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Korean Drama: "Love Letter" on GMA 7

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When Lee Woo-jin (Andrew) was young, his mother abandoned him and left him with his aunt. His aunt was selfish and didn't really like him so she made him do all the work. He always had faith in God and believed that He would come and save him. One day, Andrew's uncle, a priest, came to rescue him and take him to his church. Andrew grows up there into a bright, caring boy. During his high school years, he meets Eun-ha, who was also left at the church after she became an orphan. After a troubled start, Andrew and Eun-ha become the best of friends. However, Eun-ha realizes she loves him and the day that she was about to tell him the truth, he tells her that he wants to be a priest. She never got to tell him the truth and they go to college, where they meet Jung Woo-jin. It is ironic to them that there are 2 guys named Woo-jin. Jung Woo-jin falls in love with Eun-ha but Eun-ha's heart is pulled to Andrew. So, the story continues as a love triangle unfolds between these 3 people.


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