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ahhhh do any of u guys just love this movie???

lahat ng may gusto sa MATILDA dito kayO lahat!!!!

ill keep u updated with pix from the movie....

kahit luma na ang movie, miss ko pa rin siya!!! di nakakasawa!!!



  • Matilda is the best most recent film starring Mara Wilson, in the opinion of the critics.

    Matilda is was orignally a very popular book written by the now deceased author, Roald Dahl. The film was directed by Danny DeVito and was made by Columbia Tristar.

    Mara plays Matilda Wormwood (Wormwood, incidentally means to make bitter) the daughter of Harry and Zinna Wormwood (played by Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman). The story probably relates to some of Roald Dahls experiences as a child, which can be read about in his book: 'Boy: Tales of Childhood'. Roald Dahls personal biases are also woven into this tale - such as showing that the human mind is greater than any machine.
    Matilda is a very intelligent and talented girl, but this is not appreciated by her parents, in fact her parents even though treating her well, rarely aknoledge her existance. At a very young age she learns that she must fend and educate herself. When she finishes the books in the house, she finds her way to the library and reads books there. She discovers the concept of a library card, which although sounds an obvious discovery, is used cleverly to emphasize Matildas isolation from communication with her parents. When she brings books home, this idea does not sit well with the Wormwood family, who are a strictly TV-watching household (In the film this is carried better in the book because it emphasizes some of the really bad programming of the 90's, changing from a technology-bashing approach, to moral questioning).
    Matilda begins to discover her remarkable powers of telekenisis (try this yourself(!) ) when the family are watching television, which she is forced to watch too. She wills the TV to blow up and it does.

    Matilda is very anxious to go to school (also relating to the book (again) Roald Dahl is showing us good teaching, but keeping away from ideas such as pupils not enjoying schoolwork), but her parents are not particularly interested. Things change, however, when Harry Wormwood, who is a very crooked used car salesman, sells a car to Miss Trunchbull (Pam Ferris), the headmistress of Crunchem Hall and is very impressed with her warlike approach to school, and permits Matilda to go.
    However Crunchem Hall is not an ordinary school. Crunchem hall, which even though hosts an ordinary teaching staff, is controlled by the iron fist of Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchball used to participate in the Scottish sport, thowing the hammar. At Crunchem Hall she has brought this technique to the classroom, throwing students who do not fit with her requests. The school features such delights as the "chokey", which is a dark box sized room, which students are locked in.
    Matilda's teacher is called Miss Honey who is a total opposite of Miss Trunchball. She is very good with the children and tries very hard to make sure the children know how to act in incidents involving Miss Trunchball. Miss Honey quickly realizes that Matilda is unusually intelligent, and discusses this with both Miss Trunchbull and Matilda's parents, neither of whom are impressed by this:
    Miss Honey: "Matilda can multiply big numbers"
    Miss Trunchbull: "So can a calculator"

    Soon, Miss Trunchbull's car begins to play up, for which she blames Matilda for, and so Matilda is locked in the chokey whilst Miss Trunchbull is inspecting Matilda's class (Miss Trunchball regularly inspects every class in the school). Matilda is freed, and resulting of this, we see a second and more obvious display of Matilda's powers, wherein a newt finds its way onto Miss Trunchbull.
    Next we learn that Miss Honey is Miss Trunchbull's step niece, and they live next door to each other. Then, it is learned tat Miss Honey's father died in mysterious circumstances, leaving all of his money and his home to Miss Trunchbull. We further learn that several of Miss Honey's treasures, including a doll, are trapped inside Miss Trunchbull's home.
    Matilda and Miss Honey under protest sneak into Miss Trunchbull's house to retrieve these treasures, but are interrupted by the sudden return of Miss Trunchbull.
    Fortunately, they manage to escape.

