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bad aircon smell

hi guys how do u remove the smelly aircon smell? kapag bagong start yung car mabaho how do u remove this smell? my car btw is just 3 months old barely 5,000 just 4,000 on d odometer


  • It shouldn't be like that... you should take it back to the dealer and have them take a look... :|
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    It only comes out when the car is started in the morning? Check first if the vent is on "Recirculate" or "vent" mode... When a car is newly started in the morning, the engine runs richer so the gas smell is usually stronger, it could be getting in...

    Other then that, have your dealer check it... :) Maybe a mickey mouse set-up shop inside your car (happens when the car is always parked in a garage foir long periods of time :)).
  • malou_ang2
    malou_ang2 Banned by Admin
    i suspect that a mickeymouse set up shop too shucks!! how did it get in there? are there any ways i can DIY it and check it out?
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    The only way to fix that would be to have an A/C shop or the casa check it out... esp since it still new and under warranty.
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