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Traffic Violations, anyone?

Just this morning, nahuli ako. Reckless driving. Tsk. It's my first traffic violation ticket. SH|T talaga.

Kayo ano-ano na mga traffic violations nyo? Let's talk about it...


  • kat
    kat GHeTTo bOOty
    over-speeding...the first time a cop had me pull over but i got away with it. :D
    thank goodness or else it's Fn $380

  • swerving. can't handle it kaya nagtyaga na lang ako na hintayin at tubusin license ko. hehehe....:lol:
  • husky150
    husky150 Sugar Daddy
    Magkano tubos mo, Scorched_Earth? And how did they define "reckless driving"? My first-ever traffic offense was swerving - cost me P300 , too.
  • beating the red light 1
    This big truck blocked my view of the traffic light. cop didn't buy it though, can't blame him. Fixed it the legal way.

    beating the red light 2
    Stupid me, couldn't find the traffic lights somewhere at ssh. forgot where exactly. Binayaran ko na lang

    beating the red light 3
    "No right turn on red signal" type near DLSU. No excuse here :D Binayaran uli

    I think I learned my lesson after that :) Kaya obey traffic rules na lang or else you just might end up here:

    ...or prison...

    ... oh, and there's the morgue too :~(
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    So far I got tickets for reckless driving (admittedly my fault), color-coding (ignorance of the 10am-3pm exception) and overspeeding on the Skyway at 116 km/h.

    Guys I want to warn you that cops are HOT on Skyway speeders nowadays. Inch beyond 100 and you're screwed. Your license goes to the LTO QC office.
  • Peanuts
    Peanuts by Charles M. Schultz
    Medyo mas naging visible ang mga pulis lately ah.. maybe coz of the campaign period.... daming nahuhuli sa road
  • husky150
    husky150 Sugar Daddy
    Totoo yan, Peanuts. Just a couple of weeks ago a patrol car pulled me over at 4 am ( kagagaling ko pa naman sa gimik). I was surprised because I am a very diligent driver especially if I know I've had a few drinks, and I didn't remember driving through any red lights nor speeding. Turns out, it was a spot check of sorts, and they wanted to check if my truck had a wang-wang :grrr:

    Then just a couple of nights ago, shucks meron na namang dalawang checkpoint on my way to Greenhills. Buti na lang di nila ako napagdiskitahan nung gabing yun / I really hate getting pulled over by the cops - especially if it's an arbitrary inspection.
  • So far I haven't had any traffic violations... Haaayy... :D

    Anyway, I want to know, scroched_earth: how were you RECKLESS DRIVING exactly? Please tell me, or us here, for that matter so that we may better watch out next time... You know... :D Anyway, I think I won't get pulled up just yet, my car's got some special devices na takot ang pulis... lol...

    Just to be on the safe side. Thanks! :)
  • 1st huli ko turning right on a red signal, lagay 100
    2nd walang rehistro, binola nalang yung pulis tapos sabay bgay ng 150 na tig pipiso pa ata and 5 pesos yung 50 para to show na wala tlga akong dala..
    3rd no seatbelt tapos pag tingin sa lisensya expired na pala hehe.. 300 lagay ulet
    4th d pa den ako natuto, walang sticker sa plate so meaning walang rehistro plus! d pa den ako nag renew ng lisensya hehe tubos 900, buti may naglakad sa mmda hehe..

    after nun tinatakbuhan ko nalang yung mga pulis and mmda.. siguro 1 1/2 yrs after nung last na huli ko tsaka ko napa renew lisensya ko hehe.. kakatamad kasi b4..
  • Ice Burn
    Ice Burn Conflicting Karma
    zalvaje: tsk,'s people like you who give pinoys bad reputations on the road...Don't wait for an accident to learn your lesson.

    And for the rest of you. Traffic rules are meant to prevent accidents. It's not going to do any good to circumvent the law. Better be a law abiding citizen than to wait for a mishap caused by the sheer stupidity and recklessness of not following traffic rules.

