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  • shanks24shanks24 Member PExer
    June 4 and 5... i heard that when it comes to local boards the best review center is Gapos....yung Labagnoy is good naman for CGFNS
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Thanks Shanks! Any other nursing students out there who will take the board exams? Any tips?
  • HURSTHURST Banned by Admin PExer
    hindi ba 2x a year ang board exam for nursing?
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Yes, two times a year usually ang local board exams, June and December. Is Gapuz review center still recommended for NCLEX exams?

    How about for the interviews for second coursers? They say it's more difficult to file applications for local boards in Manila rather than Baguio?

  • eudemoneudemon To infinity and beyond! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    just wanna share Our Lady of Fatima University got 100% passing rate in the recent October 2004 board exams..

    hooray Alma Mater..
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    How about East-West? Pentagon? WHich is better? RCAP also pala?
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    renina's taking the nursing board??? i thought she was an atenean?
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Mac, yes i will take the nursing board this year. Yes, am still an atenean and proud to be one.. nursing is my third degree for your info.

    I hope others can share their experiences with the local boards.
  • tianak_metianak_me Banned by Admin PExer
    i'd rather hear about your three degree programs. :eek:
  • shanks24shanks24 Member PExer
    i know some people enrolled in east-west and they are pretty satisfied with their review and i'm currently enrolled in RCAP and one word to describe it is 'BLEH'
    some lecturers are just so-so and recently the one lecturing communicable disease is such a big disappontment... my sched is every sat and sun and last sat I didn't even finish his lecture and I chose to just go home in the afternoon and not attend the sunday class as well because it's such a waste of time.... the freakin lecturer even bragged that he's only f*** you are! i don't give a s*** coz he's not good enough!!! its like a student reporting and that's the last thing i need...
    in fairness to RCAP naman yung prof adjustment lecturer was really good, she's really amusing and i learned a lot from also good mayabang nga lng but he's ok
    i'm only looking forward to gapuz review na lng.... i really need a good review kasi the school i got myself into doesn't really provide a good foundation...
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Thanks Shanks! RA Gapuz has only around 12 days to start on April 1 in Manila (PICC) and April 18 in Baguio. Final coaching will be on May 22 -26.

    How about Pentagon? They say it's also good. I wonder which is better RCAP or East-West.. or Pentagon?

    How about for CGFNS and NCLEX? Which review center is worth it? Thanks in advance!

    Tianak, I am only one of the thousand Filipinos (I assume) who are second or third and so on.. to the nth courser who took up nursing. For your satisfaction, here are my degrees: BS Biology, Masters in Computer Science and next month, BS Nursing.

    BS and Masters in Nursing schools right now are enjoying diverse people from doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, etc. So, that's it, inspite of US closing its doors to work visas... which some claim it's not really true.
  • StirlingStirling Banned by Admin PExer
    ^ have you read the UP-Manila report about nursing realities? gusto mo email ko sayo?
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Ok Stir. Pls. do send it.
  • blueSUCKS!blueSUCKS! Banned by Admin PExer
    renina wrote:
    Mac, yes i will take the nursing board this year. Yes, am still an atenean and proud to be one.. nursing is my third degree for your info.

    I hope others can share their experiences with the local boards.
    napaka mysterious talaga ng aking mga kapwa atenista dito sa PEX. sa kabilang thread, sabi ng isang atenista, UP was just his fallback school.:glee: nak ng...

    Eh, iilan lang ba ang ateneo students na pumasa sa UPCAT for Diliman/Manila campuses...
  • shanks24shanks24 Member PExer
    hey renina just wanna ask if meron ba ibang sched sa gapuz manila this summer other than the one that will start on april 1st???
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    Shanks... wala! Final coach will be on May 22-28, 2005. I am planning to study in RCAP starting March 28 or April 1 (or maybe April 6 whichever is suited to my sked). How long will the RCAP review last ? 5 weeks ba? 6 weeks?

    Sa Baguio, April 18 pa sila.. pero mas maganda na sa Manila coz Mr. Gapuz himself will speak / lecture most of Manila review sessions..

    How about East West? ANy comment? Hope to hear more comments from RCAP also.

  • shanks24shanks24 Member PExer
    well renina i don't think RCAP is a good idea baka ma disappoint ka lng... most of my group mates enrolled in East West.... i'm not sure about east west ha kasi ndi naman ako naka enroll dun pero i think maganda dun .... kung ako papipiliin baka i'll prefer east west over rcap .... but that's just me ang naging problem ko lng sa east west is schedule kasi
  • geekheadgeekhead El Kapitan PExer
    Sir, ano po yung report ng UP Manila about Nursing realities? Kung pwede po paki e-mail sa [email protected]

    Naghahanap rin ako last June nung top 10 and wala akong nakita. Meron bang may names and schools nung nag top 10 or top 20 last June?
  • reninarenina Member PExer
    June and Dec. 2004 topnotchers maybe are recorded in the review centers those students have enrolled, that is, if they really enrolled.

    About the nursing realities, maybe it's the US closing doors for work visas.

    Thanks Shanks. What about those centers in Baguio? Sometimes a good review center can really help the student, besides the student's efforts.

    East West will start on April 11 (Mon. - Fri.), but the half day shifts have started already.
  • shanks24shanks24 Member PExer
    regarding top 10 or top 20 i think tinangal na yun kasi unfair para sa mga regular students....ka compete ba naman nila mga doctors and other second coursers(kahit papano may edge din mga grad ng paramed courses) so i think ginawa nila e basta grade mo e 80 and above considered topnotcher ka na... i'm not completely sure about this though

    well renina wala kasi ako alam masyado review center sa baguio except labagnoy for CGFNS which is recommended by one of our C.I. dun kasi sya nag review and nakapasa na siya ng CG :)

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