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"The Surreal Life"

Does anyone here watch this show? Usually, I despise reality shows but this one has got me intrigued. They take six Z-list celebrities, and put them in this house, and then video tape the hijinx that ensues.
Last night they had the celebs working for Gary Coleman at a restaurant. Ron Jeremy was assigned to be the chef, but all he did was eat the food (really now, would you want to eat anything that was prepared by Ron Jeremy? Who knows where those hands have been!). Erik Estrada was the waiter and some guy asked if he could watch his kid while he went to the bathroom. Vanilla Ice was raggin' on Gary Coleman all day, so Gary fired Vanilla and stormed off in an angry huff when Todd Bridges showed up and everybody wanted him to say "Watchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" to him.
Back at the house, Vanilla got into an emotional tirade about how he's not that Vanilla Ice from the "Ice Ice Baby" days anymore, so Erik Estrada gave him some advice on how to deal with that, to which Ron Jeremy commented, "everybody in this house has been on top as some point. Erik's been on top, Vanilla Ice has been on top, I've been on top....and bottom, and sideways..."
Then Traci Bingham from "Baywatch" got drunk and tried to pull down Ron's pants to see exactly how big his weener is.


  • the fact that Ron Jeremy is in the cast makes it worth it already! :lol: Is this a reality ***** in the making? :evil_lol:

    I haven't seen any of the episodes yet but I have it on tape.. hehe..
  • I'm surprised at how Ron Jeremy, a ***** star, and Tammy Faye Messner, a devout catholic and former wife of a televangelist, are getting along!
    In a future episode, some of Ron's friends from the ***** industry are gonna stop by the house and have a big pool party/orgy. I wanna see how Tammy Faye reacts to that! :D
  • Also, when all the Surreal Life-stars went to their neighborhood to give them some baked brownies done by Tammy ... One of their neighborhood rejected them that she don't like Celebrities!! Rob commented after they left "What a German B!+ch..." & so on... I like this show...
  • I watched the first few episodes of the first season -- the one with Jerri Manthey and that girl from 90210 Gabriela Carteris ... I didn't find teh show interesting though... though it's reality TV it doesn't feel like it because I think the has-beens themselves are acting it out...
  • I saw parts of the first season. Now those so called celebs were real has beens; celebrities nobody really gave a damn about. This new group is better I think. I like Erik Estrada. I watched him on "CHiPs" when I was a boy and I've always liked him. And it was quite an intriguing casting choice to have somebody like Ron Jeremy in there. I was quite surprised to learn that Ron, besides being a ***** star, is also a teacher.
  • I missed the episode with the ***** stars! Damn! :mad:
  • sorry! didn't see your thread Vince....

    haha.. that was the best episode..... :) with the bbq!!
  • man, I hope they replay that episode soon! But I saw the episode where Trishelle goes topless! Nice boobs! :yummy:
  • there are re-runs for the Sunday episodes.. And that's on Thursdays at 9pm Eastern. The episode last Sunday was the Nudist Colony where Ron and Trishelle wore their birthday suits.
  • thursdays at 9 is "CSI" :(
    I saw the last episode. Ron finally revealed his giant penis to the rest of the housemates. I'm surprised he didn't do it sooner. If my package was as big as Ron's, I would walk around bottomless all the time :D
  • haha.. at 9 3/4", I dunno... I'd be shy.. And it's not like they haven't seen it already... Only Tammi Fae hasn't.
  • tapos si Vanilla Ice pa simple pa, ayaw pa raw kunwari kantahin yung "Ice Ice Baby", tapos yun pala, kakantahin din :glee:
  • hearing Tammi Fae sing Ice Ice Baby was a classic!!!!
  • oo nga! :D I used to realy dislike Tammy Fay, pero I'm beggining to like her na rin
  • One thing that made me love this show is when Vanilla Ice really understood Tammy Fae's message. What it is to be a Christian and live through trials and tribulations and come out on top.
  • who knows, baka maging born again si Vanilla Ice at si Ron Jeremy?..........Naaaaaaaaaah! :glee:
  • Hey guys when & what channel ba ito pnplabas? What Cable Co?
  • Sunday nights 9 pm on the WB
  • with re-runs on Thursdays at 9pm ET on the Frog Network (The WB).
  • The season finale will be aired this Sunday...
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