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Help!!! paano ba mag-check in sa hotel??

hi, wala talaga akong experience, so please guide me what to do, kasi bday ng mister ko, im planning to surprise him, so kindly answer my questions:

1. Pagpasok mo ba sa hotel, straight ahead sa registration area, then magbabayad na ba agad?? ano yung mga tinatanong sa inyo??
2.Pag lalabas ba ng hotel, kailangan pang ipaalam dun sa desk?
3. May bayad ba yung car park?
4. Paano kung 8 am kami nag check in? eh di kung 1 day lang kami, 8 am din kinabukasan kami pwedeng mag-stay?
5. May bayad ba yung mga swimming pool and other stuffs?
6. how about the food?? may restaurant ba sila or oorder ka to deliver sa room ninyo??
7. Saan nag-re-range yung price ng mga five star hotels??

Alam ko medyo stupid yung ibang questions, pero ngayon lang talaga ako papasok sa hotel, :*) and i want my hubbby to feel comfortable, kaya i want to know everything, para walang maging problem, so please help me. thanks in advance.


  • pangsaypangsay PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. pagpasok mo at kung marami kang dalang gamit i-assist ka ng mga bellboy. they are friendly para malaki ang tip :D punta ka sa counter or whatever they call it para mag-register. from my experience sa mga 5 star hotels, di ka naman sinisingil agad but you have to give them your credit card number. dealing with them without a valid credit card but cash transaction? that i don't know. siyempre basic info. na kailangan ibigay yung name and address. that's normally what i'll just give. the bellboy will assist you going to your room and to show you around. request him na lang to explain to you yung mga gamit and mga mga controls inside the room. if not a key, iiwanan niya sa iyo yung access card.
    2. pag lalabas like meron ka lang pupuntahan. kailangan mo lang dumaan sa counter para iwan ang access card or key. but this is not a must. puwede mo rin itong dalhin na lang pero mas advisable na iwan mo sa counter. siyempre pagbalik mo, pick up mo ulit yung key or access card by just telling them your room number.
    3. normally libre na ang parking ng kotse. kaya nga most of the people kahit hindi naman talaga naka-check-in sa hotel ay doon nagpa-park dahil libre. pero ang alam ko naghigpit na sila dito so baka kailanganin mo yung access card dito.
    4. ewan ko kung nagbago na ang patakaran pero 12:00pm ang cut off nila. pag check-in ka ng 8:00am, you should check-out before 12:00pm. check-in ka ng 3:00pm, check-out ka pa rin before 12:00pm.
    5. free din ang swimming pool. from my experience, breakfasts are free. may bayad ang lunch at dinner. may bayad lahat ng room service at higit sa lahat yung laman ng mini bar nila, may bayad yon at mas mahal pa compared kung bibilhin mo sa labas. some hotels would give you welcome drinks.. free. kung nagtitipid ka, never ever touch and consume yung laman ng ref sa hotel.
    6. i can't imagine a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel without a restaurant or maliit na cafe lang.
    7. prices? search ka sa mga websites. nandoon mga presyo nila. the last time i checked in, from 2,000 to 3,000 per night ang presyo. mas mataas na siguro ngayon.

    pag nag check out ka na, siyempre daan ulit sa counter. upon advising the hotel your intention to check out, tatawagan nila yung mga tauhan nila to check your room. siyempre baka may kinain or ininom ka sa mini bar, i-charge sa iyo yon. it's always tempting for first timer to take the bath towels as remembrance pero ingat ka dito dahil baka mapahiya ka lang. yung sabon, shampoo and other personal items na libre ay puwedeng iuwi as remembrance and they won't charge you.

    that's all i can share to you right now. sana nakatulong...
  • thanks pangsay..:) eh kasi may dala kaming car, so paano yun park muna kami then punta kami sa registration?? pasensya ka na, dama kung questions :)
  • pangsaypangsay PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yeah, park ka muna. that's what i would normally do. you might also want to valet park first pero di ko pa nagawa yan kung mag-check in ako or kami.
  • why dont u call the hotel beforehand to make a reservation? that way you minimize the time you'll spend in front of the counter.

    parking is free but u will have to verify ur parking ticket with the counter. valet isnt free, so i suggest that u do the paper work at the counter and let your hubby park the car when u first get to the hotel.

    prices of 5 star hotels in manila are usually denominated in us$. an overnight stay can cost u $200 and above
  • In addition..

