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Honda Civic 2.0 i-VTEC

Heads up guys.

HCPI will be formally launching this week the Civic two-liter, twin cam, i-VTEC, which is already available in Thailand. HCPI's website already has the technical specifications of the new Civic variant.

Nope, it's not a hatchback with an Si or Type R badge, but I think having a factory-produced, two-liter Civic sedan will make a nice platform for modifications.

The Honda sales people have no firm indication yet of the price but it'll likely fall a shade below the CRV 4x2, or around the PhP900k plus range.

I was set on getting the Accord VTI-L less that a week ago but when I heard about the new Civic, I'm putting off buying until I see the new Civic this Tuesday night.


  • talipandas9
    talipandas9 Bigaon ever...
    Yes, I've read about this hot Civic that promises to be even hotter than the SiR. With a horsepower rating of 155 PS, I think it will be a screamer.

    I wonder though if it will come with a manual or an automatic (or even a semi-automatic transmission like the INVECS offered by Mitsubishi). If Honda prices it well - for me, P900 k will make it a screaming bargain, Honda has a winner to topple the Altis.

    I'll take mine in a sedate color though - passion orange is too much for me.
  • i heard it'll come with an auto... which is bad because the only reason someone will buy a 2.0 litre civic is to go fast!!! and its not very fun when ur using an auto
  • Sounds great... heard rumors about it but was never quite sure... I usually like Honda but I'll reserve judgement for when I see the specs and the price tag... :)
  • Originally posted by kyle618
    i heard it'll come with an auto... which is bad because the only reason someone will buy a 2.0 litre civic is to go fast!!! and its not very fun when ur using an auto
    Yup, the new Civic will initially have an auto tranny. As for available colors, I agree with talipandas9, I'll prefer mine with red or white...and definitely not sunburst yellow.:D
  • 2.0...ibig sabihin ba nito mas malakas kumunsumo ng gasolina?

    parang SIR kaya lang hinde DOHC...tama ba ako???
  • Someone mentioned that it had 2 cams so it should be DOHC... :)
  • Tifosi
    Tifosi 7 Zeit F1 Weltmeister
    I think this is the same 2-liter variant that came out in Thailand. Tinest na daw nila to over the weekend sa Subic. And yes it'll come out at around P900K:eek:
  • 900k only with a dohc engine? daming bibili nya!
  • Hmmm... 2liter Civic :cool:

    Was it intended to compete with the 1.8li Altis in the market? Or
    the 2liter RS Lynx?
  • Twin Cams with 2L displacement and i-VTEC... I wonder if this engine is a detuned version of the Civic Type R's EP5... which borders on the 200bhp mark. :|
  • Just got back from the formal launch. The base price is PhP900,000, with options for leather trim (black perforated seats and panels) and special body color. If you add comprehensive insurance, rustproofing and registration, the total price ranges from around PhP955,000 to PhP1,020,000. Color choices are white (special color), red, silver and black.

    Once you pop the hood, it's all engine (puro makina!). Too bad the manual tranny isn't available yet. For now, I'll take the VTI-L, being the practical me.

    I'll just wait for the manual tranny option. :yum:
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    not a good sign that Prelude will come back.. :(
  • Accord na lang...
  • Just went to Honda and checked out the new Civic 2.0 i-VTEC... looks up front are slightly different, particularly with the headlights... looked under the hood and it's definitely a DOHC engine sitting under that bonnet. Honda's quoted it at 155ps but that's probably at the crank shaft... it'll probably run at around 120+ at the wheels.

    All models are currently AT, with ABS and SRS Airbags. Apparently they're not sure if a MT is on the way but I think that they'll release one soon enough... not much point in bringing out this suped up version if they don't at least cater a bit to the speed fans.

    The whole deal comes down to around 900K up to 950K depending on the options you get. Since ATs tend to be slightly heavier than MTs, we can probably expect any MT version to come to about under 900K and with better power to weight ratios... just my two cents though. :)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Hows the torque rating? This usually has been an achilles heel of Honda engines.
  • Originally posted by slamm
    Hows the torque rating? This usually has been an achilles heel of Honda engines.

    from what i read it has a maximum power of 155 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and torque range of 18.0 kg m at 5,000 rpm.

    here's what i like and i find it nice... an MP3/Windows Media Audio-capable 2-din stereo system.

    and its a dohc engine, kita ko na this morning sa paper.

    i love this car! kung may pera lang...bibili ako kagad cash! hehehe...:lol:
  • Originally posted by slamm
    Hows the torque rating? This usually has been an achilles heel of Honda engines.

    True... Toyota's seem to have better torque ratings than Honda's. Haven't seen the spec sheet for the new Civic save for the power rating so I dunno what the torque rating is but I'm sure it'll be decent at the very least. :)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    That's a "K20A" engine lurking under the 2.0L Civic's hood, fellows. The exact same lump you'll find in a CR-V and an Accord, with the exact same power/torque figures. That means all the cars I just mentioned are DOHC as well.

    Methinks this K20-ed Civic is more of an Altis 1.8-beater. Has to be. The soft suspension of current ES Civics can't hold a candle to the stiff double-wishbones of the once-almighty EK4 Civic SiR. Unless HCPI firms up the suspension, I say it won't be able to live with a Lynx RS in the twisties.

    Expect a bigger fuel bill. Local K20s are known to be thirsty by Pinoy standards.

    BTW the old Civic SiR also made 120-125 HP at the wheels, despite having 160 HP at the crank. Wheel HP output will vary depending on the location of testing.
  • palin
    palin glorifiedprogramer
    So at the end of the day does it mean that it will have to take a Honda Civic Type-R or a 2004/5 SiR to beat the Lynx RS?
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Referring to local cars, I'd think it's more appropriate to pair the Lynx RS with the old EK4 Civic SiR as its competitor (as there isn't a proper Civic SiR successor made anymore). Both have stiff chassis and big power, so they'd be pretty evenly matched at a circuit or drag strip.

    Both Civic Type Rs---the original EK9 (1997-2000) and EP3 (2001-present) have a good shot at beating the Lynx RS---on paper at least. The EK9 made 182 bhp; the current EP3 makes anywhere from 197-215 bhp depending on where you go.

    Like Slamm said however, generating big torque at low RPM has always been a Honda weakness. Typically it'll take lots of effort (i.e. RPM and gasoline) to extract max power out of most Honda engines. The Ford would have an advantage here because it develops its power at lower RPM, making it more flexible.

    ES-series CIVIC 2.0 i-VTEC (2004)
    ENGINE: model K20A, 1998cc
    MAX POWER: 155 bhp
    CURB WEIGHT: 1515 kg.
    P/W ratio: 102.3 bhp/ton

    ENGINE: ~1998cc
    MAX POWER: 142 bhp
    CURB WEIGHT: 1235 kg
    P/W ratio: 114.98 bhp/ton

    Power-to-weight ratio is a good indicator of how a car will potentially perform. More power mated to less weight usually makes for a faster, more agile car. With regard to P/W ratio the Lynx RS wins. The Civic has to contend with the weight penalty of its 5-speed slushbox.
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