The "Other" PBA Draft 2004

AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus ✭✭✭✭✭✭
Recently, the PBA teams held a draft for a special group of rookies. This was before the 2004 Draft at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City.

The PBA just entered into an agreement to use the characters of Looney Tunes. The results were as follows (not in draft order):
  • Alaska Aces -- Tweety Bird
  • Red Bull Barako -- Tasmanian Devil
  • Purefood TJ Hotdogs -- Bugs Bunny
  • Shell Velocity -- Daffy Duck
  • Talk N Text -- Marvin the Martian
  • Santa Lucia Realty -- Wile Coyote
  • Federal Express -- Road Runner

San Miguel, Barangay Ginebra and Coca-Cola passed. Some draftees were not selected and became free agents like Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam and **** Le Pew.


  • MystMyst The Godfather.. PExer
    *Myst tries very hard to understand this post.....*
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    *neth_row tries very hard to understand the need for the drafting

    Labo eh. Does it mean that Warner Bros won't be promoting the 3 SMC teams who passed?
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg Smell My Face!!! ✭✭✭
    i have no freakin' idea what this is all about... :glee:
  • aRChPoPoYaRChPoPoY Wait for it PExer
    as the thread suggests nga....

    cuckoo! cuckoo!

    hehe jk

    peace out
  • the_BuGsthe_BuGs d ko hilig PExer
    ano daw??? :bonkself:

    ano ala space jam?
  • CynicalCynical Registered User PExer
    uhm... the point being?
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg Smell My Face!!! ✭✭✭
    i would've drafted elmer fudd for my team...

    eh-eh-eh-eh... pesky wabbit...

  • roadwarriorroadwarrior Member PExer
    did your favorite barker "bogart" sylvester?

  • CynicalCynical Registered User PExer
    this thread - in all its sillyness - reminds me of space jam
  • YUGO-ARCHERYUGO-ARCHER Honorary Chairman PExer
    The reason SMB and Ginebra passed is because Warner Bros. obviously wouldnt allow Liquor teams to use Kiddie Mascots as logos--since they obviously wanted kids not to start drinking.

    With Regards to C:o c:o C:o l:o : Lots of kids are dying from diabetes right? Or maybe they <Warner Bros. > is already tied up with Pepsi Co. in the U.S.A.

    Too bad Ginebra could have adopted Willy E. Cayote, because like its coach they are both clueless.:D
  • derecho_lasallederecho_lasalle LA Lakers fan since birth PExer
    For me...what a silly way of marketing the PBA. I don't believe that this ploy would entice kids to watch the PBA pwera lang kung anak ng player hehehe. Just my take. :D
  • BatsBats newbie Turntablist PExer
    hindi nagpapapatawa si Anthony, totoo yan.

    bakit bugs bunny pinili ng purefoods?? dapat si POrky pig!! meat products sila e.

    magwawala siguro si Bert LIna kung maka nakauna kay Road Runner. :lol:

    bagay nga din sa ginebra si Wile e coyote, palagi nalang silang naghahabol e. :lol:

    Dapat ang pinili ng red bull Barako si tweety bird. para cute :Lol:
    Pero mas ok din kung pinili nila si Elmer Fudd. Magkamuka sila ni Yeng Guiao e.

    bagay nga si Marvin the Martian sa TNT, hi-tech kasi.
  • BatsBats newbie Turntablist PExer
    btw, bagay din sa MArvin the MArtian sa Alaska. puro kasi sila mga aliens.
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    :rotflmao: @ Bats
  • Cool_EnzCool_Enz The Sports Guy PExer
    Originally posted by AnthonyServinio

    Some draftees were not selected and became free agents like Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam and **** Le Pew.

    Well, I suggest they invite some more unrestricted free agents like The Rooster, Tweety's Grandma and even the Last Dodo then form a new team, under the ACME Paints banner of course. :lol:

  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink panda is going to eat you ✭✭✭
    bats *okay*

    hmm i imagine.....warner bros characters....for example si elmer fudd posing for a pic holding a beer :lol:

    si yeng guiao = elmer fudd :D
  • nastransnastrans m PExer
    Si Elmer Fudd medyo hawig siya dun sa dating logo ng Beermen :D
  • dapat yata dito sumali yung Lagat guy!!!
  • Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
    Foghorn Leghorn sana para sa Talk N Text
  • thehitmanthehitman The best there is ✭✭
    **** Le Pew is a sleeper. He would have been a great pick for SMB. Slick moves and a tendency to explode. Baka second coming ni DS 'to :rotflmao:


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