    If you're paying in cash..make sure u have enough money with u to cover ur expenses when checking in. They would ask you to make a deposit...usually, ganito ang ihihingi:
    payment for room plus taxes
    around 2,000 pesos for minibar (w/c will be returned to you during check-out)...the hotels just want to make sure that u have enough moolah to get by...sometimes kasi, ppl dont pass by the desk to check-out..so hindi nasisingil yung minibar consumption. And if u dont give enough deposit, the hotel will put u in "cash basis" status..meaning, u would have to pay in cash everytime u order room service, or use their restaurants, or other facilities. If u dont want to be hassled with this..just give them a bigger deposit =)

    and..pls. make sure to inform the reservations agent that u r checking-in earlier (if u plan to c-in at 8 am). the usual c-in time is 12 noon, then c-out at noon the next day. if u want to extend your stay..say..til 3 pm..just call the manager on duty, and he'll decide if u can stay, free of charge.

    breakfast is not necessarily free..it depends on the package that u have. kung included yung bfast sa room fee..then free nga sya. But there r hotels who do not include bfast..so pls. make sure what kind of package u r getting.

    Hope u have fun!
  • Yup. Free ang parking at use of facilities (gym, swimming pool). Saang hotel ba? Yung iba libre ang internet access at yung iba naman around US$15/day (Shang-rila, New Tower). Tanungin mo rin kung may on-going promo (if you plan to stay several days). Tawag ka muna at tanungin ang rates at 'yung iba pang perks (like kung libre ba ang local calls).
  • I am not absolutely certain but in my experience, valet services in 5-star hotels are free of charge. They'll give you a piece of paper which serves as the "ticket". You just have to get it validated (sa front desk if you're a guest and sa waiter if you're eating at their restos) and hand it back to the valet guys when you're leaving na. Just prepare a tip.
  • Jazzmine, the price range would be around 3000 to 3500. They normally call it "Local Residents Rate" and usually it comes with breakfast. If you are checking in because you want to be near shopping malls, Makati is the best choice (Shangrila, Peninsula, Intercon or New World) but if you will just stay in the hotel and relax, Westin Philippine Plaza is a good choice. Be nice to them and and tell them that you are checking in because of a special occasion and request for a room with good view. It is always better to call and reserve the room in advance and request for an early check in if you want to.

    When you arrive by car, tell the driveway attendant that you want them to park your car and ask for luggage assistance. They will give a stub for the car and a stub for the luggage that you need to present to the Front Desk when you check in. If you will use credit card, present it immediately while stating that you have a reservation. If you have a business card, just give them one so you don't need to fill up the registartion card. Just sign if you agree with all details. They will swipe your card for verification, make sure you have sufficient credit limit to cover the room charge plus about Php2000, otherwise the card will be declined. They are not charging you yet, this is called pre-authorization. The hotel wants to make sure that you have money to cover for your stay. Then they will give you a card key for your room, insert and remove to open your hotel door and insert it on the power slot so you will have electricity in your room. Hotels do this to conserve energy because you have to get your key before you go out and the lights will automatically shut off.
    While in the room, normally you will have two bottles of Mineral water (Local) and coffee and tea free of charge. Other items will be very expensive. Beware of the pay movie as well, if you press the wrong button it will automatically charge and is quite expensive.
    Upon check out, they will ask you if you have consumed anything from the minibar. Just say no and they will finalize your bill. They will ask you to sign the credit card voucher. They will probably ask you to return the key. If you want to keep it, just ask for it.

    Additional inputs
    1. Always be friendly to the staff. Generally, It is easier to get what you want like late check outs, early check in, nice view, high floor, if you are nice to them. Being difficult can work too but the staff don't like that.
    2. If you intend to bring food from outside, always be discreet as some hotels don't allow you to do this.
    3. Tipping is encouraged as it is well appreciated. Minimum of P20 for the bellboy, parking attendant and restaurant staff.
    4. you will be charged if you take home the bathrobes, towels and other linen. Soaps, shampoo, lotion and slippers are okay.

    MAHABA NA MASYADO. Please ask if you have other questions. I will be happy to help.


    note: post was typed by my hubby, who works for a hotel. Just wanted to help out =)
  • thanks guys..:)
  • Hi po, ask lang po pano po ba mag check in sa motel atleast 5hrs lang po kame. Gusto ko lang po kase isurprise ung bf ko. Tsaka mga magkano po kaya aabutin ng presyo. Thank you po sa sagot. Pls respect.
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