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Fearless 2004 PBA Team Rankings

derecho_lasallederecho_lasalle LA Lakers fan since birth PExer
After the dust has settled in the PBA draft, which team do you think is the strongest? weakest? Can you give us a ranking of the teams that you feel would happen this season and, if possible, why? :confused:


  • ALvsALvs Just Another Game PExer
    i still think shell is gonna be at the bottom... my reasons? er no rich alvarez, carlo sharma, billy mamaril is gonna stop a harp, menk, taulava, or ildefonso....

    now that danny s is back, nakakatakot san miguel...

    also, mobiline...
  • dayspindayspin epal is my name PExer

    1. talk n text
    2. san miguel
    3. purefoods
    4. sta. lucia
    5. red bull
  • nastransnastrans m PExer
    Originally posted by ALvs
    i still think shell is gonna be at the bottom... my reasons? er no rich alvarez, carlo sharma, billy mamaril is gonna stop a harp, menk, taulava, or ildefonso....

    now that danny s is back, nakakatakot san miguel...

    also, mobiline...

    Obviously nagrerebuild ang Turbo Chargers kaya yan ang purpose ng draft e. Although depende pa rin kung anu ang mapakita nila.

    Eto pala rankings ko:

    1. Talk N Text
    2. Coca-Cola
    3. San Miguel
    4. Red Bull
    5. Sta Lucia
    6. Alaska
    7. Ginebra
    8. FedEx
    9. Purefoods
    10. Shell
  • faaip_de_oiadfaaip_de_oiad PEX GOD PExer

    welcome to the 21st century. :D

    Shell will still find ways to win games.
  • MystMyst The Godfather.. PExer
    it's hard to make a list for the whole year of 2004 since the 1st conference (fiesta conference) will be paraded with imports...

    the teams' import will define their standings...

    If you judge the current lineups of the pba team this coming all filipino conference (even though there still will be trades, free agents signing in the coming month before the season starts), on paper my most powerul would be Tnt

    1) Tnt
    2) SMB
    3) Coke
    4) PF
    5) RB
    6) SLR
    7) Alaska
    8) Shell
    9) FedEx
    10) Ginebra

    But on how well they will do beats me....
  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink panda is going to eat you ✭✭✭
    mahirap masabi sino magaling.....patas lahat ng teams

    ton n txt lang talaga medyo lamang ng konti

    sa coaching din magkakatalo yan
  • Dr@gOnfLy[email protected] maria sharapova ✭✭
    top 4 nalang
  • JustMikeJustMike Member PExer
    how's the status of DANNY SEIGLE. Nakita ko siya sa draft ah. maglalaro na ba sya next season?

  • NoelZNoelZ Airman Moreno PExer
    For me, ganto:

    1. Coca-Cola
    2. Talk n' Text
    3. Ginebra
    4. San Miguel
    5. Purefoods
    6. Sta. Lucia
    7. FedEx
    8. Red Bull
    9. Alaska
    10. Shell


    Coca-Cola: Did not lose anyone significant and gained Gary David. This is the only guy they need to sign and mind you Coke will use a three guard line-up a lot with David, Jeffrey Cariaso and Ato Morano/Johnny Abarrientos. Hatfield might move to power-forward, it really doesn't matter. Add to that a 6'8" import and the no-superstar-everyone's-involved system of Chot Reyes, this team will be unbeatable...barring any major injuries.

    Talk n' Text: Two names stick out in MVP Asi Taulava and MVP Willie Miller. If the last All-Star game was any indication, the Miller-Jimmy Alapag tandem clicks. How about a small-forward named Yancy de Ocampo and either Harvey Carey or a healthy Vic Pablo at power-forward? Patrick Fran and Felix Belano off the bench and Nino Gelig and Christopher "Boyet" Guerrero spelling Miller?