    I'm glad that based from a couple of people I know who have been caught for traffic violations, some MMDA personnel are adamant in not accepting grease money anymore. At least it shows that enforcement is finally taking root in a corrupt system.
  • ice burn: sure.. thanks for the advice..

    good for those MMDA personnel who does not accept "lagay" but still majority do accept, dapat kasi pag manghuli sila ticket na agad wala ng chitchat if violation tlga... just recently my friend was caught for beating the red light, the officer came over the car and asked for the license, then explains the violation, sobrang haba na tingin ko d na kelangan, the odd part was wala syang dalang ticket booklet.. sabi nalang namin ticketan na, kasi kala namin beating the red light lang, biglang sabi reckless driving daw, tinanong namin baket reckless eh beating the red light lang naman nagawa namin, keso ang beating the red light daw dapat prumeno ka tapos lumagpas "???" tapos biglang sabi na papaseminar pa daw kasi daw daming tanong... so yun in the end lagay pa den ang kelangan lang..

    and also baket kelangan pang sabihin ng mga pulis and mmda na "o pano titicketan na kita?" sa mga violations ko eto laging banat eh..

    anyway bottomline, pag huli ticket nalang agad.. para iwas lagay..
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Enforcement is still an on-today off-tomorrow thing with certain offenses...

    Until I got a speeding ticket on the Skyway this month, I was so used to seeing so many cars hurtle down the elevated highway at speeds certainly greater than the limit (100 km/h).

    Oh well...
  • In all honesty, I think the system itself is flawed... this is just about the only country I know where your license is confistcated for minor altercations... in the US and other European countries, the ticket is issued and your license stamped instead... methinks that the mentality here for making lagay is to just avoid the inconvenience of having to march down to the usually overcrowded LTO offices rather than paying the fine.

    The drivers license is the considered by most as a valid ID and is used in day to day activities and transactions. Confiscating it isn't becoming a deterent to would-be law breakers but it's rather becoming an incentive to offenders to bribe MMDA officers just to avoid the interuption in their daily lives.

    I'm not condoning the traffic offenders, but I think that there'll be much less bribing if the confiscation system was lifted and fine payments were made in a more efficient manner.

    Just my 2 cents... :|
  • clawed_out
    clawed_out Banned by Admin
    i guess im considered a reckless driver infront of my friends & family. i dont know, but i guess i have a good sense of driving kasi i've never been pulled over.

    not even an accident that i caused. (hahah what a term- kasi sila ang nangbababangga sa akin eh kaya ako ang nasa offense)
  • crossing under a flyover. crap, cost me 300 bucks :p
  • jopert
    jopert Don't work hard, Work smart
    damn! i got my first tvr yesterday!

    ive been passing through the susana heights exit for 2 years now and the traffic enforcers never flagged down color coding violators simply because it was the laguna-muntinlupa boundary and besides traffic was light all day..

    but yesterday around 10 cars were parked on the side of the road waiting for their tickets! all of them color coding violations! and what do you know.. i was also color coding!!!

    bakit ngayon lang sila nang huli?! isnt that kinda unfair because they've never flagged down color coding violators before and now they do this?!

    damn check points are not doing what they're suppose to be doing and that is get the criminals! not color coding violators! argh!
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I'm all for the demerit system used in other countries.

    It took me 4 hours to get my license back today, including the 1-1/2 hour seminar (which I don't really mind taking). The process is okay enough, but I hate the waiting in the heat. It's a huge hassle for people to get sidetracked just because of a confiscated driver's license.
  • Traffice Violations:

    1st tym:

    Swerving - got caught

    fine: 250php

    2nd tym:

    No U-turn
    tinakbuhan yung mga Mapsa
    sumalubong sa 1 way

    fine: 2500php (ouch!)
  • Scorched_Earth
    Scorched_Earth The heat is on!
    husky150, `ryderchiq -- reckless driving because I deliberately drove through an intersection even if I already stopped for the red light.

    Kainis kasi maraming mga pedicab and people crossing the street nung green light pa... then after I beeped them away, red light na... Oh well.

    Paid P500 to redeem the license. :(
  • gotcha2
    gotcha2 You dont have to believe me
    speeding on a 25mph limit. I didn't notice that I was doing 45mph.
    Supposed to cost 95 bucks but since its over the 15 miles, naging 120 bucks plus 4 hrs schooling. :grrr:
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