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Brother Eli For President

what can you say about hyim running? does religion have something to do with it and can religion do something about our countyr?


  • religion will do diddly-squat for our country. religion divides and it has no place in government.

    having said that i say hurray for candidates who genuinely fear and obey god. i'm not saying they're perfect, but people who do are less likely to be corrupt, lazy, and to lie.
  • i think by this time he is undercontant "all-eyez-on-me"fellling.everyone will be looking at him and he might need to be careful in his decisions.but how will a religious leader do politics?i think he forgot to read "you cant serve two masters at the sametime.either one youll dspise"in the bible.but it quite interesting.its used to be showbiz and politics now its religion and politics.does he have the answer?i hope IF he became president jesus is lord movement woundnt be a state religion or history will repeat it self.
  • Lucca Yamazaki
    Lucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die!
    how will a religious leader do politics?

    are we going back to medieval europe? ancient egypt?

    I wanna get my own sniper rifle...
  • another clown joining the circus show :rolleyes:
  • aajao
    aajao Moderator
    just what's in my mind. the guy could be qualified and good, but his religious affiliation will harm him from the points of view of the majority.
    "You can not serve two masters at the same time." another version in Filipino, "Huwag kang mamangka sa dalawang ilog."

  • omeng
    omeng the glorious
    at malalaman natin ang tunay na tagasunod niya kung 5 milyon nga higit. =)
  • ahmed
    ahmed Resident Terrorist
    Lets see how his religion can turn things around for this country.
  • stop me...pigilan ako!

    i don't know, even though he is a religious figure e i think he's like FPJ, he has no experience and is incapable of handling a NATION, take note not just a city, but a NATION!
  • abuGian
    abuGian angel baloney detector
    Let's see his motivation: what motivated bro. Eddie to run? Can anyone please answer this interesting question and give their substantiation?
  • Kawan2's
    Kawan2's Taga ibang lupa ^
    sabi nya kc tatakbo sya pag pinayagan daw sya ng Dios...siguro pinayagan na....pero duda ako kung Dios nga kausap nya nun...
  • omeng
    omeng the glorious
    call of duty? :)
  • ahmed
    ahmed Resident Terrorist
    Well, I might vote for him..I'm just sick of the same old politicians and actors..he might have something up his sleeve. If I vote wrongly then what thats nothing new considering all the candidates for president we voted for were all full of crap.
  • anawim
    anawim wala lang
    i think he's just darned frustrated, and kinda impulsive eh. and the members, uh... i never expected that such smart (or supposedly, "thinking", perhaps) individuals will render such emotional statements unless they're frustrated about the current system.

    they have something in between their heads, but they're just darned frustrated. oo nga naman, kung hopeless na ang case di ba sa religion ka kakapit?
  • Lucca Yamazaki
    Lucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die!
    If the case is hopeless, I prefer to do things myself. But since I'm not qualified for this bs yet, I couldn't do anything but offer my goodwill to what I think is the least evil *****.
  • i'm not impressed with brod eddie's ``i'm an alternative'' posture na may blessings pa ng diyos.

    he endorsed for president in 1998 archtrapo jose de venecia, who is a major example of the country's dirty politics. kung talagang he's for reforms, bakit si jdv pa ang enindorse?

    Ginawa pang GOD's ANOINTED!! remember that jdv is a catholic who.....gasp.....``worships'' images!!!!

    whatever happened to brod eddie's (and other christian leaders--like wilde e. almeda--who also `anointed' jdv) fulminations against catholic ``worship'' of idols?!!!

    if they really believed their teachings, would they have made somebody, na ``sumasamba'' sa rebulto, GOD's ANOINTED?
  • rychu
    rychu nagmemeron pa rin
    not voting for him. he's a nuisance.
  • he may be a good/great religious leader but getting into politics would not be helpful for him..same goes for fpj who is a respected actor. showbiz, religion and politics are three different worlds..people involved should know where he/she stands and be aware of their limitations.

    i think he is trying to do so much...
    i hope he won't use religion for his campaign...

    and have you seen connie reyes, gary v and donita rose speak at a presscon announcing bro. eddie's candidacy?hmmm....
  • ahmed
    ahmed Resident Terrorist
    Mga ADD brothers, tatakbo ba si Eli for President?

    In that case, let me take a survey here.


    1. Brod Eli
    2. Brod Eddie Villanueva
    3. FPJ
    4. Some other clown
  • how about nur misuari, ahmed?
  • enhancement
    enhancement Banned by Admin
    Basta ako kapag kumandidato si GOD ELI iboboto ko definitely. Hindi ako nagbibiro. Magdodonate pa ako ng pang kampanya niya. Kailangan mga ganung klase ang lider ng Pilipinas. Oo at wala siyang pormal na edukasyon pero mahilig naman siya magbasa at napaka praktikal niya mag isip.
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