    Ginebra: In an article by Philippine Star columnist Bill Velasco, he wrote about the trials of Allan Caidic. The Ginebra 3 year plan hit several snags with the 2002 Asian Games, the Jun Limpot and Alex Crisano drug suspension, the Eric Menk injury and the fans growing impatient with the Kings' potent lineup. With the departure of Limpot for Andy Seigle and the signing of Rodney Santos, Ginebra's only weakness lies in self-belief. Seigle, for his debacles on the court is oozing with positive attitude. Imagine Crisano spelling Seigle at the pivot, Menk sliding to small-forward sharing minutes with Sunday Salvacion, Rommel Adducul going solo in the paint and more speed with the return of Mark Caguioa's "kasundo sa backcourt" in Jay-Jay Helterbrand. Wow.

    San Miguel: The Beermen, if they stick to their present roster can open a security agency. Four point guards is just too many and Boybits Victoria is too small at the 2-guard, no matter what talent he possesses. The return of Danny Seigle is significant and Danny Ildefonso is coming off his best non-MVP season, despite injuries. Dorian Pena and Don-Don Hontiveros do their jobs efficiently and an undistracted Nic Belasco makes SMB a powerhouse this season.

    Purefoods: It's been said more than once here in SC. The TJ Hotdogs are now the Dallas Mavericks of the PBA and I agree. Mind you, though, coach Ryan Gregorio will now go through an Allan Caidic phase wherein which he must find a way to gel all these talented gunners in a very short period of time. Lenny Cooke suits up once again for Purefoods in what may probably be his last tour of duty in this country before joining the Charlotte Bobcats expansion team in the NBA. Check out this lineup: Paul Artadi, James Yap, Eddie Laure, Rey Evangelista, Kerby Raymundo, Peter June Simon, Jun Limpot, Ervin Sotto, Noy Castillo, Richard Yee, Boyet Fernandez, Alvin Patrimonio and Lenny Cooke. 'Nuff sed.

    Sta. Lucia: Nelbert Omolon, if signed, will not be spelling Kenneth Duremdes off the bench...he'll be starting along side him bringing Duremdes to 2-guard and effectively making Paolo Mendoza come off the bench to back up Kenneth. Starting at point can either be Kim Valenzuela or Ronald Cuan. Big men remain status quo. Now coach Alfrancis Chua has to dangle bonuses to Marlou Aquino and Dennis Espino for free-throws made and defensive rebounds coz the Realtors will fly if that ever happens.

    FedEx: They finally got their dream lineup. They will start all three first rounders and move Vergel Meneses (if he's still there) to 2-guard. The downside will continue to be that Ren-Ren Ritualo and John Ferriols will continue to come off the bench. They're still weak at the point spot, but if they get to sign Maui Huelar they'll somehow stabilize. Terrence Shannon returns as their reinforcement.

    Red Bull: Believe it or not, the suspension to Jimwell Torion and the departure of Willie Miller has destroyed this team. Sure they still have DaVonn Harp, Rico Villanueva, Junthy Valenzuela and Lordy Tugade, but they lost their 4th quarter man. In drafting Denver Lopez, they found a temporary solution at the guard position, but Lopez is untested under Philippine basketball conditions not having played in either the PBL or the NBL. This will be a roller-coaster ride for Barako unlike anything they've ever experiecned as a franchise in the bigs.

    Alaska: A healthy Don Allado and Ali Peek was what they wanted last year. Now that it is a reality for the Aces, a disgruntled John Arigo and point guard who doesn't thrive in the Triangle Offense like Mike Cortez could put Alaska's campaign in jeopardy. Joachim Thoss is, at best, a "project." EJ Feihl, despite the marked improvement last year, will lose minutes to Peek. A major trade between the Aces and Barako are in the works. This may be able to help both teams.

    Shell: As other teams adjust to new players joining their ranks, Shell must adjust to a new head coach. Many say when the Turbochargers let go of Dale Singson and Eddie Laure, they were rebuilding too soon in the wrong direction. Rich Alvarez will be a star in the day. Had Shell drafted Ranidel de Ocampo, they might have been ranked higher becuase Ranidel is already player that a team can build a franchise around--much like Danny Ildefonso. Now with no go-to point guard (at least as of now), a coach who's on a 6-month "trail" contract and lots of youth and only one experienced great one (Chris Jackson is the oldest active player in the PBA at 38), Shell looks headed to another lottery stint...unless John Moran cooks up a miracle.

