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Cameron Crowe

Any of you guys a fan of Cameron Crowe?

I love his movies. Jerry Maguire didn't hook me, but Almost Famous blew me away! But I must say that his finest work was Vanilla Sky!


  • i love ALMOST FAMOUS!
  • Yeah! That movie just completely blew me off my bed when I watched it for the first time! Made me compose a song after watching it! Song's not that good though... It was partly authobiographical because Crowe did write for Rolling Stones in his early days...
    And there was this 80's movie (with Phoebe Cates) wherein Crowe wrote the screenplay. It wreaked mushiness, but I still respect him, both as a writer and a music critic. God, this dude's got The Ear!
  • Best. Director. Alive. One of his actors once said that his scripts (he also writes his own movies) are the hardest to act because they are the most normal things to say. Despite this, all the characters in his movies display a measure of sensitivity, honesty, and insightfulness, that no amount of gimmickry or presentation-skill can match. His movies are real, but at the same time enchanting. Also, no one chooses a soundtrack like Cameron Crowe. He is my, for lack of a better word, "idol".
  • don't forget he wrote fast times at ridgemont high, (which amy heckerling directed). classic high school movie! :up:

    pero syempre favorite ko almost famous :handsdown:
  • Originally posted by death_cradle
    Best. Director. Alive.

    I can't agree more. If I could post my nods here while reading Best. Director. Alive I would .... Uhuh-uhuh!!!
    I think I admire his musical taste more than his directions, but certainly Vanilla Sky tops my movie list! Beautiful, beautiful cinematography, character and plot development, story and message!
    Originally posted by tequilapj
    don't forget he wrote fast times at ridgemont high...
    That's it!!! That's the movie that I was referring to! This is the Phoebe Cates starred movie, right?
  • i loved say anything the ultimate date movie :)

    love it love it love it!
  • Vanilla SKy, ALmost Famous - one of my favorite movies of all time...

    Jerry Maguire - di ko pa npapanood... BUT his choice of music is superb!!!
  • Memorable scenes in his movies:

    David Aames killed Sophia in Vanilla Sky with "Can't We Still Be Friends" playing in the background.. AMAZING!

    The boy in "Almost Famous" dancing with Penny Lane with "Colour My World" playing in the background.

    "My Cherrie Amour" playing while Penny Lane was diagnosed.

    DAMI PA!!!
  • i think cameron crowe is a good director but vanilla sky is just bleh .. but he is commendable for making music an integral part of telling the story (my fave is secret garden from jerry maguire)
  • Cameron Crowe is my favorite director! I've seen Say Anything, Almost Famous, Singles, Vanilla Sky and Jerry Maguire...

    i love all his movies...except maybe Singles...that movie was good although it hasn't grown on me yet like the others...its amazing how simple his movies are yet very effective (Say Anything...when John Cusack made Ione Skye walk around the broken bottle so she won't get wounded...etc)

    galeng din how he pays so much attention to the details, if you watch Vanilla Sky with the commentary on, he actually mentions that in every dream scene concerning New York, there's always something different (ie location of Statue of Liberty) because it goes to show that David's world is how he remembers it! it'll make you watch the move again!

    his next film Elizabethtown is gonna start filming soon...stars Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst and Jane Fonda.
  • Originally posted by tequilapj
    don't forget he wrote fast times at ridgemont high, (which amy heckerling directed). classic high school movie! :up:
    That's correct! In fact, Cameron and Amy does the commentary on the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" DVD! It's fascinating listening to them describe scenes that they wrote and filmed more than 20 years ago and it's still fresh in their minds, and they laugh and reminisce about their experiences filming the movie...it's great!
  • I love his movies. I was also able to read Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Too bad it's out of print. I can't find a copy!!!
  • Originally posted by indigo24
    I love his movies. I was also able to read Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Too bad it's out of print. I can't find a copy!!!
    You mean the original article from Rolling Stone? Because as I understood it, Cameron Crowe, when he was a young reporter for Rolling Stone magazine, went undercover as a student at a local high school, then wrote about his experiences in an article which was published in Rolling Stone magazine, which was later on of course, turned into a movie
  • Originally posted by baalzebub
    ... vanilla sky is just bleh ..

