Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

xyzseamanxyzseaman Loved by Adm!n ~ PExer
I've seen the preview of this sure-hit Anime and it's awesome. I didn't see Motoko Kusanagi though. Her partner Bateau(long hair na!) and that dog (from the first movie) are here.

I can't understand Japanese so I don't know what the hell they're talking about.

CG effects are astounding.


  • VanmanVanman The Dez PExer
    it'll be release in Japan March 6th. fansubs will probably release it by April.
  • antonlcantonlc Member PExer

    the voice-over dialogue at the start of the trailer were from the last scene in the first movie (in the safe house).

    the second scene is about a female cyborg gone amok, killing its owner and two policemen. batou arrives as backup and witnesses the 'bot self-destruct (or was it batou? there was a flash and what looked like an ejected shell casing after the droid spilled her guts out). she said something about not ever wanting to be a doll.

    the cg is amazing!. the official site mentioned production ig, tokuma, and studio ghibli as co-producers.
  • Sta|kerSta|ker Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich PExer
    and the official site is where?
  • antonlcantonlc Member PExer
    google it!

    [URL] [/URL]

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