    That, of course, is just my little opinion...
  • NoelZNoelZ Airman Moreno PExer
    Oh by the way, on the imports, I already mentioned Lenny Cooke will play for Purefoods again. Former Red Bull mainstay Antonio Lang will suit up for Ginebra, if his stint in the J-League ends early. Otherwise, the Kings are trying to sign former FedEx import Jermaine Walker. Ron hale will suit up for Coca-Cola. Newbie Carlos Willer is trying out for Red Bull as veteran Julius Nwosu is still playing in Lebanon. Art Long has been invited to rejoin San Miguel. TSU standout Lamayn Wilson will reportedly be playing for either Alaska or FedEx. According to sources at Sta. Lucia, they are trying to re-enlist NBA veteran Ansu Sesay as he was cut by the Seattle Supersonics. His slot was given, according to reports, to another former PBA import Richie Frahm. Jerald Honeycutt or Damian Cantrell are being considered again by Talk n' Text. Most of these reports are still subject to confirmation...
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    1. San Miguel - Deep in every position, with a starting line-up that looks more of an all-star team than a regular PBA team. Frontline boasts of Pena, Ildefonso, Belasco, and the comebacking Danny Seigle. Their guard lineup was shored up with the acquisition of Dale Singson. They won't have any problems scoring, but their biggest weapon will be their ability to play tough team defense.

    2. Talk N Text - Another team with an all-star lineup. De Ocampo, Taulava, Pablo, and Carey inside will literally scare opponents. Although their backcourt is small with Miller and Alapag, both aren't patsies on defense. The question mark will lie on how they will play team defense. They have good one-on-one players, but they're not good at stopping other teams from scoring.

    3. Coke - Adding Gary David to an already potent lineup makes Coke an even stronger team to contend with. But with almost all the teams getting taller and taller, you'd have to wonder how Coke can still cope up with their small team. They've proven that they can mask their size by leading the league in rebounds last season, but can their bodies still take the beating after 4 straight Finals appearances?

    4. Sta Lucia - Marlou Aquino remains the key to SLR's campaign. Espino and Duremdes will still contribute 40 points and 20 rebounds, but if Marlou can give them 15 and 10 every game, then half the battle is already won. Omolon, Mendoza, Francisco, and Adriano give them added firepower...but without decent big men who can spell Aquino and Espino, SLR will be hardpressed to go far into the tournament.

    5. Purefoods - The worst scoring team last year might just become the highest scoring team this season. With all the scorers in that wonder how will they share one ball without a PG to orchestrate things. IMHO, the biggest problem they had last year was not having a PG who can setup plays which create scoring opportunites for everyone. They added more scorers in Limpot, Laure, and Yap; how they will coordinate things inside the floor will be big question.

    6. Red Bull - They remain a team to reckon with, but without Miller, they won't have anyone to go to in the 4th quarter. No more Miller time. 2 big ifs: Lordy Tugade and Denver Lopez. If Tugade continues to improve and if Lopez is as good as he is advertised, they won't miss Miller time. I have a feeling they will.

    7. Alaska - They're bringing in the same team from last year, which isn't so bad. Should they lose Arigo, Cone faces the prospect of having a losing season. They don't have enough firepower to match up against the other teams without Arigo's shooting. In general, the players' inconsistency (magnified by winning the invitational, followed by their poor showing in the reinforced) will hurt the team.

    8. Ginebra - Their line-up didn't look bad on paper last year. But they couldn't get past the quarterfinals. What they did was trade away one of their scorers, practically for nothing. Andy Seigle and Rodney Santos aren't exactly impact players; their best years are behind them. They'll be even worse this year, unless they replace their coach.

    9. Fedex - Add three untested rookies to an untested team, and you have a club that's going backwards. They had two gems in Yancy de Ocampo and Renren Ritualo, but they traded one and let the other languish in the bench. Derek Pumaren was the only good thing happening to this team, but their recent decisions have proved otherwise. They're far from being contenders if they continue the same course they are going at right now.