  • hey I agree with most of you!...Cameron Crowe is "THE MAN!" when it comes to screenwriting!...Jerry Maguire, Say Anything, Almost Famous are among my favorite movies!...his movies are simple yet so unforgettable!...

    though i'm not that satisfied with VANILLA SKY, coz i've seen the original by Pedro Almodovar which is"ABRE LOS OJOS" ...and i dont know somehow there were changes that seem to not jived with the original.... i just think that if you're gonna remake a movie, you have to stick to the original....Vanilla Sky was kind of treated funny in a weird way, while the ABRE LOS OJOS was supposedly a weird, melodrama, more nerveracking, and serious movie..i dont know...anyway, i'm still a big CAmeron Crowe fan despite of how Vanilla SKy was treated...;)

    cant wait to see his latest movie.....wish i could meet this guy and ask him to be my mentor!:) hehe! i bet i could learn a lot from him in pursuing a dream...

    "life is funny, it's just a matter of editing out the boring parts...or hell, you can give up and go for a fart joke."- Cameron Crowe
    (i just love this guy!)
  • The December 10th episode of South Park contained a "Say Anything"... homage, Stan's girlfriend Wendy breaks up with him, and he is trying to win her back so he asks her best friend for advice, and she recommends holding a boom box over his head playing Peter Gabriel. Instead of playing "In Your Eyes", he plays "Shock The Monkey", not exactly a girl getter, and he sees her staring out the window at him, with her new boyfriend, and he gets heartbroken. Funny Stuff! -cameroncroweonline.com

    anyway, havent seen that episode, but that unforgettable scene at the movie where Lloyd Dobler (john Cusack) holds that boombox playing "in your eyes"for Ione Skye to apologize...oh man, it got me!
  • I believe that this movie is IT! Take away Cruise and Cruz (which, matter-of-fact, you can do so because they have nothing to do with the brilliance of this movie) and it still is an amazing, touching story ...
    The brilliance of Cameron Crowe is just reflective on every scene. It was a magnificent tapestry of every line and movement that concludes to a wonderful message ...
  • Vanilla Sky! Nasa top ten movies of all time ko yan.

    Probably the most perfect soundtrack ever for a movie yung nasa Vanilla Sky!!!!! I love the sounds of it! Grabe perfect yung pagkakalapat nung sound. from REM, radiohead to Paul Mccartney, peter gabriel!

    Not to mention the story! ang galing.

    Almost Famous didnt do it for me. The movie is okay + sound is good too. kaso i'm not into the rockstar and rock and roll thing eh. i am uncool.

    Madami napangitan sa Vanilla sky kasi theyre expecting another jerry Maguire movie pero when the movie fcked with their minds marami nadissapoint. Me, i love it especially the pop culture references.

    Ive read nga na Ashton Kutcher was fired by cameron crowe in his next movie Elizabethtown because he cant act. hahahhaa.
  • Almost Famous is THE movie that opened my eyes (Vanilla Sky notwithstanding). Actually, I just saw it on HBO a few months ago. I had nothing better to watch so I just allowed it to play. Needless to say, there were no deaths or profound messages in the movie, but I was basically crying inside at the end. To me, this movie was not about rock stars or their cool lifestyle. It's about how people really think and act when faced with difficult circumstances in their lives. I know that sounds quaint and corny, but it's like Cameron looked deep into the heart of every human being and just outwardly, shamelessly exposed us for what we truly were, weak creatures desperately trying to do the right thing. You know how sometimes when you're too comfortable with some people, you expose too much of yourself by acting and talking like the "real" you (right before scampering back into your protective shell)? Feels weird, huh? (and awkward!). That's what Cameron Crowe brings to the table. I think his movies are the expressions of the "real" him, stuff he, and all of us, really believe in and care for. By the end of his movies, even if you're not into rock and roll (or sports management or immortality), as long as you're open enough and honest enough to yourself, you'll find yourself saying... "Yeah... yeah... I think I know what you mean...."
  • tylerdurden: Yeah! Vanilla Sky rocks! But I think it's not just the soundtrack that gives it strength, it was mainly the message that it's trying to convey. A good friend opined that Vanilla Sky is telling us that "we all have Vanilla Skies". We all have an illusory world that we're trying to escape to, but Crowe is telling us that we should escape instead out of our Vanilla Skies and try to wrestle with reality ... My favorite scene is when David and Sophia (oh what a bad accent!) met at Central Park and all the maple leaves were falling... Moving... Oh by the way, nice name! Kick *** movie! Have you read the book?
    death_cradle: Nice opinion. Yeah, I was dumbfounded for two hours after watching Almost Famous. Then I wrote a bad song, but the power of this movie to compel me to even attempt to try to write a song! That's what amazes me. Tiny Dancer will have to be my favorite song in this album. I loved how Cameron Crowe used this song. The band was at the verge of breaking up, and it took them a song to reunite... Crazy.
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