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Pagsusulit ng Lisensyadong Pag-aaruga | NLE



  • sweetbaby!sweetbaby! **baby^ko!** PExer
    My bestfriend passed! Yehey! :D

    She went here to see the results yesterday evening. :D

    I'm so happy for her! :D
  • tintabletintable R.N. PExer
    To get your average via text message type:

    PRC EXMRSLT LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME/MIDDLENAME and send to 2333 for GLOBE subscribers only. Include all slashes.
  • yanasmomyanasmom mabait na ina PExer
    tintable wrote:
    for your inquiries, better check the PRC website

    as for the foreign licensure exams...better review at PENTAGON *okay*
    according to others, gapuz :bop: is such a waste of money.

    i beg to disagree. gapuz did wonders for a lot of us. i know of 3 very good classmates who reviewed in pentagon & didn't make it. i feel for them. tsk!tsk!
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    yanasmom wrote:
    i beg to disagree. gapuz did wonders for a lot of us. i know of 3 very good classmates who reviewed in pentagon & didn't make it. i feel for them. tsk!tsk!

    Gapuz did many wonders in CHN and Psych for the local boards. Is Gapuz still worth for CGFNS/NCLEX? Or is Pentagon better in CGFNS/NCLEX? Thanks!

    Congrats to all of us who passed. ;)

    -M. R,N. and hopefully NCLEX R.N. soon ;)
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Any news on when can PRC send the breakdown of scores / averages to our home addresses?

    Topnotchers? Any news also? Thanks!

    - M. R.N.
  • tintabletintable R.N. PExer
    the board of nursing wouldn't release official top students for the boards. with the new BON in place by Dec 2005, maybe they will start releasing top students again.

    Pentagon has a 100% passing rate for the NCLEX and around 90% for the CGFNS.

    Pentagon lecturers are previously affiliated with RCAP and EAST-WEST which are reputable review centers. It did wonders in CHN, PROF ADJ, and most especially in PSYCH --> no tips, leakages whatsover.
  • shanks24shanks24 Member PExer
    can anyone suggest a good NCLEX/CGFNS review center?

    thanks for mentioning Pentagon I heard it's a good review center for the local board

    i prefer recommendations coming from people who already passed either NCLEX/CGFNS or both exams coz sometimes it's difficult to rely on passing rates released by the review centers themselves...
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    How long after reigstration will you get the license if applied in Manila? Alphabetical ang application for PRC Nurse License... Can PRC allow earlier application without following tha aplhabetical order.. in case of travel abroad or other valid reasons?

  • wArThOgwArThOg GO ChE-Chm! PExer
    mga top schools

    with 100 and more examinees

    1 Silliman University 133 132 99.00%
    2 Cebu Normal University (For. Cebu StateCollege) 143 138 97.00%
    3 Saint Paul University - Tuguegarao 151 145 96.00%
    Cebu Doctors University 116 111 96.00%
    4 Ateneo de Davao University 103 95 92.00%
    5 University of La Sallete - Santiago 310 270 87.00%
    6 Mariano Marcos State University - Batac 190 161 85.00%

    with 60-99 examinees

    1 Saint Louis University 86 81 94.00%
    2 Notre Dame of Dadiangas College 86 78 91.00%
    3 San Beda College 69 61 88.00%

    with 30-59 examinees

    1 Mindanao State University – Marawi City 40 38 95.00%
    2 St. Scholastica’s College of Health Sciences - Tacloban 54 49 91.00%
    3 De La Salle University – Dasmarinas Health Science Campus 30 26 87.00%
    4 Saint Mary’s University (For. St. Mary’s Coll. – Bayombong) 56 48 86.00%

    CONGRATS!!! ang daming top 10 eh kaya tingnan niyo na lang dito
  • What happened to UST and UP-M? Bakit wala sila sa top performing schools?
  • Fortune2Fortune2 Banned by Admin PExer
    dahil di sila kumukuha sa dec
    pang octoberian yan
  • AltweggAltwegg Son of the 80s PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Congratulations to those who passed.
  • br0m0thymoLbLuEbr0m0thymoLbLuE PATHOLOGIST PExer
    Congratulations to the new RN's

  • flsfnoeraekadadflsfnoeraekadad Los Angeles Lakers 24/7 PExer
    Congratulations to the new RN's

    What's RN? Registered Nurses? Wanna know lang po:)
  • AshlarsAshlars Viva Santo Tomas! PExer
    Fortune2 wrote:
    dahil di sila kumukuha sa dec
    pang octoberian yan

    I think you're right. Sa Physician's Licensure naman, I think August kumukuha ang UST and UP. Very rarely, or never kumuha ang UST at UP ng February exams kaya dun sa mga schools na naggo-gloat na nag-top sila sa medical boards, make sure lang na we're talking of the August licensure.
  • benj_luv06benj_luv06 -iKarU- PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yes pang octoberian yan...

    kya wlang uste at up dyan...
  • br0m0thymoLbLuEbr0m0thymoLbLuE PATHOLOGIST PExer
    What's RN? Registered Nurses? Wanna know lang po:)
    you got it right :)
  • canary0909canary0909 la lang PExer
    konti lang pala kumuha ng december galing sa min (dls-hsc)......
  • nope, some of them are not octoberians. in the case of silliman graduates ( in march- octoberians are not allowed in the college of nursing and they are not practicing it), they consume the months of april til june as a completion period, so mga two weeks lang yung vacation nila after graduation and then duty na naman. by august, they will start the review in silliman campus (silliman have its own review center for nursing),then by december, they will take the board exam.

    i dunno with the other schools.... peace! :rotflmao:

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