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liposuction? lipodissolve?

ang dami dami na kasing mga sikat na doctor.. iba naman they let you take slimming pills.. like mendez.. sino ba tlga ung pinaka maok?

tingin niyo? post niyo naman o.. and sa mga naka try na! thanks!!

and mga how much kaya?


  • Last I heard, liposuction would cost you around P45K per area. Areas would be upper abdominals, lower abdominals, back, arms (each arm counts as one area), thighs (also x2), hips.

    They say Vicky Belo is good although she's not a real doctor. She only attended courses on dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

    Lipodissolve they say is cheaper. Around P3K per vial, depending on the amount of fat you want removed. It's also non-invasive because it involves injecting the contents of the vial into your skin. The fat then becomes dissolved and is ejected from the body together with your urine. The results take longer to show though.

    If I had a choice, I would probably go with lipodissolve.
  • tlga? as in.. 3k.. mawawala na yung fats? hehehe.. shucks.. hehehe! i'm interested!!
  • bishopbishop PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

  • lipodissolve... sounds interesting... san pede mag-inquire about this?
  • Originally posted by tostitos
    tlga? as in.. 3k.. mawawala na yung fats? hehehe.. shucks.. hehehe! i'm interested!!

    The 3K is per vial. There is no way you'll use just one vial. The number of vials you need to use will depend on how much fat you want removed.
  • Originally posted by petite63
    lipodissolve... sounds interesting... san pede mag-inquire about this?

    Vicky Belo performs this procedure. I believe it's what Katya Santos had.
  • aahh.. ok ok!

    nakatry ka na ba?
  • Who here has tried lipodissolve?
  • Originally posted by tostitos
    aahh.. ok ok!

    nakatry ka na ba?

    Naaaah! I'm too chicken to try it :) A dermatologist friend said he doesn't recommend lipodissolve at all. One of the biggest hassles of having this done is the fact that the fat is excreted through either your urine or bowel. In some cases, women who have had lipodissolve have to wear maxi sanitary pads for months. It's just like taking Xenecal, accdg to him.
  • ahh odi parang xenical? dba ganon sabi ng mga tao? hehehe...
  • can ya use lipodissolve on the face, though? :D
  • gotcha2gotcha2 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    can anybody post here the makati address and phone number of Vicky Belo. A friend of mine is going home next week and she wants to visit her clinic. Thanks much. :)
  • a doc frm belo medical clinic told me that lipodissolve is not really that effective sa mga overweight ng more than 10 lbs. mas effective parin dw ung liposuction. mas effective daw ung lipodissolve sa mga eyebags, chin and any parts of our body na konting fats lang ang nakastore. sayang lang daw ang money mo dun.
  • nag- inquire yung tita ko sa cosmetiderm kay dr. calayan i think... he said bumabakik daw ung fats sa lipodissolve... and mas ok daw magpaliposuction... i think she said 7,500 per area daw yun eh. meaning 7500 per arm or upper or lower abs. sa liposuction naman, mas mura kung madaming areas at once para masulit ung anesthesia. 15,000 yun eh. i think yung sinabi sa kanya 45,000. pero she was only concerned with her arms kaya yun lang yun. i can't remember the breakdown na eh :) hope this helps! :*)
  • how about lipodissolve on the face as opposed to facial liposuction or buccal fat extraction? :)
  • i had liposuction on my arms and legs. not painful! liposuc is way cheaper than dissolve coz you'll be using a lot of vials and you have to do that for how many days as compared to liposuc wherein its one time big time. arms and legs cost me 50k. sulit naman. you wont feel a thing. i went to belo.
  • bishopbishop PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    liposuction is better because the fat gets flushed out... you're sure that it gets out of your system...

    sa lipodissolve, di mo alam if lalabas sa system mo...
  • price is Php 25k per area
  • catya: wow.. pano kung arms lang? oks ba tlga?
  • according to what i've read, lipodissolve is good for parts of the body with small amounts of fat such as the cheeks, neck, etc. after the procedure, the patient would experience bruising just like liposuction. just because it's non-invasive, doesn't mean that its painless...
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