    Matilda now develops her powers of telekinesis to a much higher level, until they are second nature to her. She acquires the doll from Miss Trunchbull's house, and in the process, Matilda does a little haunting of her. Unfortunately, Matildas hair ribbon is left behind (which is clearly identified at the beggining of the film as being associated with Matilda), and Miss Trunchbull finds it.

    We now come to the climax of the movie, where Miss Trunchbull confronts Matilda's class and all sorts of havoc occurs. Matilda wills the chalk to write upon the blackboard, what is supposidly a message from Miss Honey's dead father. The result of this is that Miss Trunchbull leaves town, under a barrage of (not real, of course) missiles fired from the classes.
    Miss Honey gets her home back, and Miss Honey gets to be the principal of Crunchem Hall. (which didn't happen in the book and it is not very clear why this happens here.

    The Wormwood family has to flee the country because the FBI are aware of Mr Wormwood's car dealings. During a last scene, Matilda gets her parents to sign adoption papers, so she can stay with Miss Honey forever (at least until she dies of natural courses, or unnatural as the case may be).

    My favourite scene is when the two FBI agents are pretending the be sailboat salesmen.
  • i saw it kanina sa hbo...kakatuwa! cutie ni matilda! ;)
  • I absolutely love this movie...

    nasa friendster profile ko nga xa e hehe :) it's such a unique film, kahit fairytale-ish ung storyline, it's set in modern times kaya mas kaka-relate. as a result din, we then start to think that there might be a bit of matilda in everyone...naks!

    it's my fave live-action kid movie of all time (tied with Alfonso Cuaron's A Little Princess.)

    i never tire of watching this movie over and over again... hehe the fact that it isn't THAT popular here and in the US, adds to its mystique... underrated talaga xa.
  • ooh I remember this movie!
    I used to watch this over and over when I was a kid
  • WOW!!!! dami palang fans ni MATILDA!!!
  • oi luma na nito, a!

    still, i love this movie...ang kulet ng story

    and i have a crush on Embeth Davidtz (Miss Honey)...ang bait-bait nya kase!:D
  • Dagdag...one of the FBI agents is played by the same guy who plays Pee-wee Herman...Paul Reubens.
  • ambertookmeambertookme 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    sino yung principal dun?kakatakot talaga yun.
  • tin28tin28 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    asan na kaya si mara wilson ngayon?
  • haha, kasi super pinapalabas sa HBO kaya may thread na tong movie :D

    Ano na kaya ichura ni mara wilson? Cute tong movie.. Galing ni danny devito...mag narrate and if i'm not mistaken, he's d director
  • napanood ko to sa hbo...ang cute ng bata
  • hello!! :D im sure yall enjoyed matilda...

    does someone know the song played when matilda was left on her own in the house ( and she was flippping the pancakes, and doing the dishes via ESP) ...its always bein played in 1035KLITE...but still im clueless on the song's title,,please help! thanx!
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I read the book first way before there were plans to make it into a film. I guess I was disappointed that the movie didn't live up to the way I envisioned it. I didn't actually like Mara Wilson's portrayal. The book made me cry; the movie just made me irked.
  • the cake scene's the best... aaw! childhood memories
  • Originally posted by ambertookme
    sino yung principal dun?kakatakot talaga yun.
    the principal, Miss Trunchbull, was played by Pam Ferris who, as many HP fans now know, will also play Aunt Marge in HP3.
  • yup, Danny DeVito's the director...

    cute nga nandun si PeeWee Herman.
  • This one's real good. I like it for the little things... the TV shows, the speedboat salesmen, Mrs. Wormwood's conversation on the phone...

    And Miss Honey's a hot one.

    I do hope Mara Wilson would grow up and be a real hot chick too...

    And candysprinkles, I believe the song was "All the Way", if I remember it correctly.
  • yorimotoyorimoto PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    baka may alam kayo about sa soundtrack, i like the music dun sa part na nagluluto sya ng cake, yung maliit pa lang sya. ano kaya title nun? ginamit din yun sa movie na race the sun, eh.
  • cute movie heheh.
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