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scooter newbie

hi. i'm planning to buy a scooter and have a few questions:

1. what's the difference between 2 and 4-stroke engines? found a 2-stroke 125cc scooter for the same price as a 4-stroke 70cc scoot. will i be better off w/ the 4-stroke eventhough it's only 70cc?

2. what roads are scooters prohibited on? is there a minimum for going on edsa (ex. 70cc)?

3. what's the required safety gear for riding scooters on roads? are helmets enough or do i have to wear those special jackets bikers use?

hope you guys can enlighten me.



  • 1. I'm not much into bikes, from what I know... without getting into the technical detials, 2-stroke engines are usually more polutant and rough, but tend to have better response and power, while 4-stroke engines (which is the type of engine that modern cars use), are cleaner and smoother, but has slightly less response and power. The 125cc 2-stroker sounds a bit speedier to me than the 4-stroker, but the 4 stroker might have better fuel economy. It'll really depend on what you want out of your scooter really.

    Also, how fast your scooter goes will depend on how big and heavy it is... if the 125cc 2-stroker is on a big and heavy bike while the 4-stroker is on a light body, then they may just wind up being equal in overall performance... :|

    2. Highways are generally a no-no for bikes... I think the minimum size is a 500cc... I could be wrong though, could be 250cc, but I think it's safe to say that you shouldn't take anything less than 100cc out on a highway.

    3. Helmet is just about the only thing that's required by law... no need for a jacket but do stay clothed at least. ;)
  • shun_sakurai
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    1. Two-stroke engines are simpler in design and more powerful, but burn their air-fuel mix less efficiently and less completely than a comparable four-stroke engine---ergo worse emissions. The hallmark of a two-stroke engine is white exhaust smoke, I believe.

    Personally I'd get a four-stroke. Just my "green" conscience speaking. Besides, I already use a four-stroke engine everyday. ;)

    2. I'm not sure about EDSA, but if you plan on taking your scooter to the South Luzon Expressway, you'd better reconsider. Minimum engine size on that highway is 400cc, although Pinoys being Pinoys, I've seen a handful of "proper" but small-engined motorbikes (say, 125-150cc) running about there. Better assume that the 400cc rule includes EDSA as well.

    3. A good helmet will do. It seems an open-face helmet will be okay.
  • eligoy
    eligoy futbol fanatic
    thanks, guys. was thinking of getting the 4-stroke scooter (70cc).

    from what i know the minimum on highways is 400cc but i'm not planning on riding my scoot there. was hoping i could use it on edsa but i guess it's better to be safe than sorry. oh well. :hopeless:

    sigh. :sad:
  • you can also check out
  • what's the best scooter in the market right now???

    sym??? kymco???

    suggestions please...
  • Vespa!
  • eligoy
    eligoy futbol fanatic
    was thinking of getting a vespa but the price is outrageous, even for 2nd hand bikes. besides, i'd rather not be mistaken for a yellow cab delivery guy. :)

    am planning on getting a sym but for some reason i can't find a shop that sells it. i see a lot on the road (i like the ones with 2 round backlights) but don't know where to get one.

    any of you know any sym dealers or shops that sell sym scooters in QC?
  • how about Motortrade?

    do they sell sym scooters??? eto lang alam ko na bilihan eh. hehehe...:)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    EDSA is basically a highway kasi eh...I was thinking the 400cc rule would also hold there.

    Anyway good luck scooter-hunting. :)
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