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The VAGINA... docs please read! !

hi! My name's not really Wendy, It's just a code anyway, I don't know any other way on how to ask this (I never thought of asking my friends about it!)

I'm 26 yrs. old and am a photographer. Last week, my friend had a bachelorette's party and before this male stripper arrived, we watched *****. It wasn't the first time I watched ***** though. When I arrived home, I was so drunk and still thinking of what I've watched that I played with myself (this isn't a I'm-just-horny kind of post, believe me there's a SERIOUS question to this). I inserted my index and middle finger to my vagina and I didn't bleed. I just wanted to know how it feels. I am still a virgin (at 26, would you believe?!) After that, I took a bath and went to sleep. I forgot about it already.

But yesterday morning, I remembered it again. and I tried looking at my vagina in the bathroom.

Now, here is my question ( I hope a doctor or anyone who knows something about this can aswer me. PLEASE!)

Can you be devirginized by simply inserting your two fingers inside your vagina?

PLEASE ANSWER, anyone... :(


  • To me, the issue of a girl's virginity or being de-virginized is more than just having something stuffed into your vagina. It means the very 1st time a woman engages in heterosexual intercourse. Although with the complexities of human sexuality today, I'd like to ask also when do lesbians lose their virginity? Does homosexual intercourse to this regard mean they are labelled virgins for life unless they engage in straight sex?

    So you are still a virgin technically but your hymen may be torn or lost in the process of your self-satisfaction.

    In the same way, athletic women who tear their hymens as a result of vigorous sport activities are still virgins unless they actrually did it.

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