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is the military a noble profession

share your view regarding the military as a profession or vocation. will it make you rich and famous or will it shorten your life?


  • FendeR_21FendeR_21 PEx Rookie ⭐
    unless you work for the united states military, its hard to be rich having such career, but its not impossible though
  • FVR is rich and famous and he's turning 76.
  • I think the military is a noble profession to get into. Despite all the flak it has been getting, its really all not that bad. Both my parents are in the military. Although the salary pay is low compared to working say in the corporate world, a career in the military offers a lot of benefits. You're guaranteed a pension, for one. And access to membership to its exclusive savings and lending institutions.
  • FendeR_21FendeR_21 PEx Rookie ⭐
    my tito is a 2 star general now, i dont know about his pay but the benefits and perks he gets are great :)
  • i can say the military has good privileges like what MOIRA have mentioned. it will not make you rich though but at least sure ka na sa carreer mo. theres no way to go but up unless you get into some mess.
  • where do you think did FVR got his assets? when he was a president cguro?
  • FVR used to be a Marcos man.He was a member of the Rolex 12 along with Enrile. So I think he became rich because of that. But then 1986 came along and changed for the better...

    I didn't write the response, by the way, to sugarcoat the military . It's a noble one when you consider that it holds the special consitutitional privilege of being the middle force in anarchy situations for the country's sake. But just like any profession in real life, it has its own flaws.

    Which is why its not advisable to be too idealistic about entering any profession. You have to have a good job of keep things real and still manage to keep your basic principles intact. You're also called to carry a great deal of toughness and discipline into the field--and a great deal of sincerity if you want to be remembered and respected as a military man.

    Personally, as a military kid all my life, if you feel you want a decent life for your family but you don't want to go abroad; or you don't mind receiving relatively low pay in return for job security and a guaranteed pension, the military is the place to go.

    If you want the job security and pension part about the military but don't like the idea of the low monthly pay, then marry someone who can run a business or is a professional. That'll make everything easier for the household.

    Will it shorten you life? Yeah, in your younger years when you're assigned to do combat. My dad survived 5 helicopter crashes. :cool: Afterwards, stress from working with different people throughout your lifetime (because you'll be assigned to different places in the Philippines) will take its toll. Still, I say everything's been all good for a lot of us. :)
  • i believe so
  • it is :) i'm a former PMAer and i've seen how the gov't put so much support to anybody in the military esp. on the financial aspect (job security and pension)
  • CSMeekaiCSMeekai PEx Rookie ⭐
    There is honor in the military services...
  • Originally posted by stinger471
    share your view regarding the military as a profession or vocation. will it make you rich and famous or will it shorten your life?
    Military can make you famous. But if you want to be rich, it is the PNP you should join.
  • i beleive so. the PNP is in charge of almost everythign in town and di talga maiwasan ang makatanggap
  • CSMeekaiCSMeekai PEx Rookie ⭐
    re PNP naman... in the academy, they are starting to change the endoctrination of the cadets... they are now starting to inculcate both honor and excellence as much as what they do in PMA. in due time, perhaps... these old scalawags will soon retire and the new breeds will come in.

    There is always nobility in honor and there is always honor among men.

    these academies have their codes of conduct and i believe, they have the strict-est discipline this COC demands one to be the best of the best and that will always be with you wherever you go... whether you made it or not...

    as a profession... well, you are outside the academy already, but as a soldier, a former cadet or a trainee, it is part of your duty to implement what you have learned.
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