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Eye Laser

Hi docs! I'm thinking of having my eyes lasered in order to correct my vision. I have a few questions:
-ok na ba magpa-laser ng mata pag -2.25 (225 nearsighted) ang grado ng mata?
-how much would it cost for both eyes?
-would you know of specific opthalmologists who are competent talaga?
-permanent ba effects nito? like after 5 years, babalik ba to -2.25 yung grado ng mata ko?
Thanks in advance! :)


  • How old are you? Is your grade stable for at least 1 year, meaning it hasn't changed during this time?

    As far as I know, refractive surgeons have packages ranging from 50k-75k for both eyes. Price difference depends on the machine and the surgeon (his reputation & expertise).

    The following surgeons are well known refractive surgeons:
    - American Eye Center - Dr. Jack Arroyo, Dr. Alnette Tan
    - Makati Eye Laser Center - Dr. Jimmy Dinglasan
    - St. Luke's - Dr. Ruben Limbonsiong, Dr. Jerome Sarmiento

    Of course, there are other ophthalmologists capable of doing such a procedure but these are among the most well known ones.

    It's also available in UST and Eye Referral Center.

    Before you have it done, you will undergo a series of screening procedures to determine if you are a good candidate.

    Re: permanency - This is actually dependent on whether your grade is stable or not. If it hasn't changed in several years, chances are you're going to retain the grade, or at least there would be little noticeable change.

    Caveat: When you get to be in the presbyopic age (40 or above), you will still need your reading glasses, like any other person with 20/20 vision. This is because reading difficulties operate on a different mechanism from far vision difficulties, which we are correcting with the laser. Sometimes, refractive surgeons may opt to leave a little myopic grade to offset the presbyopia a bit. Of course, this decision would depend upon the doctor's preference, the patient's preference and the patient's age.

    As with all surgical procedures, there is NO guarantee of absolute success.

    I suggest that you speak to the doctor you choose about the pros, the cons, and the choices. :)
  • Thanks a lot for the reply eyedoc! I'm 21 years old. My grade has been stable for around 3 years now. I'm still a student but my mom said that if the surgery is safe and effective, she'd be willing to pay for it. Is Dr. Noel Chua of St. Luke's a reputable eye surgeon? He was my grandfather's eye doctor when he was still alive.

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