatalino pa ring masa.

    For once, FPJ charm fails KNP campaign

    TODAY Reporter

    LEGAZPI CITY - The crowd-drawing power of movie actor Fernando Poe Jr. did not fully work here -- the “turf” of rival candidate Raul Roco -- as residents of this city and the adjoining towns shied away from his campaign.

    Not even the presence of Bicolano senatorial candidates Francisco Tatad, Salvador Escudero and Boots Anson Roa in Poe’s slate did not help him get the warm reception that he consistently got in his previous sorties.

    Poe’s friends in the movie industry -- comedian Dolphy, Eddie Gutierrez and Bicolano Eddie Garcia -- even joined his motorcade from this city up north to Santo Domingo, Bacacay, Malilipot and Tabaco City.

    One resident said the lukewarm reception that his province mates accorded to the campaigning KNP candidates proved that Poe’s popularity and charisma do not work here.

    College student Elenita Aragon, 19, said: “We still love our own,” referring to Alyansa ng Pag-asa presidential candidate Raul Roco.

    In broken lines, people took to the streets from this town to Tabaco City, but it appeared that they got out of their homes only to get a glimpse of the actor and the members of his party.

    There were those who waved and even cheered, but they were few and far between. One woman in Santo Domingo, upon seeing the passing vehicle of Jinggoy Estrada, even flashed a thumbs-down sign.

    Another man also hurled back at Estrada’s party the stickers that were thrown to him.

    Poe and the Koalisyon ng Nagkakaisang Pilipino candidates have been wildly cheered and even mobbed by residents in every place and province that they have visited since the start of the campaign, until they came to their sorrow here.
  • The last time he was asked about his platform, he said he didn't want to pre-empt the election campaign or something to that effect.

    It is now campaign time and still I've neither seen hide nor hair of his platform. I'm sure he's sincere, but wasn't Cory also sincere. Look at what her sincerity brought the Philippines. Economic gloom borne out of her lack of planning or a real platform other than the "Tamano, Sobra na, Palitan na" slogan.

    All the voters want to know is his platform. If he does have one and can back it up with a sound strategy then I guess all this ranting and raving about his educational level and all will cease to exist as an issue.
  • Sa kumpanya niyo ba tatanggapin si FPJ pag nag apply? Anong posisyon?
  • sa mga nanglalait kay FPJ, did you even ask yourself if you can accomplish half of what FPJ have accomplished in your lifetime?

    this guy without any solid family foundation let alone higher education did something to himself that you guys will not even consider doing it in your lifetime, which is being successful in his chosen career.

    madali lang sabihin ang ***** at mas *****, pero sa ipinakitang pursigi at kasipagan and making a right decision at the right time, is why FPJ is where he standing at this moment.

    if i will going to vote, i will not going to vote for FPJ but I will not call him ***** o mas *****. i will give a respect where the respect is due. by doing so i feel that i gain some self respect of my own.
  • Si FPJ kasi pinanganak nang matangkad, guapo at artistahin. Yun lang naman ang asset ng mga artista eh, ang mga pisikal nilang anyo. Pero sa pagpapatakbo ng bansa bale-wala ang mga qualities na nagpapa-asenso sa artista. Utak ang kailangan dun at di sapat ang kay FPJ para dun.

    Kung ako arkitekto, tatanungin ko si FPJ kung kaya niya bang maacomplish na mag disenyo ng mga edipisyo at bahay, kaya niya kaya? Kanya kanya namang accomlishment yan eh. Yung na-acomplish ng mga artista bale wala yun. No brainer job ang pagiging artista sa Pilipinas.
  • I it so alarming to observe that we the Filipinos still focusing our attention to candidates pesonality not what kind of agenda he is bringing on the table.

    I will admit na i did not open most of the anti FPJ thread but it seems that they all the same. It is all about personality issues.

    Why not attack FPJ on his stance on abortion or divorce. How about his agenda on urban development, or his strategy on how he will tackle life long problem of agrarian reform. What is his take on territorial dispute in Spratly Islands or how he will address the issues of separatist movement in mindanao. those are good issues to debate. how about our aging military systems. how about the 10 years versus 12 years primary and secondary educational system in the philippines. these issues are a lot lot better to talk about than his job resume and his extramarital affair(s).
  • Nasan ang plataporma ni FPJ? At kung meron man silang gawa-gawa at scripted, eh paano niya yun mae-execute kung wala siyang alam? Kaya kailangan din pagtuunan ng pansin ang nalalaman ng kandidato.
  • huwag kayong mag-alala. di naman si poe ang mamamahala e. sina erap, angara, enrile, sotto, tatad at iba pang oportunistat' trapo ang bahala diyan. happy days are here again.

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