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PBA Live Rating SYstem

BatsBats newbie Turntablist PExer
PBA Live 04 Rating system

Here's what the Overall Ratings are going to be

The range is 35- 99

35 - DUdut jaworksi :lol:
40 - pang puno ng line up
50- means decent ( usually may specialty sila)
60 - exceptional - malaki din value sa team
70s - 2nd tier stars
80s - superstars (go to guy ng teams nila)
90's - Reigning MVP at Imports. (MVP gets exactly 90)

popularity doesnt count ha, with superstars meaning super galing not super sikat.
And Overall ito, kaya kahit magaling sya mag score but wala siyang defense mga 60's to 70s lang siya.

try to add players to the differen brackets. or sabihin nyo kung dapat sa ibang bracket sila.
daming magrereklamo dito. hehehe. NAhihilo na ako kaya i need your suggestions :)

91-99 - Imports

90 - Asi TAulava (mag isa lang siya. parang championship belt ito e :lol: )

Menk, Harp, Duremdes, Alapag, Ildefonso(?), Kerby, Peek(?)


WIllie Miller ( with TAulava and alapag, he'll be forced to take a backseat)
Toney Dela Cruz
Danny Seigle (he's coming off an injury)
Belasco, Espino, Aquino,Limpot, REavis, Cariaso, RAcela, Abbarientos


Noy CAstillo
LAure (high end ng 60's he still hasnt proven himself e)
HArvey CArrey
Billy MAmaril
PAolo MEndoza
ATo Morano

Boybits Victoria, Andy Seigle, Wainwright,Telan, Mente, RAvena, GAhol,Salvacion, BAl


ROb JOhnson
Wynne ARboleda!!
Marlon LEgaspi

35-39 -

lagyan nyo pa ito :lol:

Rookie RAtings siguro ---> max is 69.
Lebron JAmes sa NBA LIve 2004 is 69 din lang e. Pero good rookies will get high

Potential Points. gagaling sila as you play consecutive seasons.

SImplified lang ito - malaki ang difference ng 70 to 79 . so it doesnt mean na

magkasing galing si Meneses (high end) at CAguioa (low end)

btw, kung magaling sila sa PBL pero they dont see much playing time sa PBA, bulok pa

rin sila dito. I'll just give them good career development potential ratings.


  • faaip_de_oiadfaaip_de_oiad PEX GOD PExer
    TDLC certainly deserves to be in the 70-79 range

    TDLC for MVP! :D
  • bichbich :| PExer
    paano ung mga galing sa injry tulad ni danny seigle... 80-89 ba dapat cya?
  • dedandzdedandz agent 42 code 17-7 PExer
    i think ok na yung ratings mo.. maybe u'll have to try palying with it also.. baka naman nagfafade-away ala garnett yang taulavang yan.. kadayaan na un..
  • BatsBats newbie Turntablist PExer
    hahaha, di naman kaya mag fade away nyan. mababa ang shooting ability nyan. maigisi lang pati ang shooting range nya.

    91 din yung rating ni Shaq pero he can't do fadeways and other guard like moves like crossvers.
  • meleagant8meleagant8 Crimson Packer PExer

    pbalive 2004 in the works na!

    got to upgrade my video card eheh
  • dedandzdedandz agent 42 code 17-7 PExer
    cgurado yan ha.. laruin mo, comp siya kasi pag minnesota kalaban ko hayo na garnett, one handed fade-away sa poste palagi.. si shaq nga 99 ang FG rating kaya almost di nagmimiss sa loob..

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