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US slams Mid-East on human rights


The US State dept report whilst ondemning Israel, specifies how many Israelis the Palestinians killed but not how many Pleastinians were killed by the Israelis.

It is also hypocritical as mentioned in the last paragraph.



US 'to change land-mine policy

but unlike 150 other countries will not sign up to the International Anti Land-Mine Treaty.

Strange that there are so many treaties which the US push for and then won't sign themselves.


  • Presumably the activists believe a government ought to be granted a "right" before it can "rightfully" publish a useful report on human-rights around the world. Presumably they were thinking of great beings like themselves to grant these things. But of course.

    The US is unwilling to give up the use of land mines since these have proven to be an effective deterrent against a North Korean invasion for fifty (50) years. It goes without saying that the North Koreans are not willing to give their stuff up, either. Possibly due to the fact that they have no peace treaty with their much-much wealthier neighbors, and have an army perpetually ready to invade them. It's a wonder that showbiz people in Hollywood can grasp the basic situation, as evidenced by the recent Bond movie showcasing the over-mined 38th parallel. OTOH, it may be too much to expect others to catch on to something which both mighty movie producers and lowly South Korean privates already know.

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