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full metal panic... severely overrated?

gakutokamuigakutokamui biased gooner PExer
this show was recommended by a neighbor and looking at the net i've seen countless of good reviews for it so i decided to check it out. 24 episodes, supposedly scifi romantic comedy.

frankly i dont see the reason for all the good ratings. this show was average if not below average. it had good animation, some ok mech design, some decent music but other than that its ordinary. it tried its best to blend military sf with high school hijinks and ended up flat on its face. the stories get more and more ridiculous as the episodes pile up. the general plot gets more and more fragmented too. the characters were... typical from your ice cold dumb hero to the high strung female lead who wont admit her feelings to the pale soft spoken rei ayanami clone who incidentally had the ridiculous role of a captain of a ship. and the ending was lame.

overrated to say the least.


  • schezcakeschezcake Member PExer
    its really good... its packed with action with a touch of comedy, and that's what i like in anime. But you're right about the ending, it was lame because it lacked closure.

    Maybe you have a different taste in anime that's why you don't see FMP as good as we do.
  • n3k0n3k0 dOUblE whAmmy! PExer
    i love FMP and FMP Fumoffu .. :D

    schezcake, i definitely agree with you on the ending of FMP ... minadali nila yung ending ..
  • flipboyslimflipboyslim 100% Pinoy PExer
    You should see Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. Its one of the funniest animes out there. You'll laugh your *ss off! :)
  • gamera3gamera3 old fart PExer
    I prefer the 2nd season, (Full Metal Panic?- Fumoffu) than the first.

    Havent seen much of the first season episodes. Honestly I wasn't that impressed when I saw the first episode of FMP Season 1.

    Then I saw Fumoffu episodes...:)

    One of the best comedy series I've seen last year.

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