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UPCAT 2004 Results

My sister texted me this morning telling me that the result is out. I hurriedly took a bath and rushed in the convinient store below my condo to check the Manila Bulletin if it is there posted the list of qualifiers. But there was no results released, so I hurriedly went to a computer shop to check in the UP website, but still the results were of last year.

I texted her to confirm where the hell she got that damn news, she told me that it was texted by her classmate's sister who's studying in UP Baguio.

I went up to my place, get up in a better post and headed to UP Diliman to verify, there were some oldies talking to the security guard of the Office of Admission, asking if the results were out. I heard that they came all the way from Bulacan. But still the results were not released.

Could that really happen? Other campuses release ahead of its mother campus- UP Diliman for that matter? Are the results out?

Is it true or just a false alarm?, Well if it is indeed just a false alarm....


  • orange#12orange#12 mistaken identity PExer
    i think the results will be out in feb...
    matagal pa, hinay hinay lang. :D
  • Introvert_SIntrovert_S Advocatus Diaboli PExer
    Dati available na siya kahit late january.

    pero tama ka.. baka false alarm lang...
  • sanposanpo Member PExer
    i am pretty sure that it will be out feb 5 or somewhere near the date... haha nakakanerbyos, pati ako :)
  • gundamgundam DEITY PExer
    sa feb 24 ang exact date ng pag-release. yun ung sabi nung nag-exam kami.
  • jj9527jj9527 Member PExer
    wag naman kayu masyadong excited. it is still being verified para sigurado ang accuracy.

    Diliman will get it first within the first few minutes.

    it will always appear in the ff website:
  • pio_valenzpio_valenz The Watcher PExer
    Lumabas na ang UPCAT results pero wala pa online. May list na sa likod ng Palma Hall Annex.
  • greenmangreenman Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by pio_valenz
    Lumabas na ang UPCAT results pero wala pa online. May list na sa likod ng Palma Hall Annex.
    Really? Ngayon palang hinihimatay na ang bunso naming kapatid. If ever he did pass, he will be the first member in our family to join UP. :D

    The name is Mark Edison _ _ _ _ . Already accepted BS Management in Ateneo and CS-CSE in La Salle.
  • gundamgundam DEITY PExer
    totoo bang lumabas na? bat sabi sa feb 24 pa? ang labo naman..... pero im glad na totoo nga!
  • HAREHARE Member PExer
    Lumabas na ang UPCAT results pero wala pa online. May list na sa likod ng Palma Hall Annex.

    I went to UP this morning and I asked the security guard if the results were out. She told me that its still going to be released by february, meaning UPCAT is not yet available. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PExer
    Usually february. Good things come to those who wait. :D

    Good luck dudes!
  • faaip_de_oiadfaaip_de_oiad PEX GOD PExer
    medyo maaga nung 2001. 3rd week nf January yung results -kasama na mga Oble at Intarmed.
  • pio_valenzpio_valenz The Watcher PExer
    Sorry for the misinformation. Naging biktima ako ng kuryente via text. Hindi pa nga lumalabas ang UPCAT 2004. My bad.
  • JJMJJM Member PExer
    sa second week of feb pa raw according to UP reg's.
  • prof_xprof_x Member PExer
    Registrars do not know when the Admissions Office will release it. Just wait for it. It will be posted on Net the day the results are published.
  • AIRzoneAIRzone Banned by Admin PExer
    coming soon daw sabi sa
  • AIRzoneAIRzone Banned by Admin PExer

    akala ko kapag computerize na mabilis na. pero, ba't ganun, matagal pa rin?

    just asking.
  • jj9527jj9527 Member PExer
    sabi sa akin matagal daw kasi masyadong madami ang nag tatake ng UPCAT this year. it has to be verified many many times para ma lessen ang errors
  • Introvert_SIntrovert_S Advocatus Diaboli PExer
    yeah, around 60000-70000, much more takers than govt board examinations na less than 10K
  • AIRzoneAIRzone Banned by Admin PExer
    2 weeks nalang, lalabas na.
  • AgnasKaAgnasKa Banned by Admin PExer
    just identify yourself na lang, airzone, in 2 weeks kung ano bago mong alternick. :glee:

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