Korean Drama: "Hotelier"

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Catch this on Philippine TV soon!


  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    i saw this drama 2 years ago... cute!

    Attorney Shin Dong-hyuk/Frank Shin: Bae Yong Jun
    Mgr. Suh Jin-young: Song Yun Ah
    Kim Yun-hee : Song Hae Gyo (main actress in Autumn Story)
    Head Mgr. Han ****-jun: Kim Seung Woo (Mr. Duke)
    Yun Bong-sook (hotel proprietress): Yoon Yeo Jung
    Choi Young-jae (proprietress's son): Park Jung Chul
    President Choi of Seoul Hotel: Joo Han
    Chairman Kim Bok-man of Hankang Distribution (Yun-hee's father): Han Jin Hee
    Housekeeping Mgr. Lee Soon-jung: Choi __ Jung
    Mgr. Oh Hyung-man (****-jun's rival): Hu Joon Ho
    Leo (Dong-hyuk's business partner): Choi Yong Min
    Shin Jang-hae (Dong-hyuk's birth father): Kim Im Moon

    This story is centered around the lives of people working for and against the success of the 30-year old Seoul Hotel. After the beloved president of the hotel suddenly dies, the hotel management must struggle not only to survive day-to-day problems, but to thwart the aggressive takeover attempt by a rival. Dong-hyuk is the high-priced, arrogant attorney/corporate raider brought in to mastermind the takeover of the hotel. Jin-young is a devoted manager of Seoul Hotel who struggles to keep the hotel intact, and becomes the love interest of the attorney.

    Source: http://www.koreanwiz.org/drama-hotelier.html
  • cybermyxcybermyx ISANG BANDILA PExer
    I think ipapalabas ito sa GMA 7
  • mamonnnnnmamonnnnn Banned by Admin PExer
    ewan. safe na safe na yung 1st post eh. :glee:

  • UndieUndie Member PExer
    It is one of the best korean drama. Bae Yong Jun aka Jun/Joseph(Winter Sonata) is soooooooo handsome here.
    Im sure All About Eve will also be shown in the phils
  • JohnstonJohnston Thank You For The Love ✭✭✭
    zhawine >> advance hello! :wave:

  • JohnstonJohnston Thank You For The Love ✭✭✭
    medyo may issue ang AAE kung bakit di siya ma air... obvious naman sa title..
  • mamonnnnnmamonnnnn Banned by Admin PExer
    hello :wave:

  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi ✭✭✭
    Uuuuyyyyy si Jenny!!!!! Song Hye Kyo pa ren!!! kaya lang balita ko hindi main cast ang papel ni Song Hye Kyo dito...parang supporting lang siya! ah basta!
  • damnrightdamnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫ PExer
    ooh saang channel 'to ipapalabas? :D
  • damnrightdamnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫ PExer
    Originally posted by Johnston

    medyo may issue ang AAE kung bakit di siya ma air... obvious naman sa title..

    :hmm: what do you mean?
  • banshe1981banshe1981 Member PExer
    oo nga what do you mean???
  • blearghbleargh please repeat the question PExer
    oo nga, yung AAE yung inaabangan ko e. ano ba issue at di siya mapalabas?
  • nocomknocomk nocom-ment PExer
    Onga, Johnston...ano issue ng All About Eve? Kelan daw itong papalabas??
  • lui_gcablui_gcab Member PExer
    Saan at kelan ba ipapalabas ito?

    Yung AAE dami ng publicity dito sa PEX , wala pa rin.

    Jenny and Joseph together :wow:
  • jersey22jersey22 TwIsTeD aNgEL PExer
    maganda ba toh? san kaya to ipapalabas?
  • wandawomanwandawoman Banned by Admin PExer
    oo nga anu bang meron dyan sa ALL ABOUT EVE???
    pero sana nga ipalabas din yang Hotelier... at sana eh sa primetime sya ilagay.... para maabutan ko....
  • moonshinemoonshine Member PExer
    liked this series, di puro love angle...meron din about business, taking pride in your chosen profession, dedication to duty, loyalty to the organization you work for, treating your employees right... ito ang unang korean series na napanood ko, and i was so impressed. mabilis ang pacing, meron ring funny moments, quick exchange of dialogues...di nakakaantok.
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    ALL ABOUT EVE... it's just the MOST EXPORTED miniseries from Korea... according to ChosunIlbo.

    it's my most favorite miniseries... ganda kasi talaga

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