    10. Shell - No one at center, no one at point guard. They're gonna be dwarfed down low, and attacked in the backcourt. I can just imagine now how bad they will be this year.
  • kixterkixter LordoftheMonsters PExer
    eto nmn mga picks ko...

    1. Talk n' Text - 2 MVP's, a reliable point guard....
    2.San Miguel - biased pick.. heheh.. but they are still intact.
    3. Purefoods - James Yap!!!!
    4. Coca-cola - Still the same team that went to all the Finals
    5. FedEx - With the picks they got, they will surely improve...
    6. Red Bull - They just lost Willie Miller(???)
    7. Ginebra - They got bigger and Jay jay is back to run the offense
    8. SLR - Just don't like this team... hehehe
    9. Alaska - trades still clouds this team
    10. Shell - on a rebuilding mode...

  • Road DoggRoad Dogg Smell My Face!!! ✭✭✭
    my PBA Team Rankings:

    1. Talk N Text
    2. San Miguel
    3. Coca-Cola
    4. Sta. Lucia
    5. Red Bull
    6. FedEx
    7. Ginebra
    8. Alaska
    9. Purefoods
    10. Shell
  • derecho_lasallederecho_lasalle LA Lakers fan since birth PExer seems that despite the inclusion of 2-time MVP Rich Alvarez in the Shell lineup, the Turbochargers are again candidates for the lottery. They should get one hell of an import in the second conference. :(
  • eastereaster Pinoy PExer
    One factor not being shown here is the John Moran factor for Shell. If he performs well then it will be a different story for 2004.

    In several newspaper reports, John Moran is building a system that does not need a point guard. Even the practices are different and challenging according to reports.

    Maybe NoelZ can shed some light into this mystery at Shell?
  • aRChPoPoYaRChPoPoY Wait for it PExer
    i think TNT's the strongest team in paper... but as we've seen from the past few yrs, they've had the "big-name" players and aquisitions... did they win? NO... they forgot the team concept in bball... but with joel banal in the fold and a much team-oriented asi taulava, not to mention jimmy alapag's superb pg skills... they should be a hard team to beat IF they decide to play as a team...

    but my money goes to smb... as to why, i dunno... it's just this gut-feeling from within and the return of a certain danny seigle.
    Teams that will contend for the title: SMB, TnT, Coke

    Almost There:
    Red Bull, Alaska

    Semis good enough:
    Ginebra, SLR

    Not much of a season: Shell, FedEx, P'foods,
  • cool^ninjacool^ninja Member PExer
    question lng, asn n c John Arigo?
  • joey_sixdigitjoey_sixdigit pakaang-kaang kng san san PExer
    Originally posted by kixter
    eto nmn mga picks ko...

    1. Talk n' Text - 2 MVP's, a reliable point guard....
    2.San Miguel - biased pick.. heheh.. but they are still intact.
    3. Purefoods - James Yap!!!!
    4. Coca-cola - Still the same team that went to all the Finals
    5. FedEx - With the picks they got, they will surely improve...
    6. Red Bull - They just lost Willie Miller(???)
    7. Ginebra - They got bigger and Jay jay is back to run the offense
    8. SLR - Just don't like this team... hehehe
    9. Alaska - trades still clouds this team
    10. Shell - on a rebuilding mode...


    yung Ginebra, kahit ano naman standings nyan eh! :*)

    depende sa coach :D :D
  • FortuneFortune Banned by Admin PExer
    1 SMB - the most intact, position by position truly the best in the league
    2 TPP - 2 great additions, strong frontline and backcourt, great role players in the bench
    3 CCT - great coach, great team work, great defense
    4 RBT - still has potent lineup
    5 SLR - proudly homegrown
    6 AA - cone is still the coach
    7 BGK - caidic naman ayusin mo
    8 FE - panay bata panay takbo pero kailangan lahat makalaro
    9 PH - new players new stars, cellar dwellar pa rin
    10 STC - isa pang overall top pick sa 2005 para maging mid level

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