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The Butterfly Effect

kakapanood ko lang kanina nang The Butterfly Effect and i highly recommend it although i know merong iba na mahihirapang intindihin ang story nito. post nyo lang ang comments nyo especially about the ending at kung nagandahan kayo sa ending o hindi.


  • yorimotoyorimoto PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i read that ashton kutcher was very disappointed when he learned that his new movie was given negative reviews. he was even sacked by cameron crowe because of poor acting...

    ...maybe he's just became a victim of his former show punk'd!
  • the movie was actually good, and his performance was great. yung ending lang para sa akin ang medyo problematic pero saka ko na sasabihin why kapag may mga nakapanuod na nito. thought-provoking yung pelikula pero may mga flaws din kung talagang iisa-isahin yung mga eksena. here's what one film reviewer has to say about this movie esp. about the ending:

    The ending is weak, and may be the result of the filmmakers writing themselves into a corner and not wanting to conclude things in a burst of nihilistic excess. Yet, even though it's a cheat, it retains a degree of resonance, primarily because it doesn't seek to sabotage the dark tone. In many ways, The Butterfly Effect is about regrets, and the closing sequences emphasize this. The film is engrossing enough to minimize such misgivings, however; few who enjoy unconventional pictures and see The Butterfly Effect will regret the experience.
  • the film's premise is interesting but ashton kutcher i belive is a miscast, so i won't be seeing it... they should have cast better actors for the role (jake gyllenhaal, tobey maguire or even chis klein)... also i'm afraid it would turn out to be just like final destination (interesting plot, but bad direction and acting)
  • i've read some "viewer" comments and i thought the movie is interesting... i hope they show it here soon...
  • i heard ashton kutcher was good in this movie..

    hmm.. worth a try..
  • magaling madrama ang magaling magpatawa, tignan mo si billy crystal sa mr. saturday night...

    pero billy crystal kasi yun eh, eto ashton kutcher...
  • maganda raw yung movie accdg to some of my friends...

    oh well... I'm just gonna see it for myself!

  • uh, tungkol ba saan to??
  • Originally posted by avonlea
    i've read some "viewer" comments and i thought the movie is interesting... i hope they show it here soon...

    i highly recommend it avonlea. ashton actually did a great job and he was perfect for the role of a man with a problematic past who tried to use his journals to try to correct his past but instead made it worse which then altered even more his future. thought-provoking talaga yung movie and sabi ko nga even though may mga scenes na parang mahirap intindihin it's still pretty much a great movie to spend your money on.

    i'll expect more feedback from you guys once na maipalabas na sa pinas itong movie na 'to.
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Has anyone seen this one? I actually thought it was quite decent. One those underrated films, along with Identity. I do feel they ended the film on a sour note. Another hollywood ending.
    They should've left it with Ashton Kutcher's character really having a mental disorder. IMHO, it could have made the film GOOD instead of just being a decent psychological thriller. It explains eveything, Kutcher really didn't "time-travel" and changed the course of their futures. There really were no journals, only a sickness that Kutcher's character used to cope with the guilt of killing his childhood sweetheart. But then again...how will that explain young Kutcher's knowledge of the hidden dynamite? :D
    . The biggest problem of the film is the loopholes in its plot. Contrary to what's portrayed on the film, people do not change because of one event. Sadistic little pr1cks do not become religious born-agains because of one crime that he himself created. Pedophiles do not change because one kid told him to. Seriously...if an 8-year-old kid told me to shut the ***** up and threw popcorn at me inside the moviehouse, I'd shut him up. One small detail which I just couldn't help but pick on: what's up with people in the movies reading what they write? Who does that in real life?

    But enough of the negatives. I thought the premise was interesting, something we could all relate to. I'm sure all of us have thought of the could-have-beens; the idea of being able to change our lives by going back to an instant or point in our lives when we were in a crossroad. The film was enganging because of this, in a way that people will want to know how everything turns out in the end.

    And speaking of Ashton Kutcher...:glee: I just couldn't picture him in a serious role. I kept imagining him blurting something funny like he was Kelso. Nevertheless, I was quite impressed by his performance; didn't really expect him to have the capacity to do drama. As with the film itself, his acting was pretty decent. He's not De Niro, so what do you expect?

