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virus daw sa wind?

hello doc ira, eyedoc. my friend has been suffering from a certain virus from the wind daw nung nagpaconsult sya sa doctor. but it has been more than a month and it has gotten worse.

last month, it started out as parang small insect like bites on his back, then sa legs and arms then his face. its very itchy daw. he shares a bed with his sister, and hindi naman nahawa yung sister nya. but 3 of his officemates developed the same insect like bites na rin after a few days.

as of now, the insect like bites have become bigger, as in the size of 5 peso coins, and it has pus already. my friend isnt allergic to any food type naman. the itchyness is still there. he is now taking antibiotics the doctor consulted, but if its a viral disease...may magagawa ba yung antibiotics?

pls help us. thanks so much for taking time to read this.


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's probably not a viral disease. It might be a form of alergy. As for pus, I suspect your friend is scratching the rashes, which caused a secondary bacterial infection. If your friend is seeing the same doctor as the one who initially diagnosed it as "viral disease", have him get a second opinion with a board-certified dermatologist.
  • thanks so much doc ira :)

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