    Overall, I'd recommend it. Nice premise, interesting plot, enganing story and decent acting. One thumb up.
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Wooopsie. Found this thread 10 pages back. Merge please! :)
  • crazy legscrazy legs PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I thought the ending made sense because if Ashton's character and the other characters involved didn't become friends none of the bad things that happened would have happened.

    Very interesting premise. Makes you think about the choices you make everyday.
  • ive seen this movie like more than a month ago...

    GRABE SOBRANG GANDA!!! i like the story pati how they organized it...

    favorito no na tong movieng ito kahet hinde ko pa napapanood noon, 1st taym i see the trailer, gustong gusto ko na ito makita!!!!!!

    yun lang!!! go ashton!
  • My beef is that it isn't about the "butterfly effect" from chaos theory. It's more like the dead butterfly thing from a Ray Bradbury story. Oh well... hated the Hollywood ending too.
  • really good movie...i agree na this is kinda like Identity in the way na you don't really expect much pero you get something sooooo good!

    personally, i loved the ending...this film actually kinda reminded me of Sliding Doors but much more violent and disturbing...nagulat ako sa maraming parts! i didn't think it would be that heavy...but i was glad it was! dami rin akong naisip na loopholes but who cares? this movie kicks a$s!
  • good movie!
  • Originally posted by vinta18
    My beef is that it isn't about the "butterfly effect" from chaos theory. It's more like the dead butterfly thing from a Ray Bradbury story. Oh well... hated the Hollywood ending too.

    Pls. Explain.

    A friend told me that He watched a Hitchcock movie, where The amn who went back in time, stepped on a Butterfly and when he went back, The Fascist party wer the rulers of the world.

    Then he Learned that the Moth he stepped on was the Ancestor of the man who would unite the allies or something.

    I knew Bradbury had a story about the Effect of stepping on a Butterfly, but what again was the chaos thoery about?
  • ^ It's not a Hitchcock movie, it's an episode in the old "Ray Bradbury Theatre" series.

    Chaos Theory says that the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly could actually cause a hurricane somewhere else, depende syempre sa factors.

    Philosophically speaking, this means that the smallest, most insignificant things can actually have big repercussions. This is not so with the movie. Obvious naman na malalaking events (yun binablackout niya) yung nakakaapekto sa future. If it were truly a butterfly effect, then it would've been the small things that really mattered.
  • maybe the Butterfly Effect the movie refers to was the small changes he made?
    like when he told the dad to discipline Tommy...di ba that was just mga 4 words, tapos in the end, Tommy became a really disturbed kid...or when he gave Lenny that sharp piece, parang it's not that big a deal, pang-open lang naman ng sack pero in the end...all that happened

    just a thought! hehe
  • saw it..liked it...Ashton's good...but some questions remain...

    ganda ung points ni neth_row: ganda nga sana kung dun na lang sa
    naging nut case si Evan, at lahat nang yun e sa isip lang nya. for me, it was sort of a "twist" if that was the real ending, itd be logical, and if the writers prolly built up on that, it would have been a really good movie.
    nonetheless, it seems the true ending is just right...just Hollywood enough.

    tama rin ung isang point na ganun ba kadali mo mapapabago ang isang tao? when i watched those scenes, parang mejo baluktot ata...it doesn't make real sense na if you don't kill somebody (or if he doesn't kill you), okey na yung tao na yun forever. as one poster said here, it was supposed to be about the really small, insignificant things that should have been given more detail.

    still, it was a good movie...enjoyed it a lot, in fact when i got home to sleep, i got to ponder on some things in my own life. good movies do that to you: they somehow affect your life.

    now for some questions of my own:

    - in Evan's return to the past where he meets his dad in the asylum, how come his dad knew what will be the result of Evan's changing of that event? i.e.
    he knew that when Evan returns to the present, that his wife (Evan's mom) would be dead?

    - as a corollary, how come the psychiatrist who checks up on Evan says his father had the same sort of cerebral disease/malactivity? and at one point, he even tells Evan's mom that he had the same "power/ability"? is there a deeper meaning to this...or was i just lost? :D but mind you, im not making this up, coz im sure a dialogue like this came up in the movie.
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